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SeaWorld celebrates 60th with new brand campaign

SeaWorld is celebrating its 60th year anniversary with a new campaign that plays up the park’s numerous offerings from killer whales to roller coasters.

The “So Many Worlds to Love” effort came about from the insight that for the people that know and love SeaWorld, the proposition is really clear, but the park wanted to extend that feeling to those that are less familiar with what the park has to offer.

“There are a lot of people that have heard the name SeaWorld, but don’t have the true familiarity with everything that exists within our gates,” said Marisa Thalberg, chief marketing and communications officer of United Parks and Resorts. “The real impetus behind this was to be able to share the beauty, the value and the depth of the experience and make people understand it.” 

SeaWorld did an RFP for the work and Innocean USA won the pitch with their campaign. 

“There are so many worlds in SeaWorld that are worth loving, worth understanding and this really became the salient proposition,” said Thalberg. “And frankly, that’s why we awarded this assignment to Innocean USA because they really got that brief.”

The campaign is targeting a broad audience from teens who might want to go on the rides and older people who might want to indulge in the sea life. “The sweet spot is that idea of getting families in,” added Thalberg. “One of the things that makes this work really well as a piece of communication is we cast an actual family for it. Those are not a set of four different actors, that is a real family.”

Sea World has three US locations —San Diego, San Antonio and Orlando– which means the brand is buying media in the markets that are the key domestic market feeders of those three parks, in addition to online video and social.

SeaWorld’s 60th anniversary theme is “So Much More to Sea.”

“This is our 60th, it’s a big deal. The theme that we all landed on collectively as an organization is there’s so much more to sea. We want people to open their eyes or have them see the SeaWorld experience with fresh eyes.”

“It is a different level of appreciation and experience plus all the thrills of a world-class theme park. And that unique combination of experiences does make for a very special visit over and over again, and a different one every single time you come,” she added.