Wednesday, September 30, 2015

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Brandon Gutman


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Marc Sternberg







Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Event Chairperson: Tara Levine, EVP & Chief Marketing Officer, Deutsch


Opening Remarks

Anush Prabhu, Partner and Chief Channel Planning and Investment Officer, Deutsch


Digital Mega-Trends Circa 2015: How Social, Mobile, Content, Video and Data Drive Brand Marketing

2015 is turning out to be a watershed year for the marketing and media industries as digital media and emerging technologies continue to drive every aspect of brand marketing and the marketing funnel in general. At once, social media is changing how brand build 1:1 relationships with their consumers; mobile is becoming the platform of choice for consuming media and entertainment, and E-commerce; brands are publishing more original content than ever; digital video continues to challenge television; big ‘Big Data’ is evolving into ‘Small Data’ and ‘Purposeful Data,’ as brand marketers get their arms around how to use data to fuel their advertising messages. Lean in and learn how today’s foremost brand marketers are using tech to drive ROI in every aspect of their business.

Moderator: Spencer Scott, Chief Revenue Officer, Fiksu

Andrea Bernhardt, Director of Digital & Media, RB
Jackson Jeyanayagam, Director of Digital Marketing, Chipotle Mexican Grill
Joshua Nafman, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing & Digital, KIND
Jason Thalappillil, Director, Digital Engagement Group, Digital Strategy & Content, PepsiCo
Kathleen Kayse, VP Sales Strategy and Solutions, Yahoo!


Trend Spotting: The Visual Web: The Rise Of The Visual Web. And Why It’s Changing Everything (again) For Marketers

Only got a few minutes to consume something as massive as the visual web? You’re in the right place! Here’s what you need to know about our GumGum and Brand Innovators study in a form you can digest faster than you can share a selfie with your BFF.

John Weisgerber, John Weisgerber, SVP Sales, GumGum


See and Be Seen: The Impact of the “Visual Web” on Brand Marketing

The Visual Web is all around us. The ubiquity of smart phones and photo sharing applications such as Pinterest and Instagram empower us to communicate visually like never before. Consumers are forming brand affinities and making purchase decisions based on what they see, not just what they read and hear.

What does the Visual Web really mean in the context of consumer marketing? How is it defined and why does it matter? What is the best way to utilize it? What does it mean socially and economically? Who are the most influential and scalable solution providers and how are they segmented? What data lies beneath images and digital video and how accessible is it to marketers?

These and other questions will be answered to help industry stakeholders fully understand the opportunity images represent to the future of marketing and business.

Moderator: John Weisgerber, John Weisgerber, SVP Sales, GumGum

Ben Collier, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Leading Hotels of the World
Ryan Fishman, Interactive Marketing Manager, 1800Flowers
Misha Talavera, Chief Marketing Officer, NeoReach
Steven Tristan Young, VP Growth Marketing, Grubhub



Lee Nadler, Marketing Communications Manager, MINI USA


Networking Break


Rethink Employee Communications: Adapting to the Digital Age

High-performing organizations make employee communications a priority. They know an engaged workforce makes for a more successful organization, but is it time to rethink what employee communications can be in the digital era? Many organizations have found that traditional methods of employee communications, such as email and intranet, are now proving ineffective. Their employees feel disconnected from the company’s story and don’t have the ability to be the brand. What if your employees could see all the latest company information in one place, on mobile, with a click-to-share social capability? Not only would your employees be informed, but they would help share you company’s brand through peer-to-peer social. This is what the new employee communications looks like in the digital age.

Moderator: Pavey Purewal, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Signal

Wendi Smith, Managing Director, Agency Communications & Content Lead, Mindshare
Ami Chitwood, Sr. Manager, Marketing & Communications, Social Media, Deloitte Services LP
Bart Casabona, Director, Social Media, Pitney Bowes


How to Reach Millions of Millennials of Messaging

Vivian Rosenthal, Founder, Snaps


Tell A Great Story, Make An Emotional Connection & Enhance … Don’t Interrupt

Steve Sommers, VP Marketing at Under Armour will briefly discuss how the Brand connects with athletes.


