About Us - Brand Innovators

Where Brand Marketers Come to Learn, Share and Connect

Mission Statement

At Brand Innovators, our goal is to activate and engage our community through meticulously curated events, fostering dynamic relationships and cultivating an environment where innovative collaborations thrive.

Community and Professional Network

Established in 2011, the Brand Innovators community includes more than 50,000 senior brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading global brands, making it the largest professional network of its kind. The Brand Innovators Advisory Board and Professional Councils include some of the most innovative brand marketers and change agents in the marketing and media industries today.


Brand Innovators hosts more than 400 annual events across major cities worldwide, including: New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Las Vegas, London, San Francisco, and more, providing brand marketers with unparalleled Continuing Digital Education (CDE) and peer-to-peer networking opportunities. Our Tentpole Events and VIP Retreats at prominent gatherings such as CES, Super Bowl, SXSW, Cannes, Advertising Week, and more have proven essential for brands and marketers to make important, lasting connections.

These events feature senior brand marketers sharing insights on leveraging new digital technologies and platforms – such as social media, content marketing, AI, video advertising, data analytics, and ecommerce – to both enhance consumer engagement and promote a culture of shared knowledge. 

Brand and Agency Host Partners

All Brand Innovators events are hosted by Fortune 500 and other leading companies, as well as A-List advertising agencies. 

Our events also serve as an important marketplace for brands to connect with and learn from more than 200 top-tier publishers, enabling technology companies, agencies and other innovative minds to engage, collaborate, and gain insights from the best in the industry.