Tinder Celebrates 10 Years of Swipes in New Campaign

Tinder Celebrates 10 Years of Swipes in New Campaign

Tinder has kicked off its first-ever global brand campaign, marking the dating app’s 10 year anniversary and the invention of the swipe.

“It Starts with A Swipe,” promotes Tinder to Gen Z daters, as the largest most diverse dating app in the world. Tinder is in 160 countries and over half of their member base is Gen Z.

“This campaign really celebrates all of the possibilities and outcomes that come from using Tinder,” said Steph Danzi, SVP, global head of marketing at Tinder. “Tinder invented the swipe gesture 10 years ago and it completely transformed the way that people date. It’s led to so many beautiful relationships of all kinds. And so this campaign really highlights a lot of the micro milestones and relationships that come just from one simple swipe.”

The campaign is a series of modern day fairy tales. One spot depicts a woman who got on Tinder not looking for anything serious that now has a toothbrush at his place. Another features a couple “Proving Astrology Right.” One ad promotes Tinder as the spot to find “Someone to Save the Planet With.

“We’re really trying to lean into what’s true to Tinder and what’s true to Gen Z and how they date,” said Danzi. “So we are looking at all different types of relationships from the serious and more formal like getting married to really small moments, like the moment that you leave a toothbrush at their place. And then on top of that spectrum of relationships, we really love trying to showcase the diversity that we see on Tinder. Almost half of the cast is LGBTQ+ and the majority of the cast is non-white. That was really intentional. This really is the most fluid generation, the most inclusive generation and we see that play out on Tinder. So we wanted to make sure that we’re celebrating that in the campaign as well.”

The campaign aims to dispel the perception that Tinder is just for hooking up. The dating app’s research has found that long term relationships are the No. 1 priority among Tinder members, with 31% of Gen Z members looking for a long term relationship. 

“We really wanted to celebrate what’s so core and integral to Tinder, which is that from just one swipe right, you can have all kinds of relationships, you can meet all kinds of people,” said Danzi.

The spot is launching in the US and Europe this week and will expand into Asia, South America and Australia later in this year. At launch, the media buy includes TV with a particular emphasis on streaming TV, including Hulu, Roku and YouTube. “We’re really trying to be everywhere that Gen Z is so it will be on TikTok, SNAP and particularly spending more heavily on Instagram,” said Danzi. “Then we will have out of home in major cities all across the world. We’ll be on the New York subway and on the Berlin train. We will have full bus wraps in LA, Paris, London and Madrid. Because Tinder is such a Gen Z product and a Gen Z brand, we really are making a concerted effort to have an integrated campaign that reaches Gen Z where they are.”