Trend Spotting — Marketing and Communications Strategy Through The Lens Of Consumers’ Jobs To Be Done

This session will cover how brand marketers and strategists can unlock new sources of growth by uncovering a brand’s true competitive set, identifying underserved market segments, and consequently redefine the rules of the game. The solution relies on a better understanding of the intersection of consumers’ moods, motives, and behaviors along the path to purchase. During this session, Ryan Rasmussen, Sr Director of Halverson Group, will walk attendees through the process for how to uncover these insights, and articulate why such thinking will be fundamental to brand strategy in the next 20 years.

Ryan Rasmussen, Sr. Director, Halverson Group


Connecting The Dots: The Future of eCommerce & Retail

Shoppers now expect seamless inventory visibility and synchronized customer support both in-store and online, as they increasingly engage with retailers via mobile, both in-store and on the path to purchase. Today’s most savvy retailers understand these changing dynamics and the power of their physical locations to drive ecommerce growth and how discovery online can drive traffic back to stores. After taking stock of the latest omni-channel retailing trends, we’ll challenge our panelists for their predictions on what engaging and retaining customers will look like in the not-so-distant future.

Moderator: Patrizio Spagnoletto, Chief Marketing Officer, SteelHouse

Tracy Chavez, National Media Director, JCPenney
Cindy Chen, Global Head of eCommerce, Mondelez International
Amanda Greenberg, Head of e-Commerce, KIND
Anurag Kadyan, Sr. Director, eCommerce and Digital Marketing, Tourneau




Keynote — The Need for Insights and Analytics in Marketing Today and How it Can Drive Success for a Brand

Tracy Chavez, National Media Director, JCPenney

Q&A by Jon Suarez-Davis, ‎Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, Krux Digital


POV — The Urban Legend of Social Media Marketing

As social marketing evolves into a mandatory effort for brands, the social landscape is constantly shifting. Exponential growth has pushed the ‘feed frenzy’ louder than ever while social powerhouses are aggressively moving to monetize their platforms. With never-ending algorithm changes that diminish organic reach by the day, brands are forced into a paid media corner just to engage the community they have spent the past decade building. As marketers are quickly discovering, there are serious flaws in current social marketing strategies: we are experiencing the death of earned media and it’s time for brands to rethink how they build engaged communities. In this session, attendees will learn how to socialize their owned properties, apps and events by creating their own, highly engaging social experiences. Early adopter success stories, technologies, and best practices for these new strategies will be covered in the session.

Jenna Langer, VP, Product Marketing, Livefyre


Success Story — How Mobile is Unlocking Omni-Channel Especially TV

Accurately determining if your omni-channel campaign is driving Tune-in and/or your TV advertising is driving consumers to physical world locations is a marketers holy grail. During this fireside chat you will learn how NinthDecimal and TiVo have partnered to offer marketers with an omni-channel measurement solution that provides the data and insights needed to understand the true effectiveness of your marketing spend.

Moderator: David Staas, President, NinthDecimal

Frank Foster, SVP and General Manager, TiVo Research and Analytics
Mark Loughney, VP Research, Turner Emerging Consumers Ad Sales, Turner Broadcasting System


Keynote — Hearts, Minds and Burgers: How Burger King is creating brand love

Burger King has been in the market since 1954. The Whopper sandwich, its most famous product and America’s favorite burger, is an icon in the fast food industry. But how to stay relevant these days? How to keep connecting to people at a deeper level? This presentation will touch on how Burger King is working to differentiate itself in the very competitive quick service restaurant environment. Topics like consistent thru clarity of purpose, brand behavior and risk taking will be discussed and showcased as part of some of the recent successful activities of the brand such as Proud Whopper, Big King Tattoo, and Peace Day Burger. And, yes, you can have fries with that.

