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Gatorade has a new loyalty program

  • Gatorade has launched its first-ever rewards program available exclusively through its new membership platform Gatorade iD. Consumers can now earn points on in-store and online purchases, which can be used for rewards.  
  • Shoppers can earn 10 points for every $1.00 spent on qualifying Gatorade Portfolio product–Gatorade, Propel, Fast Twitch, Evolve, or Muscle Milk– up to 5,000 points per month. They can also receive points for referring friends to Gatorade iD and subscribing to emails.  
  • Points can be redeemed for discounts on Gatorade products both in stores and online. Gatorade iD members also get free shipping, product discounts, early access to new products, and access to limited edition drops – such as collabs with DJ Khaled and Caitlin Clark, both of which sold out within hours of their release.

The PepsiCo brand is looking to build loyalty among its fan base and build its own database with this new loyalty program. The company already offers PepsiCo’s Tasty Rewards Program, a loyalty program for Pepsi drinks and snacks that benefits frequent buyers, but this program specifically targets those consumers into sports drinks. 

“Gatorade has a very loyal consumer base of athletes, so to start, we want to celebrate that loyalty and offer exclusive perks to those athletes,” said Drew Palin, senior director of marketing at Gatorade. In addition, we know through our athlete insights that athletes are willing to share personal information with a brand if that means they receive a more custom experience. This new rewards platform will be mutually beneficial to ensure members are served an experience that meets their needs.” 

This gives the brand an opportunity to connect with younger consumers as well. Gatorade iD is for every athlete because every athlete journey is unique,” added Palin. “We also know that younger athletes in particular are looking for brands that can deliver personalized solutions for them, which is exactly what Gatorade iD offers.”

Gatorade iD appeals to this customer base in exchange for exclusive launches and access to influential figures in the sports culture space world including DJ Khaled and Caitlin Clark.