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Class of 2014 – The Profiles

Sheryl Adkins-Green
Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Kay

SherylAdkinsGreenAs Mary Kay’s Chief Marketing Officer, Sheryl Adkins-Green leads the global marketing strategy, new product development, advertising, digital marketing, social media, and customer insights that make the Mary Kay brand “irresistible!” Prior to Mary Kay, Sheryl was an executive for several notable companies including Alberto-Culver, Cadbury-Schweppes, Citigroup, and Kraft Foods. Sheryl received her BS from the University of Wisconsin and holds a MBA from Harvard Business School. In 2012, Sheryl received the Global Marketer Award from the Academy of Marketing Science, and she was featured in the book, “Successful Women Think Differently.” Sheryl is a regular contributor to the Beauty That Counts blog. Follow her @SherryAG

Sheryl Adkins-Green’s Top Trends

  1. The “path to purchase” needs to be synched and seamless. The shopping/buying process is nowhere close to being linear. Consumers are collecting and assembling ideas and information from a wide-variety of sources. The opportunity for marketing is to provide engaging ways to help consumers curate – and share – the inputs into their purchase decision.
  2. Relevant content will be generated by marrying “True Grit” (aka ‘big data’) with “True Confessions”, i.e. the real stories from real people that capture their emotional connections to brands. The numbers will be a compass, but true insights will be sourced from the words and images that brand advocates provide.
  3. Marketing Technology as a Marketing role and discipline is quickly evolving to close the gap between the IT and Marketing functions. CMOs and CIOs/CTOs need to take their relationship to the next level and support their digital teams through cross-functional strategy and planning.

Frances Allen
EVP, Chief Brand Officer, Denny’s Corporation

FrancesAllen Frances Allen joined Denny’s Corporation in 2010 as Chief Marketing Officer. She was promoted to EVP Global Strategy and has been Chief Brand Officer since June 2013. Prior to joining Denny’s Frances was the Brand Marketing Officer of Dunkin’ Donuts Incorporated, a position she held since June 2007. She served as Executive Vice President of Denny’s Corporation from July 2010 to June 2011. Frances. Prior to Dunkin she was at Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications where she served as Vice President of Marketing. Earlier in her career, she was Senior Vice President at DMB&B, based in Hong Kong. Frances earned a BS in mathematics from the University of Southampton, England and completed the Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School.

Frances Allen’s Top Trends

Dana Anderson
SVP Marketing Strategy & Communications, Mondelēz International

DanaAndersonDana Anderson oversees Mondelēz International’s global portfolio of advertising, media and marketing partners. In this capacity, she has re-crafted its agency roster, adding boutiques and hot shops, while simultaneously fostering new ways of working. Dana was named one of the 100 Most Influential Women in Advertising by Advertising Age because of her reputation for leading agency and client teams to a better place from both sides of the table. Before joining Kraft Foods, now Mondelēz International, she had a successful agency career at DDB, FCB, JWT and Y&R.

Dana Anderson’s Top Trends

  1. Generosity, which has been underleveraged as a spark for creativity and productivity, will be embraced as a new route to success.
  2. The number and diversity of our creative partners will expand into whole new, uncharted territories.
  3. Mobile will continue to blossom as an inspiring way for brands to engage with people.

Amy Avitabile
Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications, Toys“R”Us, U.S.

AmyAvitable As Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications, Toys“R”Us, U.S., Amy Avitabile is responsible for developing and implementing a strategic marketing communications plan for the company’s full portfolio of brands, including Toys“R”Us, Babies“R”Us and FAO Schwarz. In this role, Ms. Avitabile oversees marketing planning, digital marketing and brand experience, customer relationship management and loyalty programs. Ms. Avitabile joined Toys“R”Us, Inc. in November 2012 in her current position. Prior to joining the company, she spent 19 years at Lord & Taylor, most recently with its parent company Hudson Bay Company as Senior Vice President, Marketing. During her tenure with the company, Ms. Avitabile served in roles of increasing seniority, including Vice President, Advertising Director and Divisional Vice President, Media. Ms. Avitabile received a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration in finance and marketing from Fordham University, both in New York. She is a volunteer with the National Marfan Foundation and was honored with the Hero with a Heart award from the organization in 2013. Follow her @SherryAG.

Amy Avitable’s Top Trends

  1. Deepening brand relationships, using data driven marketing at scale to deliver relevant personalized content and experiences throughout the customer journey with your brand.
  2. Think mobile first.
  3. Put the customer in the center of the decision making process. They will guide you to success.

Katherine Bahamonde
EVP of Ecommerce & Operations, C. Wonder

KatherineBahamonde Katherine Bahamonde leads marketing, digital, customer service, and creative services at C. Wonder, the apparel, accessories and home décor retailer launched by Burch Creative Capital. Katherine is also the company’s omnichannel sponsor and has full P&L responsibility for the e-commerce business unit. Prior to C. Wonder, Katherine held leadership roles at Citibank, Nike, PepsiCo, Sears, luluemon athletica, and Juicy Couture. She graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Business School and is a board member of City Kids.

Katherine Bahamonde’s Top Trends

  1. Personalization: serving what the customer wants, when she wants it. Email will continue to be a valuable channel to deliver targeted messages – they key is harnessing the data and optimizing to deliver the right message at the right time.
  2. Omni-channel consistency: uniform service/experience whether in the physical or digital world.
  3. Localization: data in the hands of store teams; mobile devices and system capabilities that allow stores immediate access to customer information for product recommendations, service updates, and clientelling.

Lisa Baird
Chief Marketing Officer, United States Olympic Committee

LisaBaird Lisa Baird was named chief marketing officer of the United States Olympic Committee in 2009. As the USOC’s CMO, Baird directs the sales and marketing division and oversees corporate sponsorship, properties, media, events, consumer products and direct marketing. Since joining the USOC, she has signed more than $400 million in revenue in one of the most challenging marketplaces in recent years and has successfully raised the awareness and profile of Team USA. Team USA and the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Teams are the leading sports brands in the United States with a corporate reputation and athlete ratings topping every other property. In 2012, the USOC was recognized as the League of the Year by Sports Business Journal for its business, organization and sports success. Baird has launched a number of innovative marketing platforms including the Road to Program and the award-winning Raise Our Flag campaign, which was designed to increase awareness of the USOC as a privately funded organization. In 2010, she led a redesign for the USOC brand and built a licensing business that achieved $100 million in retail sales in 2012. She also oversaw the launch of multiple media initiatives including a new website, an original content partnership with You Tube, the organization’s first mobile application, new social platforms and new digital media agreements with 23 national governing bodies. Follow her @lisainog

Lisa Baird’s Top Trends

Barbara Basney
Vice President, Global Advertising and Media, Xerox

BarbaraBasney Barbara Basney is responsible for Xerox brand, technology and services advertising, including television, print, radio, outdoor and digital media. She oversees communications strategy, campaign development, media mix optimization and campaign results tracking in more than 35 countries. Prior to joining Xerox, she spent more than 15 years in marketing for both B-to-B and B-to-C Fortune 100 corporations including Rite-Aid, Tektronix and Convergys. She managed functions including strategy, advertising, PR, websites, direct marketing, events and customer communications. She serves on the board of the Ad Council, and is a National Advertising Review Board panelist. She is an active member of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and the Advertising Women of New York, and was named a top multinational marketer in 2011 by the Internationalist. Follow her @bbasney

