Trolli Candy Worms Invade the Real World

Trolli Candy Worms Invade the Real World

Gummy candies don’t have to be infused with anything to be mind-blowing.

For its latest campaign, Trolli posits a world where its candies come to life so that they can achieve their ultimate goal of being eaten by humans. In two short commercials, the candies invade real-world scenarios to describe how they are delicious, featuring two sour flavors in each candy worm, and are covered in sour sugar. 

“The campaign messaging highlights the unique product features of our gummies, like our sour dual flavor combinations, soft & chewy texture and variety of unique forms & flavors, while also showcasing the thrill that our fans get with every bite,” said Hope Hruska, Trolli brand manager. 

The spots feature a combination of live-action and CG animation in a nod to the company’s previous, all-animated commercials (which depicted an underworld where the candy worms live. In one new ad, a giant gummy worm bursts through the floor of a thrift store after a customer eats one from a bag of Trollis. The giant worm declares that it is “drip[s] with sourness.” Smaller worms appear around the store as more patrons try the candy. A second spot depicts a similar scenario in an office.  

The videos are only 6-seconds and 15-seconds long to be more social friendly and to reach the brand’s Gen Z target. Trolli was named one of Gen Z’s favorite brands by Morning Consult in 2022. 

“Much like our brand, we know Gen Z embraces non-conformity and likes to push the boundaries in their everyday life,” Huska said. “We took that insight and infused it into this campaign, while also expanding our appeal to a broader audience with relatable, everyday scenarios like an office and a thrift store.”

The spots will run on social platforms, including TikTok, Instagram and Facebook, as well as digital platforms such as Youtube and other streaming OTT channels through 2024. 

“Media platforms were selected based on where we can drive incremental across our core Gen Z audience, combined with where we’ve seen success in driving brand funnel metrics and sales,” Huska said. “YouTube is a platform where we’ve seen growth in brand consideration this year, along with OTT which has been a strong reach driver.”