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Coca-Cola and Marvel bring their brands together

  • Coca-Cola and Marvel have come together for a partnership that includes special packaging, immersive storytelling and a digital experience featuring some of Marvel’s most popular characters on Coca-Cola’s iconic packaging.
  • The limited-time Coca-Cola x Marvel campaign includes new creative that will run across TV, cinema and other video platforms, as well as digital and out-of-home. 
  • The partnership also includes the depiction of 30 Marvel characters on Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar packaging, digital collectible characters and an immersive AR experience on Coca-Cola’s website. 

Coca-Cola’s Marvel activation continues a 60-year partnership the brand has had with Disney and its various properties. 

“Coca-Cola has a long history with Disney, and it’s exciting to have a relationship that encourages and enables us to continue to push ourselves and our relationship to new heights creatively,” said Islam ElDessouky, global head of creative strategy and content for the Coca-Cola Trademark, in a release. “This latest collaboration with Marvel allows us to tap into the legacy and affinity for both brands to deliver consumers new and unexpected experiences.” 

The central element of the campaign is a television commercial in which a woman working in a comic book store gets overwhelmed with boredom. On her shirt, the character Juggernaut bleeds into an open comic on her counter wreaking havoc in the book. As Marvel’s now-familiar movie theme plays, some of the heroes in the real world come to life (in miniature form) and spy a fridge full of Coca-Cola. They manage to get the beverage to the store worker, who becomes more alert, separating her shirt from the comic book and restoring calm to the comic book world. 

In addition to the commercial, the partnership will include a line of exclusive cans and bottles featuring heroes and villains from the Marvel Universe, using Coca-Cola and Coca-Cola Zero Sugar’s white, red and back color palette. Most of the characters depicted are those that have become familiar to the general public through the popularity of Marvel’s movies and television shows. 

The cans will feature scannable codes to bring each character to life in a unique way through augmented reality. In addition, the brands will be running sweepstakes and other opportunities to win prizes including Disney Cruises, Marvel Movie Screenings, Collectible Boxes, and Disney+ subscriptions.