Barbara Basney’s Top Trends

  1. Be POEM-ic. It is critical that today’s brand marketer think and act POEM-ically — in order to integrate and optimize Paid, Owned and Earned Media. The operational silos of these functional areas have eroded, and are now blurring. In order to maximize the impact of our brand marketing initiatives, we need to be planning and optimizing as an integrated marketing team, and with our agency partners, to ensure we maximize and leverage the power of POEM. This often requires a new way of working, where the Paid/Owned/Earned functional teams are engaging on an almost “real-time’ basis, in order to maximize the impact and value of each marketing initiative.
  2. Embrace Experimentation. Consider setting aside 10% of your budget to test, try and learn without expectations, metrics or consequences. The convergence of the struggling traditional media segment with the vibrant entrepreneurial segment is reinventing the industry, and creating a plethora of new and exciting opportunities with media partners. You still need to ensure test initiatives are relevant and interesting to the audience, as well as aligned with your brand objectives. And you have to be prepared to tolerate a lack of hard metrics, and be comfortable with a bit of risk of the unknown. But hands-on testing is the best way to learn, refine, establish your own best practice and build a repository of “directional” metrics that can be used to guide future initiatives that are best suited for your brand, as the crazy world of media and communications continues to evolve.
  3. Go Native. Content is a well-established marketing tactic, and nothing new to us marketers. What is new is how, thanks to technology, it is an even more powerful communications tool that is particularly important for initiatives trying to reinforce or evolve a brand perception. As the church/state lines are blurring between editorial and advertising, native content provides both an opportunity and a challenge. Creating content that truly integrates with a publisher’s native environment, and that also optimally aligns with the messaging of the advertiser is tricky. While it sounds easy, it is hard to execute equally well for both the Publisher and the advertiser brands. Often content provided by the advertiser risks “navel gazing” where it is content the brand wants to share, but is not relevant to the audience or appropriate for the native platform. So, while going native is what everyone is talking about and wanting to do, it is easier said than done….at least if you want to do it well.

Debra Berman
Senior Vice President, Marketing, JCPenney

DebraBerman Debra Berman joined JCPenney in August 2013 to lead the turnaround, after the company lost over 30% of its value and customers in less than 24 months. She leads 450 marketers including Customer Strategy, Mobile Commerce and Emerging Platforms, Marketing Strategy, Brand Strategy, Media, Digital, CRM, Creative and Design, Photo Studio, Marketing Communications, Public Relations, Events and Partnerships. In this capacity she is leading a reconnection to the customer and prioritizing data and analytics to drive marketing performance. The revitalization of marketing is paying off as JCPenney is outperforming negative industry headwinds. Debra was nominated DFW CMO of the year and 2012 Ad Age Media Maven. Prior to joining JCPenney, Debra started client-side account planning for Kraft Foods, where she took on unlocking iconic, heritage and new brands’ potential globally. Prior to Kraft, Deb’s career includes tours in advertising, brand strategy and management consulting. Debra has her MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA and graduated from The University of Pennsylvania. Debra serves on the board of directors for the Association of National Advertisers and The Voice of The Brand and is a client-sponsor for the 4A’s.

Debra Berman’s Top Trends

  1. Conversation-led marketing where in knowing your brand and how to be in the conversation, in the moment, is high currency. It requires inverting the paradigm to recess prescriptive positioning and yield to culture.
  2. Data-driven marketing will bloom once more, this time simultaneously looking up from the dashboard to fuel strategic choices in lifecycle management, while feeding the near real-time personalization machine.
  3. Flexible and dynamic content will challenge the traditional marketers preoccupations with message perfection, as one more domain of marketer influence goes agile.

Kerry Bianchi
Vice President, Media, E*Trade

KerryBianchi With a marketing career spanning over 20 years, Kerry Bianchi has led strategy for leading brands at advertising agencies, media companies, and a global management consulting firm. She has launched and acquired numerous multi-platform and digital media properties, spoken at venues including the CMO Collective and as an invited judge at Effie Worldwide’s annual awards for marketing effectiveness. At E*TRADE Financial, she is Vice President of Media, overseeing all paid media for branding and acquisition. Her team leads holistic, multi-platform strategies to address the right audience with the right channel and content at the right time; and manages an analytics structure to drive better targeting, measurement and optimization of E*TRADE’s marketing campaigns.

Kerry Bianchi’s Top Trends

  1. One-to-Some Marketing. As marketers clamor for the “one-to-one” holy grail of marketing, there are still many hurdles of scale and ubiquity. To supplement those efforts, marketers should embrace the many tools we have at our disposal to better target, segment and leverage primary and secondary sources of information to create robust yet targeted universes for marketing messages – this “one to some” marketing is a great hybrid for targeting at scale.
  2. Big Data is Not Enough. With all the buzz about big data, the focus is often on the quantity, or on the aggregation of big data, but that’s not taking it far enough. Leading edge marketers are creating robust data marts and overlaying insights, analytics and data visualization tools to leverage insights from multiple touch points to inform marketing strategy, media choices and optimization.
  3. It’s the Customer, (and they’re not) Stupid. Our customers are savvy about marketing and know when they are being marketed to. They will reward us and welcome us if our efforts bring them information, value or utility. So before pushing out that next campaign, ask if it passes the customer value sniff test or if we’re just talking to ourselves, if it doesn’t pass, think again.

Linda Boff
Executive Director, Global Brand Marketing, General Electric

LindaBoff Boff joined GE in 2003 as head of employee marketing. She was named CMO for iVillage after NBC Universal acquired it in 2006, and was promoted GE’s digital marketing lead in 2009. In mid-2012, her duties expanded to include managing advertising across all media last June, she’s also responsible for GE’s ads placed across media types, as Global Executive Director-Advertising, Digital and Design. She generated substantial buzz with her keynote “How Content Humanizes a 130-Year-Old Industry”. One of her pivotal initiatives has been overseeing brand marketing for a new GE sector, the Industrial Internet – encompassing software, hardware and analytics with the goal of providing turnkey solutions for leading GE customers (in areas like energy, healthcare and transportation). Follow her @lindaboff

Linda Boff’s Top Trends

Kim Brink
Vice President Marketing, NASCAR

KimBrinkBased at the company’s office in Charlotte, N.C., Kim Brink leads comprehensive marketing strategy and activation around industry-wide platforms designed to engage and excite core racing fans while broadening NASCAR’s appeal to youth and multicultural audiences. Kim joined NASCAR in 2011. Since then, she has transformed the marketing discipline within NASCAR, elevating an already-stellar brand to an even higher level of excellence by attracting top-tier talent, strengthening the research and brand standard functions, and inspiring innovative outreach to new audiences. Under Kim’s leadership, NASCAR re-evaluated its marketing vision and selected global agency Ogilvy & Mather to serve the sport’s evolving advertising and marketing needs. Prior to joining NASCAR, Brink carved out her niche in the automotive marketing space with leadership roles at both Cadillac and Chevrolet. Follow her @kimabrink

Kim Brink ‘s Top Trends

  1. Heightened fan/consumer engagement efforts afforded by the integration of data into marketing outreach. Imagine a NASCAR fan simultaneously watching a race while she followers her favorite drivers’ biometrics, pit stop stats and vehicle telemetry.
  2. More consistent and integrated marketing efforts that capitalize on real-time consumer behavior enabled by social media.
  3. More sophisticated and precise ROI models.