Fernando Machado, SVP, Global Brand Management, Burger King


Macro Marketing and Media Trends 2015

This session will tap the minds of leading brand marketers as we explore the biggest marketing and media trends confronting brand marketers today. What’s keeping these marketers up at night? What new technologies are they embracing? What are the major mega-trends that they are focusing on in 2016 and beyond? Be the first hear about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for these influential brand marketers.

Moderator: Candice Faktor, Head of Business, Wattpad

Susan Allen, Head of Innovation, Schwan’s Consumer Brands
Jennifer Bazante, EVP Marketing, Humana
Fernando Machado, SVP, Global Brand Management, Burger King
Jon Potter, CMO & EVP Brands, Moet Hennessy USA
Steve Sommers, VP, Global Brand Marketing, Under Armour


Networking Break


Trend Spotting — Making The Moment Count

The concept of Moment Marketing is a strategic movement of the web. People live their lives in Moments. The growth of the web and mobile are exponentially increasing the number of Moments. Brands want to own the Moment. Every Moment is an opportunity to connect. But what makes up a Moment? What makes the Right Moment? And how can brands harness the power of the Moments? Shirlene Chandrapal, SVP, Strategic Business Development for Amobee Brand Intelligence, explores what Makes a Moment Count.

Shirlene Chandrapal, SVP, Strategic Business Development for Amobee Brand Intelligence


Trend Spotting — Taking Digital Intelligence Offline

In a world where you’re more likely to walk into a pole than look up from your screen, billboards and outdoor advertising may seem like a relic of the past. They may be bold and artistic, but billboards don’t offer the same intelligence of a digital ad and there is no way to measure their effectiveness. Until now. Billboards and other outdoor signage now have the ability to capture the same intel usually garnered with precision from online advertising. This session will cover how to bring digital insights, optimization, and analytics to notoriously offline assets.

Lauren Moores, Vice President Strategy, Dstillery




Mobility and Emerging Media: What’s Next?

2014 was the year of mobile innovation, moving beyond just apps and ads, mobile now means tapping into location data to make everything you do personalized and relevant. Mobile can mean connected cars, wearable technology, and anonymous social apps – depending on who you ask. Mobile is no longer a screen we carry around in our pockets, but a home for our identity and an entirely new behaviors of opportunities, challenges, and behaviors that brands must considering. What’s next? What’s worth paying attention to and what’s not? And most importantly, how do marketers make sense of it all?

Moderator: Liza Blumenthal, RVP, Northeast Sales, Millennial Media

Hamilton Brown, Sr. Brand Director and Managing Director of Taco Bell Foundation, Taco Bell
Geoffrey Colon, Group Product Marketing Manager, Emerging Media, Microsoft
Adam Kmiec, Sr. Director, Mobile Social & Content Marketing, Walgreens
Brenden Schaefer, Marketing Director, Emerging Brands – Izze & O.N.E., PepsiCo


An Innovative Approach to Digital Targeting: Reduce Your CPA by NOT Targeting

Digital marketers using big data and predictive technology to accurately pinpoint exactly who they should target are finally realizing the promises of programmatic efficiencies. But waste is still a problem and marketers are struggling to eliminate impressions served to users who will never convert. This session will discuss a financial services company’s success in using big data and predictive analytics to precisely identify who NOT to target. Through a new targeting solution known as Audience Filtering, this company reduced cost per acquisition of existing direct response campaigns by 43%. Hear how this company implemented this people-based solution across digital channels, and measured the impact through a test and control methodology.

Jeremy Longinotti, Chief Operating Officer, TruSignal


Closing Keynote — Can you prove it? A modern approach to measuring brand impact

While the bar for ‘great marketing’ continues to rise, too often marketers are left to measure the impact of it with metrics that are either limited or lack credibility with upper management. This is particularly true of online content, communities and social programs where ‘success’ is regularly measured in Likes, Views, Clicks, and at best Engagement. Through a case study of a new community, AT&T will share how to demonstrate that brand and customer-support-focused programs drive tangible financial results; even making the most revenue-focused executives supportive of budgets for modern marketing.

John Starkweather, Executive Director, Digital Marketing, AT&T


It’s a wrap!