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Claussen lends its cache to pickle-flavored cupcakes

  • Kraft Heinz’s Claussen pickle brand and Baked by Melissa cupcakes are teaming up to create a dill-flavored dessert in honor of National Pickle Month this July. 
  • The Baked by Melissa x Claussen Pickle Cupcake are available in packages of six or 25. The six-packs will only be available in Baked by Melissa store locations, while the 25-pack can be purchased online.
  • The promo continues a nationwide trend of extending pickle flavoring to non-traditional products, including chips, condiments and sodas. Last year, Claussen introduced a pickle-flavored sparkling wine cocktail and the Heinz Ketchup brand launched a pickle-infused ketchup

According to a Datassential report from October 2023, nearly three-quarters of Americans say they like the taste of pickles. That has inspired a whole host of products to incorporate the salty dill flavoring. Though most of those products tend toward snacks, such as chips nuts and dips, there are some dessert choices to be found, now including the limited-time Baked by Melissa x Claussen cupcakes. 

“We’re excited to keep our pickle momentum going this summer with our first-ever dessert,” said Caroline Sheehey, Brand Manager for Claussen Pickles, in a release. “Pickle is such a universal flavor, so we are constantly working to find new and unique ways to bring Claussen’s signature taste to many different beloved occasions. These cupcakes will be the perfect unexpected twist for pickle fanatics everywhere.”

Among those fanatics is Baked by Melissa founder Melissa Ben-Ishay who has celebrated her lover of pickles and pickling on the brand’s TikTok channel. The bite-sized cupcakes are a pickle-flavor-infused cake topped with a pickle buttercream icing adorned with red and white celebratory sprinkles (presumably a nod to the Independence Day holiday). 

“The addition of pickle gives the cupcake a zippy sweet-salty-sour kick, making it a truly unique ingredient for a bite-size cupcake,” Ben-Ishay said in a release.