Sabrina Caluori
Vice President, Digital & Social Media, HBO

SabrinaCalouri Sabrina Caluori is vice president, Social Media and Performance Marketing, for Home Box Office, responsible for HBO’s enterprise social media strategy including the execution of social marketing tactics for over 40+ HBO and Cinemax programming properties. She was named to this position in September 2011. An award-winning digital marketer with nearly ten years’ experience in strategy and management, Caluori was responsible for the concept, build and launch of HBO’s innovative Webby award-winning social TV website – HBO Connect. She joined HBO in September 2007 as director, Social Media and Marketing. Prior to HBO, Caluori headed the account team at interactive agency Deep Focus, Follow her @sabrinacalouri

Sabrina Calouri’s Top Trends

Luanne Calvert
VP & Chief Marketing Officer, Virgin America


Bio for Luanne Calvert to come.

Luanne Calvert’s Top Trends

Tami Cannizzaro
Vice President, Marketing, IBM Cloud Category

TammyCannizzaro Tami Cannizzaro is a Vice President of Marketing at IBM. She is responsible for driving the global rollout of IBM Cloud. Tami is an international speaker on the topic of social business and marketing transformation. She has a passion for digital, social and mobile technology and helping clients with a strategy to build more customer centric brands. Before coming to IBM, Tami worked as a Wall Street analyst in the retail sector. She has her MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business. Tami speaks internationally on the topics of Digital Marketing & Social Business. She writes a blog for marketers DigitalAgeofMarketers.com. Follow her at @tamicann

Tami Cannizzaro’s Top Trends

  1. The next generation of wearable tech.
  2. Real time delivery of everything – analytics, products, services.
  3. Brands crossing boundaries into new industries.

Lisa Capparelli
Senior Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing Communications, Clarisonic

LisaCapparelliLisa Capparelli is Senior Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing Communications for Clarisonic, overseeing Public Relations in the US and Globally. Prior to this role, Lisa was Senior Vice President, Global Integrated Marketing Communications for L’Oreal Paris. In this role, Lisa was responsible for Communications including Media, Consumer Promotions, Events, Digital/CRM, Content, Branded Entertainment, Public Relations, Social Media, and Corporate Social Responsibility. Lisa joined L’Oreal Paris as Vice President, Integrated Marketing Communications in 2004.Before joining L’Oréal Paris, Lisa was Vice President, New Experiences for Coty Inc.’s Ideas & Image Department based in London where she was responsible for communication innovation and media. Lisa joined the company in 1996 as Vice President, Global Media based in Paris. In 2001, Brandweek named her Marketer of the Next Generation.

Lisa Capparelli’s Top Trends

  1. Personalization – in all facets, whether media, websites, content or the services consumers expect, right down to the in-store shopping experience. I like to describe it as creating a magical moment that will surprise and delight consumers in new and unexpected ways so they feel special and appreciated.
  2. Reinvention – for all brands, whether a media company or a marketer or manufacturer. It’s a constant evolution to remain current and relevant. A great example is Branché, a “pop-up” magazine that Marie Claire just launched and distributed via street teams with locations shared via the magazine’s social channels. It created a lot of buzz, excitement and demand – was the hot media-of-the-moment this week. People were talking about it in social media and even posting photos with the issue. I think this was such a fantastic example of a traditional magazine coming up with a response to “traditional media is dying,” and proving just the opposite.
  3. Intelligent Beauty –Yes, we know that intelligent technology is important in all the expected areas – computers, phones and most recently fitness/health (i.e. Fitbit), but we are going to see this trend evolve within the beauty space where at home beauty devices will be provide personalized and customized treatments based on each consumer’s individual needs which leads us back to the first trend of personalization.

Sona Chawla
President, Ecommerce, Walgreen Co.

SonaChawla Sona Chawla leads the Digital and Marketing Division for Walgreens, steering e-commerce, enterprise-wide marketing and customer loyalty and insights. Chawla is charged with advancing Walgreens’ vision for an omni-channel “well experience” by developing and leveraging its corporate brand, integrated portfolio of marketing assets, web and mobile offerings, Balance® Rewards loyalty program, and customer insights. Previously, she served as president of e-commerce from January 2011 before being promoted to her current role in February 2014. She joined Walgreens in July 2008 as senior vice president of e-commerce. Prior to joining Walgreens, she was vice president of global online business at Dell, Inc. She also worked at Wells Fargo’s Internet Services Group, where she held several roles including executive vice president of online sales, service and marketing. Before Wells Fargo, Chawla worked at Andersen Consulting (now Accenture) and Mitchell Madison Group. She earned a bachelor of arts degree in mathematics and computer science from Wellesley College in 1990 and a master of science degree in management from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management in 1994.

Sona Chawla’s Top Trends

Lisa Cochrane
SVP Marketing, Allstate Insurance

LisaCochrane Lisa Cochrane’s bio to come

Lisa Cochrane’s Top Trends

Emily Coppock
Vice President of Marketing, LACOSTE USA

EmilyCoppock Emily Coppock is an experienced marketer and brand strategist with a proven record of successful brand building. Currently VP Marketing for LACOSTE USA, Coppock brings 16 years of marketing, brand strategy, advertising, and PR experience to her role. In this capacity, she is responsible for the leadership, management and execution of the company’s brand strategy, marketing plans, and press initiatives. Since joining LACOSTE in 2009, she has played key strategic roles from creating brand collaborations and integrated marketing partnerships to leading major cross-industry and platform marketing initiatives. Earlier in her career she worked in PR and marketing at Italian fashion firm Sixty USA and at premier brand strategy consultancy Vivaldi Partners.

Emily Coppock’s Top Trends

Sandra Cordova Micek
SVP Marketing, USA TODAY

SandraCordovaMicekIn June 2011 Sandra Cordova Micek was named Senior Vice President of Marketing for USA TODAY, assuming responsibility for marketing, brand development, communications and research. Sandra also serves as a member of the USA TODAY senior management team. Sandra joined USA TODAY from NBCUniversal, where as part of the Integrated Strategic Marketing Team she led the “Women at NBCU” initiative. In addition she oversaw the development of several customized programs across numerous NBCUniversal platforms for such clients as American Express, Proctor & Gamble and PepsiCo.Prior to NBCU, Micek spent nearly 10 years in Silicon Valley, holding a variety of leadership positions at Yahoo! and as a management consultant with Accenture’s “Communications, High Tech & Media/Entertainment” strategy practice in San Francisco and London. She began her career at Turner, where she was part of the industry’s first cross-platform group developing programs for advertisers that spanned Turner’s portfolio with properties such as TNT, TBS, CNN, HLN and the Cartoon Network. Micek also helped launch CNN’s Airport Network. Sandra attended Syracuse University, where she earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications. She also holds an M.B.A. from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania where she was a Ford Motor Co. Marketing Scholar.

