Friday, July 17, 2015

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer
Event Chair: Frederick Crosby, Chief Revenue Officer, Western Union Digital
Host: Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, and author of Return on Relationship


Marketing to Millennials: The X Factor

Courting and marketing to Millennials, or consumers born after 1982, is not only important, but crucial to your brand’s long-term success. Millennials are the fastest growing generation on the planet and they will soon be the most influential. Over the next five years, retail industry analysts predict that these young consumers will have more purchasing power than any other generation. At the same time, they are still forming their opinions about different brands and determining brand loyalty and preferences. Finally, Millennials represent the first generation of digital “natives” or individuals who have grown up on the Internet and mobile devices. Understanding how and when and on what platform to reach these consumers has become a science in and of itself. It is essential that brands leverage all of the digital tools available them — including digital video advertising, mobile, social media, and content marketing — to build relationships with Gen Y and Gen X. Take a deep dive into all of the challenges and opportunities inherent in marketing to your next generation of consumers.

Moderator: Jonathan Gregg, Chief Revenue Officer, ShareThis

Brandon Rodríguez, Director, Global Innovation Marketing, Visa
Esther Lem, Chief Marketing Officer, Chegg
Greg McAllister, SVP Mobile Commerce, Capital One
Tim Hannan, Chief Marketing Officer, GoGobot


Keynote — Omni Channel & The Story of Western Union’s Transformation

Frederick Crosby, Chief Revenue Officer, Western Union Digital


Millennial Consumer Panel

Unlike prior generations, millennials are mobile-first, tech savvy consumers who are also highly diverse, educated and have strong opinions on politics and social issues. Millennial brand loyalty is important and is earned based on quality products and services, a positive experience and a company’s social responsibility. We’ve assembled a panel of millennial consumers to hear firsthand about their mobile behaviors and what they expect from brands to be loyal, engaged customers.

Moderator: Karen O’Brien, Vice President, Global Social Media, Western Union

Diana Mabie, Lead Social Media Manager, Social Control
Alysse Esmail, Senior Manager, Media & Engagement, WCG World
Zach Galehouse, Associate,


Networking Break


Behind The Scenes at Western Union

Moderator: Frederick Crosby, Chief Revenue Officer, Western Union Digital

Michael Fenech, Vice President, Global Social Media, Western Union
Abhinav Gupta, Director of Product Management – Mobile and Web at WesternUnion
Praveen Rao, Director – Global Head of Customer Strategy, Western Union
Nidhi Gupta, Sr. Marketing Manager, Western Union



AnnMarie Baba, Senior Manager – Campaign Marketing, Adobe



Pernille Bruun-Jensen, Chief Marketing Officer, NetBase




Keynote — 2015 Millennial Brand Ranking Report

Join us for the debut of our latest research on the Millennial generation. Building on two years of surveys and panels with this important influencer target, the 2015 Millennial Brand Ranking Report demonstrates which brands are connecting with Millennials and which ones aren’t, no matter how much they spend on advertising.

Norty Cohen, CEO and Founder, Moosylvania


Keynote — Why Experiences Matter

Katelyn Watson, VP of Marketing, IfOnly


How Millennials Shop: Exploring New Habits in Mobile, Commerce, and Retail

Nearly 80 percent of millennials own a smartphone, yet 63 percent of them don’t have a credit card. The first mobile generation is upending everything we know about shopper behavior, as they use their devices to shop smarter, faster and cheaper. This session will explore trends related to how millennials shop, including mobile wallets, mobile advertising options and how innovative retailers are changing the paradigm by embracing them in creative ways throughout the ecosystem where they spend no less than half of their time online.

Moderator: Stephen Howard-Sarin, Head of North America Display Advertising, eBay

Dre Madden, Director of Global Marketing, Display & Mobile, OpenTable
Aaron Magness, Chief Marketing Officer, Betabrand
Kristina Salcido, Shopper Marketing Manager, Starbucks


Closing Remarks