Keystone Light Unlocks the Rural ‘Mindset’

Keystone Light Unlocks the Rural ‘Mindset’

Molson Coors’s Keystone Light knows its customers, which is why the brand is launching a new campaign that highlights rural drinkers and their “rural lifestyle.”

“Over 60% of Keystone Light is sold in rural counties across the United States,” said Matt Lafferty, marketing manager for Keystone Light, in response to e-mailed questions. “So, our 2022 plans, including the new campaign, are squarely focused on celebrating the rural drinker and their lifestyle choice.”

The new campaign, which is anchored by a new 15-second commercial, highlights the sense of freedom, pride and community that come with the “rural lifestyle,” Lafferty said. “We heard these distinct values come through during our countless conversations with rural drinkers, and we have set the ambitious goal of authentically representing [those values],” he said. 

The 15-second commercial, from creative agency Mono, depicts a man recrafting his barn into a bar (complete with a neon sign in which the “n” in “Barn” flashes on and off). As neighbors come together for a night of camaraderie, a voiceover declares, “The county’s best hangout just got better. Here’s to living smooth.”

Though the commercial openly celebrates rural life, the message is intended to appeal to drinkers in metropolitan areas who feel they can relate to the rural mindset. “We know this new campaign will spill over into metro areas because we are connecting with people, not places,” Lafferty said. “Rural is a mindset that some of us get to live out in an ideal rural environment; while others aspire to fulfill, with some Keystone Light, as soon as they can get out of town.”

The campaign will run in digital, radio, online video and out-of-home channels as a way to meaningfully connect with rural consumers, Lafferty said. “We know that there are still plenty of people who appreciate the rural lifestyle but are not yet aware – or don’t currently consider – Keystone Light,” Lafferty said. “We approached our media plan as an opportunity to reintroduce Keystone Light to rural light beer drinkers.”

In addition, the brand has partnered with outdoor lifestyle brand Realtree on a line of camouflage clothing that incorporates Keystone Light’s signature blue color scheme. The collection includes sweatshirts, hats, jackets and even a pool that fits in a truck bed. Lafferty described that final bit of merchandise as “a fun, unique piece that directly caters to the rural consumer.”