Sandra Cordova Micek’s Top Trends

  1. Know and be true to who you are as a brand – if you are a purpose-driven brand like USA TODAY for example, make sure that your consumers know that. That will give them a deeper sense of what your company is about. If you really know who you are and what you bring to your consumers, people will see how they can benefit from engaging with your products.
  2. Mobile will only continue to grow. The mobile market continues to grow and time spent on those devices continues to increase even as the lines between devices becomes more blurred (what is a mini tablet vs. a smart phone for example). If you aren’t creating quality content and options for advertisers that work seamlessly on all mobile devices, then you will be way behind.
  3. Put the consumer first! Serve them products they really enjoy and tap into them as marketers for your brand. Your consumers will talk, tweet, share, post and advocate for your product and brand if you give them a reason to do so.

Cathy Coughlin
SVP, Global Marketing Officer, AT&T

TammyCannizzaroCathy Coughlin oversees brand strategy, advertising, corporate communications, events and sponsorships worldwide for AT&T. She has responsibility for AT&T’s brand and reputation around the globe, reporting directly to AT&T chairman, CEO and president Randall Stephenson, having assumed her current role in June 2007. Cathy began her communications career in 1979 at Southwestern Bell Telephone Company in her hometown of St. Louis. Since then, she has gained a wide range of experience in all facets of the business, including a strong background in operations. During her 34-year career, she has held senior management roles in sales, marketing, operations and advertising. Prior to her current role, Cathy was President and CEO of AT&T Midwest, where she led the company’s wireline network, sales and customer service operations in Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin.

Cathy Coughlin’s Top Trends

Linda Cronin
Vice President, Integrated Marketing, The Coca-Cola Company

LindaCroninLinda is the Vice President of Integrated Marketing for Coca-Cola Canada. She provides thought leadership in the areas of Connection Planning, Strategic Alliances, Insights, Marketing Process and Agency Relations for the company brands. She is also a member of Coca-Cola’s global Integrated Marketing community, which built an innovative strategic approach to Integrated Marketing. In 2012 Linda lead the pilot of this process for the global roll out. During a hiatus from Coca-Cola she worked at the International Humanitarian organization CARE. She was responsible for rebranding of the organization to the current global “I Am Powerful” positioning and developed a comprehensive Integrated Marketing department. Follow her @lincronin

Linda Cronin’s Top Trends

Vérane de Marffy
AVP, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté

VéranedeMarffy Verane de Marffy is Assistant Vice President for Yves Saint Lauren Makeup and Skincare. In this new position, she is responsible for managing and growing the YSL Beauty business in the USA. In her 11 years with L’Oreal in the United States and France, Ms. de Marffy has led global product development across color cosmetics, skincare and fragrances on multiple brands including Maybelline, Ralph Lauren Fragrances and most recently Lancôme, as the head of the world’s #1 eye makeup business in Paris. Ms. de Marffy’s multilingual and multicultural background allows her to easily cross borders to make YSL the ultimate French couture beauty experience. She was educated in France, and received her Masters in Marketing and Market Research at the Sciences Po Paris. Follow her @vdemarffy

Vérane de Marffy’s Top Trends

  1. Digital geo-targeting
  2. Opt-in programs to heighten content relevance
  3. Becoming a personal concierge for customers: using behaviors to deliver individualized content and unique buyer journeys

Jennifer Dominiquini
Chief Marketing Officer, Evite and BuySeasons, Inc.

Jennifer Kelly Dominiquini is the Chief Marketing Officer for Evite and BuySeasons, part of the Liberty Media portfolio. Evite is the largest digital invitation and event planning brand and BuySeasons is a leading online retailer and supplier of costumes, seasonal décor, and party supplies for year-round celebrations.
In her prior role Jennifer was the CMO for the Seasonal, Fitness, Sporting Goods and Toys divisions at Sears/Kmart. Jennifer spent the first part of her career consulting throughout the Americas and Europe. She has an MBA from the University of Chicago and was a Fulbright Scholar to Uruguay. Follow her @jendominiquini

Jennifer Dominiquini’s Top Trends

  1. Brands that build an ecosystem of like-minded partners – and build on eachother’s combined strengths and assets – are more likely to be successful than those that employ a go-it alone approach
  2. Content marketing is key to brand building but the curation and the syndication of the content is equally as important as the creation of compelling content
  3. Marketing in the digital world is real time . No longer bound by the long lead times of traditional media, brands can be engage and respond more quickly to changing business conditions and experiment more rapidly.

Parnell Eagle
VP, General Manager E-commerce & Marketing, Gymboree

ParenellEagle Parnell Eagle’s bio and trends to come

Parnell Eagle’s Top Trends

Leslie Ferraro
Executive Vice President, Global Marketing & Sales, Walt Disney Parks & Resorts

LeslieFerraroLeslie Ferraro is responsible for leading the worldwide Walt Disney Parks and Resorts marketing and sales teams in the development of strategies that drive consumer behavior. She also serves as a member of the Executive Committee for Parks and Resorts, helping to envision the next generation of Disney experiences around the world. Leslie has held various marketing leadership positions throughout The Walt Disney Company, most recently Senior Vice President of Marketing and Sales for Adventures by Disney and New Business Initiatives. She has also held the position of Vice President, of Global Marketing for Disney Regional Entertainment. Prior to joining The Walt Disney Company, Leslie held various senior-level marketing positions at McCann-Erickson Inc., Johnson & Johnson and SmithKline Beecham. Leslie holds a degree in economics and marketing from George Washington University, a master’s in economics from the London School of Economics, an M.B.A. in finance from New York University, and an Executive M.B.A. in marketing from Columbia University.

Leslie Ferraro’s Top Trends

Elizabeth Francis
Chief Marketing Officer, Gilt.com

ElizabethFrancisElizabeth Francis serves as Chief Marketing Officer of Gilt. In this role, she is responsible for the company’s new customer generation and retention programs across all channels as well as creative direction, overall brand positioning, and research and analytics.Elizabeth has over 12 years of marketing and advertising experience—building and scaling emerging brands—in fashion, consumer packaged goods, and financial services companies. Before joining Gilt she was CMO at Intelligent Beauty, a leading e-commerce and brand-building incubator. In addition to her responsibilities as Intelligent Beauty’s CMO, she was also President of JustFabulous, an online fashion and accessories brand and an Intelligent Beauty venture. Earlier in her career, Elizabeth was a Vice President at Alena, a Fox Interactive Company, and also spent several years at LowerMyBills.com. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University and is an active member of the Direct Marketing Association and Fashion Group International. You can find her on twitter or instagram @brinkleythedog

Elizabeth Francis Top Trends

  1. Embrace mobile first: With foot traffic in retail in decline and more people shopping on-the-go, it’s crucial for retailers to create fast, easy and frictionless mobile experiences for their customers and tailor the experience to take advantage of device capabilities. Different devices have different use cases, so, for example, highlight beautiful editorial images on the iPad’s large retina displays. Make the experience even faster and easier on smartphones, where the screen size is smaller and customers tend to be on-the-go.
  2. Personalization, please: Personalization is becoming increasingly important to consumers in the e-commerce world, so it’s important for marketers to create shopping experiences that are customized and relevant across channels and devices to keep users coming back day after day. Utilization of data is key – with 1st and 3rd party data critical to ensuring a great customer experience.
  3. Think globally, act locally: Utilize data, technology and geographic trends/seasonality to ensure a truly personalized customer experience no matter where your customers are around the world. In the dead of winter in the U.S., we might be craving cozy sweaters and warm boots, but your customers in Australia are laying out on the beach and shopping for sundresses and swimwear!

