Innovator Interviews: McBride Sisters Wine’s Renee Fuller

Innovator Interviews: McBride Sisters Wine’s Renee Fuller

Renee Fuller joined McBride Sisters Wine Company as senior vice president of marketing in May. 

McBride Sisters Wine Company was founded by sisters Robin and Andréa who grew up continents apart and found shared interests and passions in one another and winemaking. The wine brand – the largest Black-owned label in the US– promotes access and inclusion in an industry often considered unapproachable. 

The company’s mission is to revolutionize the industry with a “blend of old-world elegance and new-world finesse” promoting sustainable practices and cultivating community through shared glasses of wine. Drawn to the communal and revolutionary spirit of the brand, Fuller is on a mission to apply her full-funnel marketing background and passion for community-driven efforts in taking the McBride Sisters marketing efforts to the next level. 

“As a Black woman, the opportunity to work for two accomplished Black women who have paved the way in their industry was truly inspiring,” she says. “As they shared insights into the company’s ethos, emphasizing sustainable, socially consciousness, and being culturally aware, I became immediately engaged. Their values resonated with mine, as I am passionate about working for companies that prioritize people and the planet.”

Fuller’s past experiences include a variety of marketing roles at Kellogg’s, The Hershey Company, SC Johnson, and the coveted Milk Bar. Brand Innovators caught up with Fuller from her office in the Bay Area to discuss her new job, the company’s mission, and 2024 plans.  

Growth at McBride Sisters Wine Company

Fuller’s most coveted memory at the company thus far? Leading marketing efforts in the reveal of the brand’s 2022 Central Coast Pinot Noir—which is certified carbon neutral and sourced from a sustainable vineyard in California.

The launch was an especially exciting milestone for the brand—marking an evolution in winemaking with a focus on their commitment to environmental priorities. The second red wine varietal to come to fruition, the grapes were sourced from a Certified California Sustainable Vineyard.

Social awareness, consciousness, and community are key in the greater brand story and Fuller and her team worked to bring these concepts to life in marketing efforts around the release. Through recipe and food pairings, educational and inspiring imagery, and Pinot Parties at a variety of Kroger locations, the brand aimed to “surround sound” shoppers with the release.

Additionally, the team challenged themselves this holiday season by leaning heavily into social, which Fuller positions “as King and Queen,” editorial content inclusive of blogs and thoughtful recipe pairings in partnership with dynamic and diverse chefs and a variety of holiday offerings.

Fewer, bigger, better in the year ahead

Next year, Fuller is hoping to hone in on some celebratory moments for each of their brands and is encouraging her team to focus on fewer, bigger, better moments. As a brand that’s “wired for the new world,” Fuller has some specific growth areas she wants the team to focus on. 

“I want us at the end of 2024 to walk away and say to ourselves, we increased household penetration. We drove aided awareness and we were able to bring in new consumers to an industry that has never been deemed as accessible and approachable. And McBride Sisters Wine provided that space in that place for this consumer to come in. And really, we cultivated a community.”

In a time of hyper-specialization within the marketing industry, Fuller emphasizes the importance of understanding a full-funnel marketing strategy and reflects fondly on a career that has empowered a variety of opportunities, including a documentary producer debut during her time at REBBL.

Entering a new category has come with a new set of challenges such as state-to-state legalities. Fuller’s past roles came easy to her, she had a go-to playbook that emphasized the correct channels on where and how to meet her shoppers. These days, similar to the McBride Sisters’ founders, Fuller is reinventing her playbook. 

In her spare time, Fuller is a dedicated mentor supporting children from underprivileged communities similar to where she got her start. “Never dream too small,” is a mantra Fuller tells herself and those she supports. Fuller’s dreams and ambitions led her to work in a variety of marketing roles including shopper, trade, and brand-side positions, and made her the “jack of all trades” marketer she is today. She encourages others to get familiar with all elements that make up the “orchestra” and fill the marketing cup funnel. At McBride Sisters Wine Company, Fuller serves as the conductor in a new category. She welcomes the opportunity and believes she has reached the pinnacle of her career.