Monday, June 8, 2015

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Host: Ted Rubin, Social Media Strategist, Author of Return on Relationship, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators
Event Chair: Andrew Silver, Managing Director, MSLGROUP


Digital Trends 2015: the evolution of consumer experiences

Ivy Esquero, Senior Manager on the Global Insights Team, Microsoft

People all over the world are living digitally – at work, at home and everywhere in between. Microsoft’s Digital Trends 2015, curates our perspective on consumers’ expectations for digital and illuminates the current and future implications for brands. Each trend tells a story of the changing relationships toward technology and we’ve brought these insights together in a compelling way that helps advertisers understand the new rules for consumer experiences.


Digital 2015: Social, Content, and Data

As our practices evolve, ‘Big Data’ will become “Small Data” and “Purposeful Data.” The importance emphasis on content marketing will continue to increase, as brands establish newsrooms and devote more time and resources into producing original content on social, emerging, and traditional media. The mobile-first consumer gave way to the mobile first marketer, but how will that thinking change as we enter the era of the “always-connected?”

Moderator: Jared Hand, SVP, North America, Datorama

Christine Espinoza, Associate Director, Global & Brand Social Strategy, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Jay Mandel, Vice President, Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard
Gordon Meyer, Director, Digital Marketing, SiriusXM Radio Inc.
Hanan Wajih, Senior Brand Manager, BAND-AID® Brand


A Case Study on Virtual Reality with Mountain Dew

Dan LaCivita, Chief Executive Officer, Firstborn
Christine Ngo, Digital Marketing, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo


Connecting with Millennials and Gen Z through Entertainment and Compelling Content

Marketers have barely begun to figure out millennials, a generation so nuanced their media and consumer habits differ from each other, as much as they do from that of previous generations, but already, a new demographic has begun to emerge that will prove just as challenging: Gen Z. Key to engaging this new group of consumers is content. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. This panel will explore what we’ve learned about Millennials and Gen Z so far, through the lens of entertainment and content: Movies, Video, Music, Gaming and more.

Moderator: Ken Grosso, SVP of Global Sales, Livefyre

Evan Burns, Founder & CEO, The Odyssey
Mark Coleman, Vice President Music and Entertainment, Alex and Ani USA
KC Geen, Head of Global Social Media, Groupon
Jeff Geisler, CMO, Roc Nation
Christine Ngo, Digital Marketing, Mountain Dew, PepsiCo


Networking Break


Keynote – Employee Advocacy

Frank Guardi, Employee and Customer Advocacy Strategist, IBM


Get a Digital Marketing Quick Win With Employee Advocacy

88% of companies are going through digital marketing transformations. They’re trying to adapt to the digital customer mindset, which can be a long, complex process. What you need is a quick win and to create momentum. Now you can kickstart that transformation and drive revenue and engagement with your best advocates – your employees. Employee Advocacy lets employees receive and post company-approved content to their social networks. And when you include employees in your social media strategy, you can expand your network by 10x. Since people listen more to their social connections (those they trust) than to official marketing campaigns, you can increase content engagement by 700x and brand awareness by 14x. Come and learn how our proven Employee Advocacy platform has immediately ignited our customers’ digital marketing transformations. And, you’ll walk away with best practices and strategies that will eventually turn those quick wins into big victories.

Moderator: David Honig, Vice President, Corporate Partnerships, Dynamic Signal

Frank Guardi, Employee and Customer Advocacy Strategist, IBM
Martin Jones, Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media & Content Marketing, Cox
Marcy Massura, SVP, New York Digital Lead, MSLGroup


Success Story: Employee Advocacy

In building its Employee Impact tool on the Dynamic Signal platform, MSLGROUP first rolled out the program across its own global network to take stock of the opportunity and develop early learning to maximize success. Global Employee Practice Director, Brian Burgess will provide insights and an assessment on the impact that MSLGROUP Voice has had in transforming MSLGROUP’s own employees into power advocates for the corporate brand.