Rebecca Fretty
Chief Marketing Officer, Phoenix Brands

RebeccaFrettyFrom Fortune 100 consumer package goods companies, to the non-profit sector, to entrepreneurial turnarounds, Rebecca Fretty has enjoyed creating rapid cycles of innovation through identifying deep consumer insights and building strong, culturally healthy cross-functional teams. A few brands that have been trusted in Rebecca’s stewardship are Close Up toothpaste, Brut deodorant, Faberge Perfume, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds, Houlihan Laurence Real Estate, Hartz Ultra Guard flea & tick protection, YMCA of Greenwich, Ajax laundry detergent. At present, her best days are spent helping the Dye-IY Movement take flight with Rit Dye,”because everyone can be brilliant with color!” Friends and colleagues alike confirm Fretty is indeed colorful! She began her career at Unilever, where she spent 12 years.
Follow her @rbfretty.

Rebecca Fretty’s Top Trends

  1. The Dye-IY movement.
  2. 2Earth Friendly as demonstrated in Up-cycling – clothes and home décor.
  3. Serving consumers directly and openly.

Jeannine Haas
Chief Marketing Officer at Avis Budget Group

JeannineHaas Jeannine Haas is the Chief Marketing Officer for Avis Budget Group, responsible for developing and executing strategic marketing for the organization. Jeannine’s responsibilities include global branding, advertising, customer relationship management, new product development and loyalty. She is responsible for management of all marketing channels for distribution and customer communications. Jeannine and her team support the company’s revenue and profit goals by driving acquisition, retention and improvements to customer contribution.
Prior to joining Avis Budget Group, Jeannine spent 12 years with American Express in senior marketing positions. She began her career at Ford Motor Company in marketing and business development and was awarded the company’s highest marketing honor for the launch and implementation of a game-changing business development initiative. Jeannine received a B.S. in Marketing from SUNY Oswego and an MBA with emphases in Marketing and Corporate Strategy from the University of Michigan. Follow her @jninehaas

Jeannine Haas’ Top Trends

  1. Empowering consumers – the most successful brands are the ones who will internally disrupt their traditional business models to empower consumers to be their brand advocates. The key metric will be seen in delivery of greater earned versus paid impressions.
  2. Content is the new currency – continued evolution of dynamic content – both brand and consumer generated – will become the new basis of brand storytelling.
  3. Social-minded businesses – there is an emergence of businesses founded in “doing good” as the core of their for-profit business model. The companies who authentically deliver their social-mindedness will earn a respected place in consumers hearts and wallets. This social-mindedness will evolve into a consumer expectation over time.

Rose Hamilton
EVP & CMO, Pet360, Inc.

RoseHamilton Rose Hamilton has 18 years of experience in growing iconic brands and building leading digital businesses. In her current role as EVP & CMO for Pet360, Inc, she has lead the design and development of the Pet360 brand, transforming an e-commerce business into an integrated medial model. Rose is responsible for consumer engagement strategy, branding, marketing, merchandising, growth plans, and P&L management. Rose previously served as the Vice President of E-commerce for Ann Taylor and LOFT. Prior to joining Ann, Inc., Rose led marketing, merchandising and loyalty programs for a variety of leading retailers and financial services organizations, including Chico’s FAS, Best Buy, Wilsons Leather and US Bank. Follow her @pet360_Rose

Rose Hamilton’s Top Trends

  1. “Trusted” Brands Win: Gone are the days of “push” marketing; replaced by authentic “customer engagement” and relationship building. Consumers are becoming more savvy by the day, trusting traditional media less and turning more to their community of friends and family. Winning brands will focus on developing a human connection with transparency to create an experience that supports decision making with relevant content along the way. Brands who invite the customer to help guide the brand will build a differentiated position and will be rewarded with trust, loyalty, and brand advocacy.
  2. Valuable engagement = longer lifetime value: Successful brand marketers will learn how to harness the power of turning customer data into insights across all customer interactions. A transition will take place from talking about “Big Data” to actually using it to create value for consumers. More relevant and personalized content and messages will set the stage for authentic engagement with value-added content.
  3. Visual Images Grow in Value: As the digital image trend continues to grow, brands will find ways to monetize, turning “social” commerce into “visual” commerce. More businesses will arise with solutions, causing a new frontier for brand marketers.

Lauren Hobart
Senior Vice President – Chief Marketing Officer, Dick’s Sporting Goods

LaurenHobartLauren Hobart joined DICK’S Sporting Goods in February 2011 as SVP and Chief Marketing Officer. She is responsible for all marketing functions with a focus on further developing brand awareness and brand loyalty. Acting as an internal and external brand champion, Lauren focuses on executing strategies that further solidify and leverage Dick’s Sporting Goods’ position as a market leader while simultaneously identifying, targeting and executing new and innovative ways to enhance customers’ brand engagement. Lauren joined Dick’s after a 14-year career at PepsiCo, where she most recently served as Chief Marketing Officer, Carbonated Soft Drinks. She was accountable for all marketing and innovation-centric initiatives for the Company’s $14 billion U.S. carbonated soft drink holdings. In addition to other significant marketing roles within PepsiCo, Lauren also worked with JP Morgan Chase and Wells Fargo earlier in her career.

Lauren Hobart’s Top Trends

Denise Incandela
President, Global Digital and Global Ecommerce, Ralph Lauren

DeniseIncandela Denise Incandela was appointed President, Global Digital and Global Ecommerce at Ralph Lauren in February. Prior to joining Ralph Lauren, she was the Chief Marketing Officer at Saks Fifth Avenue, and prior to her CMO role Ms. Incandela served as the President of Saks Direct. Ms. Incandela joined Saks Fifth Avenue in 1999 to launch saks.com and was instrumental in driving Saks’ significant digital presence and ecommerce growth. Ms Incandela worked at McKinsey & Company from 1992-1999, where she was a leader of their Retail Practice. Denise is on the Board of Directors of CST Brands, Inc and the Board of Advisors for The Wharton School’s Baker Retailing Center. Other honors include Direct Marketing News’ 2013 “Marketing Hall of Femme”, Luxury Daily’s “Luxury Women to Watch”, and Retail Online Integration’s “Top Women in Cross-Channel Retail”. She received her B.S. in Finance from Boston College and an MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

Denise Incandela’s Top Trends

  1. Advanced analytics and propensity modeling is increasingly leveraged to drive key marketing programs such as print and digital advertising, targeted marketing, and promotions.
  2. Spend for paid social media advertising continues to grow as social enables targeted, ROI driven programs.
  3. Mobile devices and apps (Instagram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Snapchat) become an increasingly critical factor in scale marketing and businesses move to a “mobile first design” mentality.

