the summit

Brand Innovators Future of Luxury Brand Marketing is putting the marketing and media industries on review.

From Baccarat and Bentley to Rolex and Ray-Ban, the Internet has fundamentally transformed the way luxury brands market their products.

While they may have been fashionably late to the party, luxury brands the world over are embracing the visual, social and interactive tools that digital media provides them with, to identify and interact more closely with their consumers, generate positive word of mouth, and launch their next limited edition. In addition, E-Commerce is providing a new and untapped channel for premium products.

Brand Innovators Future of Luxury Brand Marketing will provide brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands with an important forum to share success stories about how they are using digital media and advertising technology to engage more closely with their consumers. We will hear from some of the best and brightest brand marketers at some of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world, about how they are using technology to drive new customers into the purchase funnel.

This event is complimentary to qualified brand marketers from Fortune 500 and other leading brands.

the buzz

“As in luxury, quality is extremely important when attending a conference. I want to hear unique perspectives on the topics with which we’re all wrestling, and Brand Innovators does not disappoint. Respectful of our time and interests, the team at Brand Innovators works diligently to provide a conference that better equips you to do your job and make informed decisions.”

— Derek Johnson, Supervisor, Digital Marketing Platforms, Mercedes-Benz USA

“Brand Innovators delivers on their brand promise and name. Only true innovators in the industry attend and present at their intimate sessions, and the dialogue and connections that arise are invaluable. Where most other conferences touch only the surface of a topic or category dynamic, Brand Innovators goes deeper, and allows for more actionable insights. I’m proud to be a part of this group of leaders and will always make time for Brand Innovator sessions.”

— Benjamin Collier, Senior Director, Brand Marketing, The Leading Hotels of the World, Ltd.

“It’s a rarity in the current digital environment to attend events that aren’t motivated by selling sponsorships, booth space, or attendance fees. Brand Innovators is the purest form of conference networking I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with, and I am truly honored to be delivering the opening keynote at Brand Innovators Luxury Brands. Expect a thought provoking, non-political forum for the exchange of ideas, strategies, and tactics.”

— Charlie Cole, President, The Line