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Opendoor taps Melissa Etheridge for new spot

  • Real estate site Opendoor has dropped a new social digital campaign in partnership with MAX & musician Melissa Etheridge.
  • In the spot, Etheridge discusses the challenges with selling a home today, including getting the house ready to show to strangers. She offers up Opendoor’s digital tours as an alternative with the tagline nod to her classic hit: “Come to my window… but go to Opendoor. Windows are my thing.”
  • In addition to the spot and social video teasers, the brand is activating at Etheridge’s upcoming shows in Atlanta and Los Angeles. 

Opendoor offers consumers the ability to sell their houses online. The brand has been focused on bringing this message to consumers through cultural moments. For example, the brand livestreamed footage from its app during the regional Atlanta broadcast of the Super Bowl and on the Opendoor website during halftime. The ad’s promise: selling a home can be as easy as watching the Halftime show at the Super Bowl. The live ad featured a real homeowner in Atlanta showcasing their house via Opendoor’s Virtual Assessment. 

The partnership with Melissa Etheridge allows the brand to continue this strategy of educating consumers about its product through a cultural connection. Etheridge is on tour and has a new docuseries debuting on Paramount+ this month. Additionally, Etheridge will run the spots on her TikTok and Instagram pages through July 31. 

“Buying and selling a home on an online platform is really motivating, disrupting that traditional category that has really been unchanged for over a hundred years,” Opendoor CMO David Corns told Brand Innovators recently. “That kind of innovation has been central to what we’ve done at Opendoor, because we believe that if the product is innovative and disruptive the marketing should be too.”