the summit

Brand Innovators Social Media and Emerging Technology is putting the media industry on review.

The social media phenomenon that has consumed the world over the past several years has transformed the way that brands communicate and interact with their consumers. This new ‘channel’ now represents the fastest growing segment of the advertising industry. Social media has also become a key driver of e-commerce, television, and games. Brand Innovators Social Media will provide brand marketers with best practices, case studies, and proof points, demonstrating how “best of breed” brands are leveraging social media.

the buzz

“In a sea of conferences fueled by pitches disguised as insight — brand innovators provides a respite where client-side peers can go to learn, refuel and be a part of a community. It’s been a long time coming.”

— Jordan Corredera, AVP E-Commerce Royal Caribbean International

“I was truly privileged to serve on a panel at the Brand Innovators Social Summit in NYC on February 15th. It was a great opportunity to share social practices with colleagues in a friendly setting. I am always amazed at the level and caliber of Brand Marketers who participate in these summits which speaks to the overall draw and influence of Brand Innovators.”

— Elaine Lawson, Vice President/Business Leader U.S. Digital Marketing , MasterCard Worldwide

“I was impressed with the degree of openness of the conversation. We got a great look ‘behind the curtain’ of how major companies like Coca-Cola, Sears and Gilt think about their media investment and communication strategy. That is something that really sets Brand Innovators apart from other conferences.”

— Elena Levitskaya, Brand Manager, Media Strategy and Digital Marketing, Dannon