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Eat, Drink and Debate the Top Five Trends for the New Year!

By every measure, 2015 was a vintage year for digital. Consumer adoption of new technologies and platforms, including social media and mobile, surged and consumption of original content for the Internet, user generated content, and branded entertainment online, continued to grow by double digits. Fortune 500 brands responded and invested billions more in digital media and advertising technology this year, trying to keep up with these changes in consumer behavior.

What are the major trends and opportunities that brand marketers need to know about for 2016? Join us at our Brand Innovators Napa Valley Retreat as we reflect on the year that was, and take a look at what’s in store for the New Year ahead.

Our invitation only event will be taking place at the historic Indian Springs Resort & Spa in Calistoga, Friday-Sunday, December 4-6. Known for the restorative powers of their mineral pools, fed by thermal water from local geysers, the resort has hosted innovators and visionaries for over 100 years. We have also organized inspirational wine tastings and pairings at some of the most prestigious estates and eating establishments in the Valley.

For additional information, please contact Brandon Gutman at, today.

We look forward to harvesting your thoughts and ideas with us in Napa!

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“I am excited to be a part of Brand Week Chicago 2015. Brands of all sizes are building new and innovative digital experiences every day. Events, like these from Brand Innovators, allows brands to share insights and lessons learned in an engaging and casual format with fellow marketers.”

— Carlos Faxas, Manager, eCommerce New Technology and Digital Concepts, United Airlines

“I have really valued the Brand Innovators experience. There are a lot of other brands represented, colleagues you can learn from and share best practices with and network with to become a better marketer.”

— Cheryl Gresham, Director of Media, Taco Bell Corp.

“As technology continues to fundamentally transform the brand-consumer relationship, Brand Innovators is one of the few events where I can take back learning that will have a direct and real impact on my business. I look forward to driving the discussion on how big brands and companies can keep pace with this transformation and continue to satisfy the consumer.”

— Ashwin Nathan, Sr. Director, Digital, E-commerce & D3 Studios, PepsiCo