Kim Kadlec
Worldwide Vice President, Global Marketing Group, Johnson & Johnson

KimKadlecKimberly Kadlec is the Worldwide Vice-President of Johnson & Johnson’s Global Marketing Group. She is responsible for agency management, marketing communications, media planning/buying, and knowledge transfer in partnership with the Consumer, Medical Diagnostics and Device, and Pharmaceutical Operating Companies. Ms. Kadlec started her career in advertising, working on accounts such as Hyundai, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola, Verizon, and the Campbell’s Soup Company. In 2003 she moved to News Corp as the VP of Integrated Sales and Marketing, and then to NBC Universal to start their Branded Entertainment division. She joined Johnson & Johnson in 2005 as the Chief Media Officer. Ms. Kadlec serves on the boards of Miami University, OH business school, and DoSomething.org. A native of New York, Ms. Kadlec lives in Westchester County with her husband and three children.Follow her @KKadlec17

Kim Kadlec’s Top Trends

Katrina Klier
Managing Director Global Digital Marketing and Communications, Accenture

KatrinaKlier Katrina Klier is an accomplished digital marketer and business executive with over 20 years of experience building billions of dollars of value across the globe. In 2012, she was named a Nifty50 Top Woman Writer on Twitter in 2013 and Women in Technology for 2012. Katrina has been ranked as one of the top 100 management content providers to follow. An active speaker, blogger and mentor she is currently the Managing Director of Marketing and Communications, Digital at Accenture. In this role she leads Accenture’s global digital presence and engagement. Prior to joining Accenture, Katrina built and led the global digital marketing organization for Microsoft’s OEM business and also led the channel marketing organization. While at Microsoft she pioneered new frameworks for digital marketing and was the strategic force behind some of the company’s most successful global product launches. Katrina has also held senior roles at HP and MCI and began her career at GE. With a resume spanning marketing, business development, sales and operations she brings a unique executive perspective. An active supporter of women in technology and business, Katrina is a frequent speaker on marketing trends, technology opportunities and executive strategies. Katrina resides in New York with her husband and four wonderful children. She is an alumnus of Northeastern University in Boston. Follow her @KatrinaKlier

Katrina Klier’s Top Trends

  1. Digital customer engagement is an opportunity for every brand. Customers expect to be able to choose how they engage with a brand and expect they expect the brand to be there. Great digital customer engagement is expected from all brands, no exceptions.
  2. Digital is the ultimate democratization of a brand. Every voice, every opinion, every experience with your brand can be shared instantly. If your brand does not live up to its declared values, the public will call your bluff in a heartbeat. In the past brand would talk to customers; now the best brands listen to customers and engage. Your monitoring and engagement strategy can be a brand differentiator if you do this well.
  3. Every brand is a mobile brand. With 65% of US adults owning a smart phone and the growing prevalence of tablets, a good mobile strategy lets your brand connect with people in the moment, on the go and when they are most looking for information from your company. Mobile experiences have to be core to your brand experience, not an afterthought or add-on.

Vivien Kronengold
Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Brooks Brothers

VivienKronengold Vivien Kronengold is the Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer for Brooks Brothers, where she is responsible for leading the company’s global marketing strategy. Vivien oversees all areas of marketing & communications, including: Brand advertising, digital & social media, direct, visual merchandising, PR & events. A seasoned marketing executive, Vivien held senior positions at Tommy Hilfiger and Polo Ralph Lauren prior to joining Brooks Brothers. Notably, Vivien also has extensive Agency experience, having spent 10+ years at BBDO NY managing some of the world’s most recognized brands, including Visa, GE, and Pepsico.

Vivien Kronengold’s Top Trends

Maureen Link
Regional Vice President of Marketing for Business Services, East Region at Time Warner Cable

MaureenLink Maureen Link, Group Vice President, Small Business, Time Warner Cable, oversees strategy and tactics for the Small Business customer segment. She is responsible for marketing and communications focused on addressing the needs of the Small Business segment, leading the development and management of this high growth portion of the business. Prior to TWC, Maureen was Area Vice President for the Northeast at Sprint. She spent 12+ years at Sprint in a variety of sales and marketing leadership roles for the company’s corporate and regional wireless businesses. She began her career at NYNEX (Verizon), ultimately becoming Director of Market Development. Maureen holds a Masters in Business Administration from Columbia University Graduate School of Business and graduated Magna Cum Laude from Fairleigh Dickinson University with a Bachelor’s in Management.

Maureen Link’s Top Trends

  1. Personalization is now expected in messaging, interactions and experiences provided to customers (end-to-end).
  2. Marketing will invest more in platforms that promote self-service experiences, enabling prospects and customers to engage anytime, anywhere and from any device.
  3. Building Employee Ambassadors will gain importance to marketers and prove to be a competitive advantage.

Adrienne Lofton
VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Dockers

AdrienneLofton In her role as Dockers brand’s Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer Adrienne Lofton is responsible for creating and leading the Dockers brand strategy and overseeing the company’s global marketing efforts. Most recently, she was the senior marketing director at Under Armour, Inc., responsible for the global brand strategy for men’s, women’s, and youth products, as well as accessories. Prior to her current position Adrienne was at Under Armour as Senior Director, Brand Marketing over multiple categories including the
Women’s portfolio, Men’s Training, Run and Underwear, Youth and Accessories. She also spent three years in Marketing Planning at
Target Corporation in Minneapolis MN and before that held marketing positions at General Motors, Planworks/Starcom MediaVest and Gap Inc. Follow her @ALofton31

Adrienne Lofton’s Top Trends

Sarah McAloon
Chief Marketing Officer, Sbarro

SarahMcAloonSarah McAloon joined Sbarro LLC as chief marketing officer in January 2013. An award-winning marketing strategist, McAloon is responsible for guiding global marketing strategy for more than 1,000 eateries, located across 40 countries. Prior to joining Sbarro, McAloon served as director of national marketing and media at Yum! Brands, where she guided brand marketing strategy for Pizza Hut, Inc. During her nine-year tenure at Yum! Brands, McAloon implemented programs that grew Pizza Hut’s business during a weakened economy and also launched the successful WingStreet brand, recognized as a “Hot Concept” in 2007 by Nation’s Restaurant News. Previously, McAloon served as marketing manager at Whitbread PLC where she helped develop the brand positioning for Costa Coffee, the U.K. equivalent of Starbucks, while significantly improving sales and strengthening business margins. Prior to Whitbread, McAloon held marketing positions at Diageo and Pizza Hut in the United Kingdom. McAloon holds a master’s degree in marketing management from Middlesex University, London, and a bachelor’s degree from University of Sunderland in the United Kingdom. Follow her @SarahMcAloon

Sarah McAloon’s Top Trends

  1. Transparency
  2. Quality over quantity
  3. Traditional cooking methods

Jennifer Mechlowe Knowles
Vice President, Marketing, Babies”R”Us, a division of Toys“R”Us, U.S.

