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The Wall Street Journal began reporting earlier this month that Procter & Gamble would divest of 100 brands. Then the venerable news pub named names, with Ivory soap, Duracel batteries and the Cheer and ERA detergents potentially on the chopping block, according to a story on the pub’s

“Whoever tells the best stories goes home with the most marbles,” says Jeremy Waite, yarn-spinner extaordinaire. Waite, who is also Head of Digital Strategy, EMEA, at ExactTarget/Salesforce.com, and will be a keynote speaker at Brand Innovators Content Marketing London on November 11, recently published his list of the “7 Models of Storytelling for Brands.” Based …

The Coca Cola Company is upping its caffeine quotient, acquiriing a 16.7% stake in Monster Beverage for $2.15 billion. Monster is the largest manufacturer of energy drinks in the U.S., and uniting with the nation’s largest soft drink supplier is an agreement in which analysts see numerous benefits, for both sides. Monster stock rose 22% …

Mobile commerce, while appreciated by brands, is still underestimated, according to mCommerceDaily editor and collumnist Chuck Martin, who says “the influence of mobile in-store purchasing remains under the covers.” Writing in his MobileShopTalk column, Martin cites statistics that show that among digital sales in July, 69% were non-mobile, while 31% were via mobile. However, Martin …

I bet you can recall most of the times a truly magical moment happened in your life. Our brains do a funny thing when we connect with a magical moment – we create a photographed memory the likes of which lasts a lifetime. These magical moments are what create the value we receive out of …

Businesses used to free promotion on Facebook are about to find their outreach opportunities diminished as the company gets serious about pushing its paid-advertising opportunities. Inside Facebook reports that it will become increasingly harder for business pages to get posts into consumer feeds if they’re not paying for that privilege. This is largely due to …

As Brand Innovators gears up for its Fashion Week summit Sept. 12, so does everyone else. Multinational fashion and lifestyle brand Opening Ceremony has again teamed with director Spike Jonze, this time to showcase its Spring/Summer 2015 collection as a genre-busting one-act play. Jonze (Her, Adaptation) will direct the project from a script he co-wrote …

You don’t know s#!t from Shinola! Ever heard that saying? This World War II-era colloquialism caused a movement to revive the American watchmaking industry and with it bring to Detroit yet another chapter in its storied history in manufacturing. This year at SXSWV2V, I was fortunate enough to interview Shinola president Jacques Panis live on …

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by Brandon Gutman
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Brandon is an expert connector and seasoned business development professional. As Principal of Brand Approved, he's led the advisory to become the bridge between brand marketers and best of breed service providers that are reshaping the industry.

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