Brian Burgess, Global Director, Employee Practice, MSLGROUP




Mobility and Emerging Media: What’s Next

2014 was the year of mobile innovation, moving beyond just apps and ads, mobile now means tapping into location data to make everything you do personalized and relevant. Mobile can mean connected cars, wearable technology, and anonymous social apps – depending on who you ask. Mobile is no longer a screen we carry around in our pockets, but a home for our identity and an entirely new behaviors of opportunities, challenges, and behaviors that brands must considering. What’s next? What’s worth paying attention to and what’s not? And most importantly, how do marketers make sense of it all?

Moderator: Amanda Fayer, Director of Marketing, Verve Mobile

Andrea Bernhardt, Director of Digital & Media, RB
Andrew Der, Strategic Marketing & Business Development, Verizon Ventures
Jana Gauthier, Director of Digital Media, New England Patriots
Vikas Satyal, Director, Commercial Marketing Strategy & Planning, Heineken USA


Omni-Channel and Offline Attribution Measurement

Quantifying mobile and cross-device campaign ROI poses a major challenge for marketers that needs to be resolved. NinthDecimal and ZenithOptimedia share how their new standard of in-store omni-channel measurement goes beyond traditional metrics, such as engagement and CTR, to provide a holistic view of your consumers’ pathway to conversion. Learn how Fortune 500 brands are leveraging this measurement platform and its actionable intelligence to affect their marketing strategy in real time.

Yale Cohen, SVP, Activation Standards, ZenithOptimedia
Todd Rose, SVP, Business & Corporate Development, NinthDecimal


Keynote — Brand Transformation

An overview of the Nets brand transformation from New Jersey to Brooklyn and of Barclays Center opening in Brooklyn.

Elisa Padilla, Senior Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer, Barclays Center and Brooklyn Nets


Keynote — How to Use Social Media to Understand Your Consumers

Michael Osofsky, Chief Innovation Officer, NetBase

As marketers, we strive constantly to understand our consumers. But traditional tools and techniques for research constrain the number of questions we can get answered because consumers are too busy for us. To make matters worse, the knowledge we do glean ages quickly in a day and age of constant change. The truth may not even become clear until we have the benefit of hindsight. Marketing doesn’t have to be such a risky business though. Now we can stay in tune with consumers by analyzing what they say in social media. In this presentation, NetBase will show how you can maintain constant consumer understanding regarding their views about your brand, competitors, and category. We will also reveal a whole other untapped source of insight: the audience itself. Besides consuming your brand, your audience tweets about what else they eat, what else they drink, what else they drive, watch, read, listen to, want, need, crave, and so many other aspects of their lives marketers want to know about.


Networking Break


Macro Marketing Trends 2015

This session will tap the minds’ of leading brand marketers as we explore the biggest trends in the industry. What’s keeping these marketers up at night? What new technologies are they watching? What are the big trends they’re focused on for 2015 and beyond, and what opportunities and challenges are entailed therein?

Moderator: John Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer, Ignite Social Media

Noah Brodsky, SVP, Worldwide Loyalty and Customer Engagement, Wyndham Hotel Group
Daniel Clarke, Director of Innovation, Pernod Ricard USA
Boon Lai, Chief Marketing Officer, VP Marketing Health and Wellness, Philips
Rob Lynch, Brand President and Chief Marketing Officer, Arby’s


Keynote: How to Develop a Content Marketing Strategy Using SnapChat

KC Geen, Head of Global Social Media, Groupon

The rapid growth of Snapchat from an ephemeral messaging service into a genuine content provider is providing brands a new way to tell their story and engage with the platform’s coveted audience of 13-25 year-olds. But is Snapchat right for your company? And how do you begin to build consistent consumer engagement on the platform?


Brand Innovators ’40 Under 40′ Roundtable

Moderator: Jamison Tilsner, Strategic Accounts Lead, Pixability

David Fontanez, Associate Director, Head of Digital Media, Verizon Wireless
Steve Micolo, Director of Marketing Development, Subway
Maryssa Miller, Head of Digital Commerce, JetBlue Airways
Sarah Montante, Senior Brand Manager, Women’s Deodorant Portfolio, Unilever
Jessica Ruscito, Director of US Media & Digital Branding, Reebok
Dave Spinato, Global Director, Digital, HARMAN International


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