January 25, 2018

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12:00 Noon

Networking Lunch


Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer


Fireside Chat

Emily Miller, Senior Director, Brand and Audience Marketing, NetApp

Q&A conducted by: Scott Hendrickson, SVP, Sales, News Corp | News IQ


Panel: Growth Marketing: Acquisition + Retention + Loyalty = Growth!

With more products in the market and more ways for your competitors to reach your customers than ever before, growth marketing has become an integral part of the marketer’s toolbox. Successful marketing is no longer only about top-funnel acquisition– it’s about keeping customers engaged and growing your customer base simultaneously. This means focusing on acquisition, retention, loyalty, and activation of your customer base simultaneously, garnering brand love and staying top of mind throughout the purchase funnel.

What are the growth strategies driving acquisition, engagement, and retention? How are growth teams set up for success? What’s next in growth marketing, and who are the brands winning at growth?

Moderator: Patrick Toland, Managing Partner, PlusUp

Emily Childers, Marketing Manager, Credit Karma
Cari Jacobs, Head of Integrated Marketing, ModCloth
James Lerner, Sr. Manager, Product Marketing, Walmart Global eCommerce/Sam’s Club


Keynote: Creativity as a Competitive Differentiator

Adam Kleinberg, CEO/Co-Founder, Traction


Fireside Chat: Creativity as a Competitive Differentiator

Chris Harmon, Lenovo NA Marketing, Consultant – Demand Center Architect
Adam Kleinberg, CEO/Co-Founder, Traction


Panel: Influencer Marketing: It’s All About Authenticity

The recent influencer marketing explosion is one of the most important and polarizing shifts in the history of brand marketing. Social media has also provided brands with a platform for turning influential users into advocates and brand ambassadors; influencers who then leverage their social media channels and provide powerful word-of-mouth at scale. Influencer programs also present a strong opportunity for authentic, relevant content marketing.

How are the most successful brands using influencers to get a meaningful market advantage over their competitors? What’s the best way to find the right influencer? How do the best influencer campaigns maintain authenticity?

Moderator: Daniel Sykora, Account Director, WHOSAY

Ana Cantu, Global Social Media Lead, Google
Stacey DePolo, Social Advocacy Manager, GoDaddy
Amisha Gandhi, Head of Influencer Marketing, SAP
Shane Steele, Global Head of Brand Marketing, Dropbox


Fireside Chat

Brooke Shapiro, Brand Engagement Channel Manager, The Clorox Company

Q&A conducted by: Rob Gregory, President, WHOSAY


Networking Break


Panel: The Speedy Evolution of eCommerce

Retail is evolving faster than ever before. With brick-and-mortar business turning to eCommerce and eCommerce-first retailers introducing unconventional brick-and-mortar applications, traditional silos and channels are breaking down. Consumers’ path-to-purchase can resemble more of a maze, with infinite choices along the way to distract or steer customers to different purchasing methods.

How are the most competitive brands making the customer journey easier? What are the new technologies and business models helping brands cut through the clutter? What are the latest trends in customer behavior, preferences, and shopper marketing? And how can brands best compete with retail giants like Amazon?

Moderator: Malcolm Scovil, VP of Marketing, Tophatter

Maria Dellafemina, Facebook Advertising Manager, eCommerce, Betabrand
Adam Kleinberg, CEO/Co-Founder, Traction
Monica McGhie, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Zazzle


Fireside Chat

Reinaldo Parreiras, Global Social Media & Digital Marketing Manager, Intel

Q&A conducted by: Scott Hendrickson, SVP, Sales, News Corp | News IQ


Roundtable: Macro Marketing Trends

In this discussion, today’s marketing leadership will address the major trends, challenges, opportunities, and shifts in consumer behaviors that they are seeing in the market, with an outlook toward 2018.

What’s keeping them up at night? What are they excited about? What new technologies and platforms offer novel opportunities to engage their customers in meaningful ways… and which are just shiny objects? How can marketers structure their teams and recruit highly coveted talent for a new era that demands an increasing array of skill sets?

Moderator: Zach Kubin, Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, Parsec Media

Sabrina Cherubini, Marketing Director, Kmart Strategy, Sears Holdings
Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Storytelling & Innovation, Charles Schwab
Brent Quan Hall, Director of Digital, Nokia Technologies


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