the summit

Brand Innovators Austin is rallying brands around the entrepreneurial flag of independence and creativity!

For over 10 years, entrepreneurs and start-ups in the digital media industry have been flocking to Austin, Texas, in March to tout their newest innovations. Companies like Twitter and Foursquare are just a couple of the big names that have taken advantage of the messaging opportunity in Austin. In keeping with the indie spirit that emanates from Austin each winter, Brand Innovators has partnered with Mondelēz International and to present “”How to Be a Change Agent,” a primer on how Fortune 500 and other large companies are innovating and fostering a culture of entrepreneurship within their organizations. In particular, we will look at what brands can learn from start-ups, in terms of product development cycles, distribution models, and consumer engagement.

We look forward to seeing you at in Austin, Texas, March 11-15!

the buzz

“I always stop by Brand Innovators to connect with other folks from brands and hear what they are doing in the social and digital marketing space with the the emergence of new technologies like artificial intelligence.”

— Chad Parizman, Pfizer

“You get to hear from interesting brands like Lionsgate and Dunkin’ Donuts while having the opportunity to meet with folks from innovative start ups.”

— Ben Gemski, The Kraft Heinz Company

“Brand Innovators is a fantastic community of marketers that are really willing to change the world on some level.”

— Alicia Tillman, CMO, SAP