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Turning Big Data Into Small Data

Big data was last year’s trend. Now that marketers have access to so much information about their customers, their interests have turned to the “small data.” That means a more organized and focused approach so that it yields new opportunities and better workflows across departments. Rather than gathering all the data in the world, marketers want the insights that uncover new trends worth exploring. And the most engaged marketers want it all in real time because that is how we unlock growth as an industry. Social is now the Swiss Army knife of marketing; it is a PR tool, an ad platform, an advocacy platform, a customer service tool, a feedback loop…and it continues to evolve. That is why today’s savvy brand marketers are putting social at the center of their marketing plans. But how are they using it? What are their biggest challenges? And how does social marketing address those challenges?

In this video, you’ll see how these cutting edge brand marketers are asking more from their data and shaking up the industry in the process.

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