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What you might have missed in yesterday’s deluge of “Microsoft Buys Nokia” press is some of the positive spin on Nokia’s brand equity. Granted, this is a brand that has lost almost all of its domestic market share to competitors over the past five years. In the second quarter of 2013, Nokia accounted for more …

Dove’s Unilever brand had record-setting success with “Real Beauty Sketches.” Now McNeil Consumer Healthcare’s Zyrtec brand is taking authentic beauty care into a different area. Saying that its research showed 54 percent of customers experienced allergy symptoms, it has focused in on the effect allergies have on appearance. Zyrtec’s spin on real beauty sketches is …

Think L.L. Bean as a consumer and you think of boots, bags and flannels. Within the brand marketing circles they’re known for conservative and customer-based marketing. J.D. Power ranked it number one for retail customer satisfaction in 2012. One of L.L. Bean’s highest profile branding efforts is at Fenway Park. When the Red Sox rolled …

It’s all about the data. Brand marketers don’t need to be sold on that. Tomorrow, one of the biggest data suppliers to brands is taking an unprecedented step in taking data to the streets. Acxiom will debut a free Web site where consumers can view some of the information the company has collected about them. …

Most every brand has a socially-conscious or philanthropically financed campaign. The debate is over how to choose the right cause, and how to measure its results. Nielsen has now published a new research report on how to address both concerns. In “How To Engage With Socially Conscious Consumers,” it coins a new term called “transactional …

You don’t often hear “wearable tech” and “pragmatic” in the same sentence. But Anders Nelson CEO and co-founder or Erogear isn’t afraid to do that. He describes himself as a “high-energy pragmatist with an overactive hypothalamus. 
 I create technology other people aren’t making. Something that is actually new and allows people to connect in …

Jeep wants to bring back the road trip. A more fuel-conscious road trip mind you than the old-fashioned Easy Rider, The Hangover, or Sideways road trip of Hollywood imagination. This one marks the Chrysler brand’s new online and social media initiative to announce two fuel-efficient models. Announced today, the Jeep “30 Miles of Freedom” initiative …

There’s P&G, Unilever, Kimberly-Clark, Nestle and maybe ten more companies that dominate the consumer packaged goods brands. That might be changing. A new report from Strategy + Business says that smaller consumer packed goods brands are making market share headway. One of the reasons is the playing-field leveling factor of digital marketing. “The fragmentation of …

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by Brandon Gutman
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Brandon is an expert connector and seasoned business development professional. As Principal of Brand Approved, he's led the advisory to become the bridge between brand marketers and best of breed service providers that are reshaping the industry.

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