JenniferKnowles As Vice President, Marketing, Babies”R”Us at Toys“R”Us, U.S., Jennifer Mechlowe Knowles is responsible for developing the overall marketing and brand strategy for the company’s Juvenile business. In this role, she leads a team in implementing strategic initiatives to grow and enhance the Babies“R”Us Registry, including forging partnerships with other leading authorities in the juvenile space. Ms. Knowles joined Toys“R”Us, Inc. in 2012. Prior to joining the company, Ms. Knowles worked at Unilever and McKinsey & Company in a variety of roles. Ms. Knowles received a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Princeton University in New Jersey and a master’s degree in business administration from Columbia Business School in New York. She currently resides in Oakland, NJ with her husband Thom and their two daughters, Natalie and Alyssa.

Jennifer Mechlowe Knowles’ Top Trends

Jamie Moldofsky
Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Wells Fargo

Jamie Moldafsky As Wells Fargo’s Chief Marketing Officer, Jamie Moldafsky leads the development and implementation of enterprise marketing strategies for the Wells Fargo brand, considered one of the world’s 25 most valuable. Her responsibilities also include advertising; direct, experiential and diverse segments marketing; the integrated marketing calendar; market research; social media; brand reputation efforts; management of the company’s meeting and events; and leadership of the company’s 11 history museums. She also is a key partner to the company’s lines of business, influencing their strategies for the promotion, distribution, and pricing of their products and services. Prior to her current post Jamie was EVP of Home Equity Acquisition and Customer Management. Before joining Wells Fargo, she was general manager for Whirlpool Corp.’s Kitchen Aid brand with P&L responsibiity. She also was senior vice president for Retail Marketing at Charles Schwab, the national brokerage company, and held leadership marketing roles at American Express. Moldafsky holds an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan.

Jamie Moldofsky’s Top Trends

  1. Appreciate and cultivate the experience and the emotional wrapper around a product.
  2. Understand what your customers need and expect, and ultimately deliver that through the whole experience.
  3. Think locally, but also have consumer engagement plans that can scale nationally and internationally.

Trish Mueller
SVP and Chief Marketing Officer, Home Depot

TrishMueller Trish Mueller is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer for The Home Depot. She is responsible for the strategic branding and advertising direction of The Home Depot and its subsidiaries. Trish joined The Home Depot in 2009 as Vice President of Advertising. Prior to that she was Senior Vice President, Advertising and Marketing for The Sports Authority. Trish’s retail background includes senior officer marketing management roles at American Signature, a $1 billion-plus furniture chain, and the ShopNBC home shopping network. She began her career at Montgomery Ward, where over a 15-year period she held positions of increasing responsibility in merchandising, field operations and marketing. In 2011, Trish was named one of Ad Age’s “Women to Watch,” and included in The Atlanta Business Journal’s “Women of Excellence.” She also was selected as “Woman of the Year” by the Georgia Diversity Council for her motivational work with young women in middle school, promoting the need for scholastic excellence. Follow her @mueller_trish

Trish Mueller’s Top Trends

  1. “Talk to the Hand” – More than ever, Mobile is at the center of the brand marketing toolkit.
  2. Social is Ubiquitous – Big brands will comprehend and embrace the need to let customers and employees drive the Social conversation.
  3. Tech Tipping Point – Better, faster, and cheaper technology solutions are driving big change in the marketing practice.

Bennett Porter
VP Marketing Communications, Survey Monkey

BennettPorter Bennett Porter joined SurveyMonkey in May 2011. Previously, she was VP, Marketing of Yahoo!’s Emerging Markets practice, overseeing all marketing functions in Southeast Asia, South America, India, the Middle East and Africa. Bennett also managed the Yahoo! Buzz Marketing team and developed award-winning programs for non-traditional marketing. Nowadays, Porter and her team spend their time thinking about how to make the world a better, more informed place one survey at a time. Prior to all these shenanigans, she worked at Ogilvy and Manning, Selvage and Lee in New York City. Bennett received a BA in English from The Colorado College and a MS from the SI Newhouse School of Public Communications at Syracuse University.

Bennett Porter’s Top Trends

  1. Information will build brands. Traditionally, brand marketers focus on building brands by clearly building visions, mission statements, logos, attributes and guidelines. Today, the information available about your brand will have just as much of an effect on brand perception as your perfectly pruned brand asset library. Whether its proprietary research you know about your customers or reviews about your brand online available to everyone, information will be transformative to brands and our jobs.
  2. B2B businesses will spend as much time building their brand as traditional consumer businesses. While there are some break out business to business brands – GE, Intel, Oracle — come to mind, most B2B brands don’t spend time nurturing brand. And, according to a Fall 2013 McKinsey study, those that do build brand messages that don’t match what their customers value most. This will change. You’ll see B2B brands spending time and money nurturing their brand and making sure it resonates with their customers.
  3. Mobile-only brands will start to germinate. Recent Pew Research data found that there are 6% of Americans that are mobile-only. Not mobile dominant, but mobile ONLY. No computer, no home phone, just their phone. Think back to the first crop internet brands — eBay, Yahoo!, Amazon — and the impact they’ve had on brand marketing and the world as we know it. Now, think about what could be around the corner as marketers start to build brands for a world solely driven by the device in your pocket. Exciting!

Deb Radcliff
Senior VP Marketing, West Marine

Deb Radcliff Deb Radcliff joined West Marine in April 2013 as Senior Vice President of Marketing. In this role, Deb is responsible for leading West Marine’s strategic marketing direction, accountable for strengthening and evolving all aspects of the West Marine brand, internal and external communications and omni-channel marketing programs for both B2B and B2C. Prior to joining West Marine, Deb was Sr. Director of Marketing for The Home Depot and Vice President of Marketing for Sports Authority. In both organizations, she oversaw and directed all aspects of the marketing programs, leading the development of integrated marketing plans, leveraging new insights, best practices, innovative executions and media integrations to create growth, improve financial performance and gain competitive advantage.

Deb Radcliff’s Top Trends

Martine Reardon
Chief Marketing Officer, Macy’s

MartineReardon Martine Reardon was named Macy’s Chief Marketing Officer in February 2012. Previously, she was executive vice president for marketing since February 2009. From 2007 to 2009, Reardon was executive vice president, national marketing strategy, events and public relations for Macy’s Corporate Marketing. Reardon began her retail career in special events at Federated Department Stores’ Abraham & Straus division in 1984. Among her other roles were operating vice president, director of media for Abraham & Straus, senior vice president of marketing and sales promotion for New York-based Macy’s East, and executive vice president of Macy’s East, including responsibility for the Home Store.

Martine Reardon’s Top Trends

Jennifer Sey
Chief Marketing Officer, Levi’s Brand, Levi Strauss & Co.

JenniferSey Jennifer Sey was named chief marketing officer of Levi’s in June 2013. She joined the company in 1999 and has served as senior vice president of marketing at sister brand Dockers and vice president of global marketing for Levi’s. Sey is said to have led the global re-introduction of the Dockers brand and the re-launch of the Levi’s 501 jean during this time. Prior to joining Levi’s she had stints at Banana Republic and advertising agency FCB. Follow her @JenniferSey

Jennifer Sey’s Top Trends

  1. Relinquish Control: brands are co-created with consumers today. The days when marketers 100% controlled the meanings of brands are over. Have an aspiration in mind, assert core values, and let the consumer in to build it with you.
  2. Personalize the message: one size fits all controlled messaging is a thing of the past. Consumers expect the message to be tailored to their preferences. Conversion will be driven off of personalization. Without it, we’re talking at the consumer and not with them.
  3. Love your CIO/CTO: Insight, information, customization, personalization, mobile, CRM etc … all require a deep and abiding understanding of the technology that fuels them. A marketer that doesn’t lean heavily into a partnership with her IT friends will be ineffective

Ashley Sheetz
Chief Marketing Officer, Gamestop

AshleySheetz Ashley Sheetz serves as the CMO of GameStop. In this role, she oversees consumer insights, marketing, promotions and loyalty functions, and serves as a member of the company’s strategic planning group. Since joining GameStop in 2008, Ashley has focused on delivering consumer-centric strategies for the organization, launching new product lines and store concepts, integrating new acquisitions, leveraging new marketing technologies and driving the integration of cross-channel programs that promote GameStop’s unique value proposition and enhance the customer experience. Throughout Ashley’s 20 year career, she has proven herself to be a strategic marketing leader that delivers results. She was recently awarded the Brand Innovator’s 40 Under 40 Award and Top CMO by D CEO magazine. Under her leadership, GameStop has received numerous industry awards for its achievements in advertising, digital, social media and CRM, and GameStop has consistently been ranked by Interbrand as one of the top 50 most valuable retail brands. Prior to joining GameStop, she worked at several leading advertising agencies, including Publicis, Temerlin McClain, DDB and TracyLocke on brands including American Airlines, T.G.I.Friday’s and Omni Hotels.

Ashley Sheetz’s Top Trends

  1. Convergence: Independent mobile strategies and social strategies will be a thing of the past. Channels and platforms will converge. Successful organizations will spend more energy around engagement strategies that cross channels.
  2. Mass personalization: One-size-fits-all campaign-style approaches will take a back seat to personal and relevant communications – the right message at the right time in the right place.
  3. Digital disruption: Technology will continue to change the lives of consumers and marketers at a rapid pace. Companies that leverage technology to deliver relevant customer engagements and great customer experiences will have a strong competitive advantage. New marketing disciplines like marketing technologists and data scientists will become commonplace on marketing org charts.

Nancy Smith
American Express, Vice President, Global Media Alliances, Development & Social Media Marketing

NancySmith Nancy Smith leads the development of innovative digital initiatives and business alliances with key media partners. She is responsible for advancing American Express’ digital brand strategy, presence, and evolution in the social media space. During her 18-year career at the company, Smith has led global media advertising, integrated content and digital strategy, and spearheaded the first experiential marketing programs. Smith has served on the boards of the Advertising Educational Foundation, International Advertising Association and the Association of National Advertisers and has received numerous industry recognitions, including AdAge’s “Media Maven,” and Advertising Women of New York’s “Changing the Game, Quantam Leap.” Follow her @coca71

Nancy Smith’s Top Trends

  1. We need to move from storytelling to story-making. Content is everywhere, but in order for it to really leave a mark and earn loyalty, it must create an authentic interaction with customers and move away from just episodic content to a sustained commitment to building a meaningful relationship with consumers.
  2. In this age of marketing clutter, marketers need to be authentic and transparent. Consumers can quickly tell if a brand is not, and the impact can be substantial.
  3. As marketers move to become creators, we need to develop new business models for the development of content that reflect the need for scale, efficiency, speed and customer-first focus.

Susan Song
VP Brand Marketing, Getty Images

SusanSong Bio for Susan Song to come
Follow her @susanjsong

Susan Song’s Top Trends

Juliana Stock
VP of Product and Innovation, A+E Networks

JuliannaStock Juliana Stock joined A+E Network’s Technology department in February 2013 to lead the Strategy & Innovation (S&I) team as the VP of Product and Innovation. S&I focuses on using technology and innovative solutions as a means to grow revenue and optimize profitability. Before that, she was the founding head of Condé Nast’s innovation team, iPG (The Interactive Product Group), where she oversaw efforts to create new products and businesses through emerging and disruptive trends and strategic partnerships. While there, iPG developed and launched Idea Flight, Idea Flight Enterprise, Santa’s Hideout, the Condé Nast Collection for Win8, Fashion Hazard and Teen Vogue Me Girl, among others. Juliana was also the founding General Manager of Gourmet Live and served as the Creative Marketing Director within Condé Nast Consumer Marketing for six years where she developed acquisition marketing and partnership programs for the entire brand portfolio. Prior to joining Condé Nast in 2002, Juliana held various marketing positions at The Magazine of La Cucina Italiana, G+J USA Publishing and MemberWorks. Follow her @jmkstock

Juliana Stock’s Top Trends

  1. Narratives & Storytelling: The brand messages that will continue to resonate with audiences (think Dove Real Beauty) will have a cohesive narrative / story that is authentic to who and what they are. Serious organizations will start to resource content marketing development internally.
  2. Short Form Content: The short form creators will be the next marketing rock stars; the ability to distill a meaningful message into 15 or fewer seconds will be in-demand on both the agency and brand side.
  3. More Experimentation: We’ll see more brands experimenting and partnering in areas outside their wheelhouse to bring more value to audiences, extend reach and build upon/enhance their data.
  4. CMO + CTO/CIO = Better Together: In many of these areas, marketers will need to closely partner with their technology counterparts to align and define strategy, execution and evolution.

Meryl Truffelman Macune
Vice President of Global Digital Marketing for Estée Lauder

MerylTruffelmanMacune Meryl Truffelman Macune is currently the Vice President of Global Digital Marketing for Estée Lauder. Upon joining Estée Lauder, Meryl oversaw the Fragrance and Skincare categories in North America until taking on the entrepreneurial role of building the Global digital organization for the Estée Lauder brand. Her leadership in brand marketing, digital and social has led to numerous consumer campaign successes as well as industry recognitions. Over the last years, Estee Lauder has consistently ranked in the top Genius category in L2’s Beauty Digital IQ index study. Meryl is a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania and received her MBA from NYU’s Stern School of Business.

Meryl Truffelman Macune’s Top Trends

  1. The rise of wearable devices and shift towards phablets will increasingly displace the smartphone as we know it today.
  2. Social media will finally prove to deliver a ROI as more effective targeting and segmentation becomes possible within social media platforms.
  3. As we become more and more reliant on our personal devices to connect, there will be a movement towards moments of disconnect in order to truly reconnect with those around us.

Kerry Tucker
Executive Vice President, Marketing, Victoria’s Secret

JenniferKnowlesKerry Tucker is responsible for the marketing of all Victoria’s Secret products including lingerie, beauty, swim, sport and PINK, across all channels – stores and direct. She is responsible for the holistic view of long and short-term customer marketing strategies across the brand. Her responsibilities include branding, CRM, analytics, promotions, social, mobile, email, emerging media and advertising. Prior to Victoria’s Secret, Tucker spent three years at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, where she served as the Senior Vice President, Partner Marketing, creating marketing campaigns for national advertisers across all MSLO media properties including print, digital, television and radio. She also directed all marketing for the Martha Stewart branded products sold at The Home Depot, Macy’s, PetSmart, Michael’s, Staples and JCPenney.