July 2, 2013

Unilever UK Limited Unilever House Springfield Drive Leatherhead KT22 7GR
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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-Chair: Andy Porteous, Senior Vice President Digital, Foods, Unilever
Co-Chair: Geoff Seeley, Global Communications Planning Director, Unilever
Host: Anthony Rushton, CEO, Telemetry



Consumer Engagement: The Holy Grail

Consumer Engagement (CE) — building longterm relationships and brand loyalty — has long been considered the holy grail of marketing. Digital media and advertising technology — including digital video advertising, social media, content marketing, Big Data and analytics — have taken the concept of CE to new heights. How are leading brand marketers from Fortune 1000 and other leading brands leveraging the Internet, technology, and cutting edge consumer electronics to engage more closely with their consumers? What’s at stake for brands in the battle for share of mind and share of market? What’s your strategy?

Moderator: Chris Seth, Managing Director, Dynamic Signal

Birgit Machemer, Head of Customer Lifecycle and Engagement, Product Marketing, Thomas Cook Online
Andy Porteous, Senior Vice President Digital, Foods, Unilever
Nigel Sheldon, Director, Social Media, Barclays


Success Story — Dove “Real Beauty Sketches”

Fernando Machado, Vice President, Global Brand Development, Dove Skin, Unilever


Creating Value and Building Trust with Content Marketing

“As consumers become immune to traditional advertising and ad clutter, and fragmentation limits ad effectiveness, content will become a powerful way to connect to consumers.” — Mary Beth Kemp, former VP and Principal Analyst, Marketing and Strategy, Forrester Research

The Internet has put the world’s information at our fingertips. By publishing thoughtful, insightful and engaging content, leading brands are becoming one of the most trusted sources of information available to consumers about just about everything that may be of interest to them. As a result, brands are connecting and engaging with their consumers in more authentic and meaningful ways than ever. And, when consumers share this content with their peers it becomes even more valuable. Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most essential pieces of the attribution funnel, and de rigueur for every leading brand. Read all about it.

Moderator: Shafqat Islam, CEO, NewsCred

Malcolm Cox, Chief Marketing Officer, Evogrow – Farmino
Jimmy Cregan, Founder and Managing Director, Jimmy’s Iced Coffee
Aditya Mohan, Global Media Innovation Manager, Unilever
Chirag Shah, Marketing Campaigns Manager, HSBC


Networking Break

Hosted by Telemetry


What Does “Data Activation” Look Like?

2013 promises to be the year marketers become intelligent about data being “activated” through their consumer engagement strategies, but what exactly does that mean? What is data activation and how can it help me? This session will feature brands interested in data and the companies that supply solutions for data. Listen in on the conversation and hear ideas on how you should be looking at data as the core of your marketing strategy for many years to come.

Moderator: Erich Wasserman, Co-Founder, General Manager, EMEA and APAC, MediaMath

Lauren Mather, Assistant Brand Manager, Nestle
Frances Morgan, Brand Experience Manager, Lloyds Banking Group


Success Story — EngageSciences and Play.com

Richard Jones, CEO, EngageSciences
Adam Stewart, Marketing Director at Play.com



David Shing, Digital Prophet, AOL



Hosted by Aol


Keynote — The Volatile State of Convergence: Finding the Digital Sweet Spot

Tej Rekhi, Director of Innovation Strategy, DG

Today’s hyper-connected consumers no longer distinguish between one screen or device. They look for convenience and quality; and may the best screen win. Simultaneous, often continuous switching among screens has created a huge challenge (and opportunity) for marketers. At the heart of the storm is video – which can elicit the same emotion whether viewed on a pocket-sized screen on the go or the largest on the wall. Through video, we laugh, cry, are enticed to buy, and are inspired to share with friends and strangers. So, as video becomes increasingly channel-agnostic, how do we achieve cross media engagement? How can we build a fused strategy in a volatile landscape? How do we measure beyond quantifiable metrics and refocus on the qualitative and social side of video? Tej Rekhi will help you spot the trends, findcohesion, and prepare for explosive growth in next-generation converged video.


Harnessing the Power of Social Media

The social media explosion over the past decade is arguably the most important paradigm shift in the history of brand marketing, to date. For the first time ever, consumers have a voice and a platform to extol the virtues or vent about their favorite brands. Listening and reacting to what your customers are saying about you in real time, on all social media channels — inclucing Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, and Instagram — could be the most valuable tool that you have as a brand marketer today. But how do sort through and rationalize all of the data and information that you now have at your disposal? Hear first hand how leading brands are unlocking the goldmine of knowledge and consumer insights that social media has to offer.

Moderator: Albert Chou, Chief Innovation Officer, Expion

Rebecca Crutchley, Community Manager, Wahanda
Jesse Ringham, Digital Communications Manager, Tate Modern
Geoff Seeley, Global Communications Planning Director, Unilever


How Brands Turn Customers Into Fans and Fans Into Customers

Social media has upturned the customer service, marketing and sales professions. The dream of establishing personal, 1-to-1 connection with consumers is now reachable, but many brands struggle to harness it. In this panel, Offerpop’s CMO and co-Founder Mark Cooper will sit down with marketers at leading brands to discuss how they are using social media to create enduring relationships with customers long after purchase, and how they lead fans to become customers. Attendees will hear firsthand strategies and best practices for building customer advocates with the power of social media.

Moderator: Mark Cooper, CMO, Offerpop

Deborah Holloway, Social Media Executive, New Look
Jon Davies, CRM and Digital Marketing Manager, Queens Park Rangers Football Club
Kirstie Heneghan, Social Business Manager, 3M UK & Ireland


Networking Break

Hosted by Outbrain



Michael Greene, Director of Research and Marketing Strategy, AudienceScience


Client Case Study — What it’s like to run one of the most visited websites in sport

Ben Fraser, Partner Manager, Endava


Success Story — Innovation in Food Marketing: Knorr and Hellmann’s

Jonathan Affleck, Global Masterbrand Director, Knorr, Unilever
Andy Porteous, Senior Vice President Digital, Foods, Unilever


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception