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Pure Leaf taps Lindsay Lohan to encourage breaks at work

Pepsi brand Pure Leaf has kicked off a new campaign starring Lindsay Lohan that encourages consumers to take a workplace tea break.

In a spot for the ad, Lohan encourages the benefits of taking a pause in our always-on culture in order to enjoy simple hobbies and a drink of tea.

“Pure Leaf wants to encourage U.S. workers to take breaks throughout the workday to combat burnout, because we believe revitalization is critical for everyday well-being,” said Julie Raheja-Perera, general manager/VP at Pepsi Lipton Partnership North America. “As a brand focused on real brewed iced tea with naturally occurring caffeine, Pure Leaf knows the secret to feeling revitalized can be as simple as a well-deserved tea break.”

“For us, Lindsay exemplifies the power of prioritizing breaks in the various roles that she juggles including being an actress, producer, and mom,” she continued. “We’re thrilled to come together with Lindsay to share how everyone can benefit from implementing breaks, helping to recenter and reenergize themselves.”  

The effort was created with insights from the brand’s State of the Break survey, which found that three in five workers struggle to take breaks during the workday, and more than half feel too busy to take a refreshing break. The report also revealed that almost two-thirds of workers feel mentally, physically, and emotionally exhausted at work, while only 63% take quality breaks. “This campaign underscores Pure Leaf’s commitment to encouraging meaningful, refreshing breaks that can rejuvenate and empower individuals throughout their workday,” said Raheja-Perera.

The brand worked with Edelman on the social, digital and creative elements of the effort. The effort also includes the Tea Break Grant program, a new initiative to provide funding for small businesses and nonprofits to promote employee breaks. 

“The campaign seeks to empower a lasting cultural shift around workplace breaks, which is why Pure Leaf is also partnering with a national nonprofit, Mind Share Partners, to launch the Tea Break Grant program for small businesses and nonprofits to test and implement new breaktime initiatives to encourage their employees to take a revitalizing break,” added Raheja-Perera.

Consumers can also contact Pure Leaf –texting PURELEAF to 737-377-3774 or going online at PureLeaf.com/TeaBreak– for a free bottle of tea.