June 13, 2013

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Marc Sternberg




Breakfast — Hosted by Upfront Digital Media



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-Chair: Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA
Host: Will Chapman, Vice President, Sales, AudienceScience


Keynote — Creating Impactful Innovation in Digital Media

Mike Peralta, CEO, AudienceScience


The Quest for Transparency in Media Buying: The Great Debate

Last year, the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) finally woke up and addressed the issue of media rebates and incentives. The unprecedented white paper published by the ANA, “Media Rebates/Incentives Require Full Transparency” finally addressed the proverbial elephant in the room, calling into question inherent conflicts of interest with agency trading desks. The issue of transparency and disclosure with regard to how agencies buy and sell digital media — including mark-ups, arbitrage, and other fees — reared its ugly head more recently at the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) annual gathering in March, on a rare panel featuring a cadre of industry leaders. While not beholden to agency trading desks, many brands continue to let them handle their media buys, while others choose to outsource this function to independent DSPs. Is there a better model out there? Leading brand marketers continue the great debate.

Moderator: Emily Riley, Vice President, Marketing and Product, AudienceScience

Leslie Dance, Vice President, WW Brand Marketing and Communications, Eastman Kodak
Jason John, VP Online, Mobile, Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe
Edward Kim, AVP, Digital Investments, L’Oréal USA
Chad Stubbs, Sr. Director, Media Strategy & Investment, PepsiCo


Keynote — The New Path to Purchase: Understanding the Consumer in a Technology Driven World

Co-Chair: Marc Speichert, Chief Marketing Officer, L’Oréal USA

There has never been a more fascinating time to be in marketing. Everything we thought we knew about people, media and our place in the world has been fundamentally transformed by digital technology. L’Oréal is taking a fresh look at what’s possible in how, where and when the company engages with consumers on what is now a technology-powered path to purchase. Marc Speichert will discuss this and explore the impact of creative, media, retail space and new business models as they pertain to communicating with consumers.


Networking Break — Hosted by Undertone


Omni-Channel Media Buying

Technology and the advent of new Internet enabled platforms and devices has fundamentally and forever changed how we consume media and entertainment. While many of us grew up huddled around the TV set in the family room, audiences today are consuming record amounts of media on PCs, smart phones, and tablets, anywhere and anytime they like. TV is now competing with digital video, and social media is gobbling up share of mind. As channel lines disappear, and consumers move fluidly from one media platform to another, brands must work extra hard to keep up. Reaching your audience in the digital age requires a much more holistic or ‘integrated’ approach than ever before, carefully aligned with the constantly evolving media consumption habits of your consumers. Allocating your media budget has never been more exciting or challenging. Fasten your seat belt Don Draper, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Moderator: Alan Schanzer, Chief Client Officer, Undertone

Shannon Jenest, Director, Integrated Communications, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Caroline Jensen, Director of Online Marketing, Volvo
Nadine Karp McHugh, VP Global Integrated Media Communication, Colgate-Palmolive
Julie Taylor Stenz, Sr. Director, Partner Marketing, WWE


Success Story — LiveIntent

Dave Hendricks, Chief Operating Officer, LiveIntent


Making Big Data work in Digital Advertising: Precision Targeting, Attribution and Measuring ROI

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — John Wanamaker

Thanks to Big Data, brand marketers are more empowered than ever for precision, attribution, and measuring ROI for digital campaigns. However, while the rise of Big Data may bring hope to answering this advertising challenge, the possibilities can be overwhelming and difficult to manage in this cross screen era. How is Big Data actually impacting the media buying process and how can you use these new tools to manage your media budget more effectively? Everything you need to know about the science of digital media buying, but were afraid to ask.

Moderator: Jonathon Shaevitz, CEO, Upfront Digital Media

Amanda Greenberg, Digital Marketing Manager, Philips Consumer Lifestyle
Victor Lee, VP Digital Brand Marketing, Hasbro
Neil McKenna, Online Marketing Manager, 1-800-Flowers.com


Lunch hosted by AudienceScience


Keynote — The Evolution of Programmatic Media Buying

Joe Zawadzki, CEO, MediaMath

Today, the media choices and media plans are more complex and the market is larger than ever. This fragmentation of media is what has driven the shift in the way media is now managed and bought. Programmatic buying is the way to make sense of it all and provide marketers with the tools to make smarter decisions, across all digital media channels. Used at its most basic level, it allows for a low friction way to buy and sell ad impressions. Used at its fullest, it allows brands to engage in one-to-one conversation with customers and prospects, at scale.


Success Story — Crowdtap

Judd Pratt-Heaney, Associate Brand Manager, Durex
Matthew Scott, SVP, Business Development & Strategy, Crowdtap


Success Story


Success Story — Unruly Media

Amanda Farrell, Vice President, Unruly Media


Social Media in the Mix

Only a few years ago, social media was the new kid on the block. No longer a footnote, a strong social media campaign is an essential part of any integrated media buy. How should social media fit into your media mix and complement the rest of your marketing? How do you measure the ROI of social media? What are the longterm benefits of a coordinated social media strategy? Listen to these marketing mavens discuss how they get results from being social.

Moderator: Melissa Greenberg, VP Sales, SHIFT

David Blackburn, SVP Digital Marketing, Bank of America
Adam Gagliardo, Director, Social Media & Digital Communications, Maybelline New York, Garnier & essie
Louis Giagrande, VP Digital & Social Marketing, LG Ad America
Elliot Lum, VP Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records


Network Break — Hosted by LiveIntent


Cross-Platform Media Measurement

Digital media and technology is rapidly transforming consumer behavior. From TiVo to YouTube, viewing habits are fundamentally changing, and new platforms and devices, including smart phones, tablets, and connected TVs, are making media investment decisions more complex than ever. At the heart of this issue, is the ability of advertisers to measure the impact of their commercial messages across multiple screens. While options exist for measuring the reach, frequency, and ROI for each individual form of media, no one has managed to crack the code and figure out how to achieve true cross-platform media measurement. Listen to what the experts have to say and what strides are being made to help brand marketers buy media more efficiently in the digital era.

Moderator: Chris Chesebro, Asst. Vice President, US Media Investments, L’Oréal

Tim Brown, General Manager, Abakus
John Burbank, President, Strategic Initiatives, Nielsen
Joan FitzGerald, Vice President of Television and Cross-Media Solutions, comScore
Chris Polos, Senior Vice President, Operations & Account Management, Simulmedia
Anthony Rushton, CEO, Telemetry


Brands Tune in to Mobile

According to ABI Research over 1.6 billion mobile phones were shipped last year, and by the end 2013 over 1.4 billion smartphones will be in use. In addition, consumers spend an average of 50 minutes a day on their mobile devices, and their time spent on these devices is increasng faster than all other media. There is no question, that mobile is a game changer, transforming every aspect of the media and marketing industries. Meanwhile, mobile is moving from tactical to a more strategic and integral part of brand marketing. Indeed, mobile may very well be the most important platform for engaging with your consumers, vis-à-vis social media, digital video advertising, content, and E-commerce, since, well, the Internet. Hear first-hand how leading brands are embracing mobile.

Moderator: Harry Kargman, Founder and CEO, Kargo

Richa Malhotra, Digital Strategist, Financial Services
Iris Yen, VP Communications, American Eagle Outfitters
Steven Tristan Young, Sr. Director, Customer Acquisition and Restaurant Marketing, Seamless.com


Q&A — The Evolving Role of the CMO

Moderator: Bert DuMars, Vice President, Principal Analyst Serving CMOs, Forrester Research