February 21, 2013

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Brandon Gutman


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Marc Sternberg



Social Media, New York, February 21, 2013


Breakfast — Hosted by Sprinklr



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-chair, Mason Nelder, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy, Verizon
Co-chair: Gregg Weiss, VP/Business Leader, Social Media, US Digital Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide


Consumer Engagement: The Holy Grail

Consumer Engagement (CE) — building longterm relationships and brand loyalty — has long been considered the holy grail of marketing. Digital media and advertising technology — including digital video advertising, social media, content marketing, Big Data and analytics — have taken the concept of CE to new heights. How are leading brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands leveraging the Internet, technology, and cutting edge consumer electronics to engage more closely with their consumers? What’s at stake for brands in the battle for share of mind and share of market? What’s your strategy?

Moderator: Anna OBrien, Director of Strategy, Sprinklr
Mike Ma, Chief Growth Officer, Betterment
George G. Smith, Jr., Director of Digital Marketing, Rémy Cointreau USA





Social Networks Come of Age

It’s been nearly a decade since the social network phenomenon sparked a whole new communications eco-sytem, however, brands are just now starting to figure out how to leverage Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. The truth is that all audiences are not created equal, and different platforms create different opportunities for engagement, targeting, and optimizing your customer acquisition funnel. Hear first-hand how leading brands are maximizing their ROI on social networks.

Moderator: James Malins, VP of Cross Channel Solutions, Adconion Direct
Jason John, VP Online, Mobile, Social Marketing at Gilt Groupe
Farryn Weiner, Global Director of Social Media, Michael Kors
Mason Nelder, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy, Verizon


Networking Break — Hosted by Adconion Direct



Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath


Success Story — Community Management

AMD set out to generate social media traction in India, one of their fastest emerging markets. By partnering with Dynamic Signal, they were able to garner more than likes and followers, they created a community of influencers eager to share AMD’s brand message across the social web. Learn directly from Dynamic Signal’s Chief Marketing Officer, Ajay Ramachandran, and AMD’s Social Media Manager, Jon Peters, how they accomplished this feat, and best practices for how your brand can create a unified community/content hub to attract all of your existing and potential social media following.

Jon Peters, Manager, Social Media, AMD
Ajay Ramachandran, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Signal


Keynote — Organizing for Social

Mark Bonchek, Chief Catalyst, ORBIT+Co., Former SVP, Communities and Networks, Sears Holdings Corporation

It’s hard to put social media into an org chart. Does it belong in Marketing? Communications? Customer Service? E-Commerce? Should it be centralized to create a center of excellence, or decentralized to be closer to the field? Should it be kept in-house to build capability, or contracted out to access experience and expertise. There aren’t any easy answers, but there are some new ways of thinking. In this provocative talk, Mark Bonchek, PhD will share his latest research published on Harvard Business. Beyond the usual case studies and best practices, the talk will deliver insights drawn from organizations as diverse as the Navy Seals, TEDx and the Agile software movement. Find out how to make your organization social and achieve empowerment, alignment and engagement.


Lunch — Hosted by MediaMath


Keynote — DKNY PR Girl’s Ten Commandments of Social Media

Aliza Licht, SVP, Global Communications, Donna Karan International


Unleashing the Power of Social Media to Build your Advocacy Network

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date. For the first time ever, consumers have a voice and the ability to establish an open and meaningful dialogue with their favorite brands. This new relationship has created a powerful tool and opportunity for brand marketers to build rapport, engage, and collaborate with their most loyal consumers on a 1:1 basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The end game: turning your most avid fans into advocates, influencers, and brand ambassadors, to spread the word and provide first hand references for your brand. What are the secrets for engaging these “mavens and connectors” and what’s the upside in terms of building your customer base? Learn from the best.

Moderator: Brandon Evans, CEO, Crowdtap
Gabriel Sperber, Global Marketing Director, WeatherBeeta Dublin
Steven Tedjamulia, Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Dell
Gregg Weiss, VP/Business Leader, Social Media, US Digital Marketing, MasterCard Worldwide


Keynote — Secrets of Superbrands

Bradley Howard, Head of Digital Media, Endava

Learn how some of the World’s biggest superbrands use social media so successfully. Bradley Howard, leading digital media strategist and advisor to superbrands across sports, media and financial services, will cover the most successfully best practices through case studies, and share thoughts on future opportunities. These case studies will cover customer service, social marketing as well as ground breaking, innovative uses for social media.


Networking Break — Hosted by Crowdtap


Content Marketing and Consumer Engagement

Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing segments of the digital media industry. From fashion and make-up, to cooking and soft drinks, to financial services and insurance, brands are discovering that original content is one of the most authentic and transparent ways to engage with their consumers. Meanwhile, consumers are finding content created by their favorite and most trusted brands to be extraordinarily informative and actionable. The real win, however, is when consumers share this content with their peers on email and across social networks and other community platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Learn how cutting edge brand marketers are leveraging original content and social media to boost the ROI on their marketing dollars.

Moderator: Kodi Foster, Sr. Director, Brand Initiatives
Josh Nafman, Sr. Digital Brand Manager, Pepsi TM, PepsiCo
Sarah Rogovin, Director, Marketing Capabilities, Mondelēz International
Meredith Rosenberg, Director of Digital Marketing and Brand Content, Morgans Hotel Group


Case Study — Dell Social Media Listening Command Center

Steven Tedjamulia, Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Dell


Gaming, Consumer Rewards and Loyalty Programs

Loyalty and rewards programs are not new. Electronic media, however, has created new and exciting social ways to increase consumer engagement by utilizing game mechanics or “gamification” to engage consumers, build loyalty, win prizes and have fun all at the same time! Get your game on.

Moderator: Gene Cornfeld, Chief Marketing Officer, CashStar


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception