Thursday, May 12, 2016

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Pearl Tam, Program Director, Brand Innovators

Event Chairperson: Spencer Ante, Editorial Director & VP Edelman Creative Newsroom, Edelman

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship


Keynote – Catching Consumers In-Stream: Leveraging Consumer Behavior to Build Better Creative

Jeannie Chu, Vice President, Social Media, Content & Digital Marketing, American Express

As social continues to mature, we have the opportunity to use consumer behavior to adapt and evolve creative.


Unleashing the Power of Social Media

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date.For the first time ever, consumers have a voice and the ability to establish an open and meaningful dialogue with their favorite brands. This new relationship has created a powerful tool and opportunity for brand marketers to build rapport and engage with their consumers on a 1:1 basis, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Social has also provided brands with the a platform for turning their most loyal and avid fans into advocates and brand ambassadors; influential consumers who then leverage their social media channels and provide first hand references for their favorite brands. How are the most successful brands in America successfully using social media to get a meaningful market advantage over their competitors? What’s the next big thing in social? How can social keep you at the top of your game? Learn from the best.

Christine Espinoza, Associate Director, Global Social Strategy, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Edwin Bragg, Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Shake Shack
Fiona Boyce, Director of Social Media & Brand Content, Commune Hotels & Resorts
Josh Karpf, Director, Social Marketing, Spotify


Connecting with Content

As Facebook marketing expert Mari Smith recently stated, “Content may be king, but engagement is Queen.” Authentic, original content enables brands to build trust with their consumers. The holy grail of content marketing, however, is to make it so compelling and engaging that consumers not only engage, but share it vis-à-vis social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, etc. — with their friends and families. How can you make meaningful emotional connections with content? What makes consumers want to share content? What are the secrets of winning with content? You heard it here first. Now tell a friend.

Moderator: Kate Garofalini, Director of Marketing, Dstillery

Spencer Ante, Editorial Director & VP Edelman Creative Newsroom, Edelman
Ben Butler, Global Content Director, Stella Artois, Anheuser-Busch InBev
Kim Kyaw, Head of Digital, Social & CRM, Jaguar Land Rover North America
Nilay Shah, Director, Digital & Social Media, New York Football Giants


The Power of Social Listening: Predicting the Oscars and Powering Your Brand

Sean Chauhan, Content Marketing Manager, NetBase
Ted Tagalakis, Director of Marketing Science and Digital/Social Strategy, Ames Scullin O’Haire Advertising


Networking Break


Leveraging Consumer Generated Content and the Next Wave of Brand Experience

Social media is transforming how consumers interact with brands and express their “brand enthusiasm.” Nowhere is this more evident than in the proliferation of user generated content — including pictures and video — featuring consumers sharing their experiences with their favorite products and brands. How are brands capturing these images and encouraging consumers to continue to post? How are brands driving sales though this new channel? Do these types of consumer “endorsements represent the next wave of marketing in the digital era? Move over Spielberg and make room for the next generation of film makers!

Kaitlin Barton, Director of Marketing, Califia Farms
Ashley Butler, Social Media Strategist, Chobani
Beatriz Fernandez, Social Media/eCommerce Marketing Manager, Hyatt Union Square New York
Shannon Otto, Manager, Global Social Media, Clinique
Alana Visconti, Social Media Manager, Hello Products


Success Story

Chris Brown, Director of Product Marketing, Snaps


Tapping The Social Data Gold Mine

The growing gold mine of new consumer data made accessible to marketers through an ever increasing array of social networks — Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Whisper, Vine — is supposed to be a treasure trove of insights to make marketers smarter and marketing more effective. But successfully making use of that data first means answering a lot of questions, like what data matters and what you want to do with it, and building new teams with the right skill sets, including data scientists, analysts, engineers and creatives.

It’s not just about tracking and metrics either; as marketers really listen to what consumers are saying, that data can be used to inform offline and online creative, content development, and messaging strategy.

This panel will explore the intersection of social + data and how top tier brands and marketers have tackled these challenges to gain new insights into their consumers to personalize messaging, inform their creative and content marketing strategies, measure the impact of social, and use a combination of paid and earned media to take their efforts to the next level.

Moderator: Whitney Hillyer, Senior Director, Customer Success, Bitly

Edlynne Laryea, Social Media Lead, Worldwide Digital Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson
Richard Ng, Senior Vice President, Insights and Intelligence, Edelman
Christina Savvas, Marketing Director, Global Advertising & Brand Management, Social Content and Digital Brand, American Express
Nancy Warman, Senior Director, Digital & Social Media Marketing, SAP


Keynote – Beyond the Like: Creating Truly Remarkable Social Media Experiences to Stand out from the Crowd

Ben Blakesley, Senior Manager, Global Social Media, Reebok

Social media marketing has matured. Creating great content and building relationships with consumers online is as important as ever, but it’s no longer novel to be on social platforms. It takes more to break through and get noticed by your audience in an effort to compete for their attention and build those valuable relationships.




Keynote – My Resolutions for 2016

Edlynne Laryea, Social Media Lead, Worldwide Digital Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson


Rethinking Internal Communications in Age of Social

High-performing organizations make internal communications and Employee Advocacy a priority. They know an informed and engaged workforce makes for a more successful organization, which creates a culture of advocacy. Dan Barnhardt, Director of Global Communications at Infor, will share the success of their Employee Advocacy program, which is generating new business and creating a shift in internal communications and employee engagement for the company.

Dan Barnhardt, Director, Global Communications, Infor, Dynamic Signal
Jordan Shultz, VP Sales, Dynamic Signal


Keynote – Selling versus Sharing

Kaitlin Barton, Director of Marketing, Califia Farms

The distance between us and our consumers with a computer in between is a lot smaller when we make sure that we’re a good friend. Over Califia Farms’ three-year journey on social media, we’ve prioritized being human, being funny, and being accessible – not selling, because your friends aren’t selling to you online, they’re sharing their lives with you. They’re sharing their ups and downs, their big events, their stories – and that’s our guiding light as a brand committed to sharing the digital love in innovative ways.


Navigating Social Media in the Age of Pay-to-Play

Marketers have known for some time that organic reach is increasingly limited on social media and that their brands have to pay up if they want to engage with their target audience. But is organic social reach really dead? Much of the upset has been fueled by Forrester research from October 2013, which began by saying that “Facebook is failing marketers” because it creates less business value than any other digital marketing opportunity. It came as no surprise then that this is the year Facebook transitioned to a pay-to-play model. So, how can brands avoid being crowded out of social platforms as algorithms give more and more priority to paid content? It’s the experience and the content that count. Affinity, advocacy and action – these outcomes cannot be bought, rather they are interactions that are earned. Hear perspectives from the experts as they debate the fundamental marketing challenges presented by social media, whether they’re changing in the age of pay-to-play, and the role organic content still plays in the evolving social ecosystem.

Moderator: Pete Borum, CEO, Reelio

Efrain Ayala, Senior Social Media & Mobile Manager, RB
Keith Gormley, Director, Social Media Management, Prudential Financial
Morgan Greco, Vice President, Social Media and Fan Engagement, A+E Networks
Kimberly Konstant, Senior Director, Brand Engagement, Sundial Brands
Beth Reilly, Head of Global Consumer Engagement at Motorola


Networking Break


Keynote – The Total Brand Experience: A 360º Approach to Integrating Social Media into Campaign Strategy

Nicole Portwood, VP Brand Marketing, Tito’s Vodka

Social media is not a standalone consideration when mapping the fan experience. It’s part of the complex, cohesive journey consumers take when they engage with your brand. Closing the loop and paying off their investment in brand experiences is vital to maintaining relationships and the sense of delight core to the development of true brand loyalty.


Keynote – “The new rules of engagement – how digital marketers must evolve.”

Tami Cannizzaro, Head of Marketing, eBay Enterprise, eBay

Many marketing organizations are reluctant to change and have not kept pace with the dramatic change in customer buying habits. On the whole we still spend the bulk of our budgets on product marketing, traditional media and trade show events despite a dramatic change in how consumers build brand perception and find a path to purchase. Today’s consumer relies on their peer network to make connections and less on branded messages directed at the consumer. How in this new world can marketers connect in a meaningful way and embrace digital and social media to build real connections and drive revenue.


Keynote – True Confessions

George Faulkner, Social Brand Marketing, IBM

George Faulkner – global Social Brand Marketing Lead for IBM – will discuss some interesting realities uncovered in the IBM social brand marketing space in 2015. What did the company do to address these? With a firm belief in the power of organic social, deep standards, guidelines, and strategic programs, and the fact that IBM is best experienced through the IBMer, you would think overseeing the IBM social footprint and driving engagement would be fairly straightforward work. Add to that the fact that all meaningful social performance data is public, what’s the problem here? In this brief keynote, George will lay out a few 2015 discoveries and openly discuss actions taken as a result.


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