the summit

Brand Innovators Future of Mobile and Consumer Experience is putting the media industry on review.

The Internet and digital media is impacting every aspect of the consumer experience. As we move from an analog to digital culture it is essential that brand marketers embrace all of the online resources available to them to retail their products and services more effectively. Brand Innovators Future of Mobile and Consumer Experience will provide brand marketers with an important forum to share success stories and best practices about what’s working to engage consumers.

We look forward to seeing you in San Francisco, California, November 16.

the buzz

“As technology continues to fundamentally transform the brand-consumer relationship, Brand Innovators is one of the few events where I can take back learning that will have a direct and real impact on my business. I look forward to driving the discussion on how big brands and companies can keep pace with this transformation and continue to satisfy the consumer.”

— Ashwin Nathan, Director, Digital, Frito Lay Portfolio, PepsiCo

“I don’t go to many big conferences, where the material is often watered down and its harder to have meaningful dialogue. Brand Innovators is a refreshing change of pace – a more intimate curated group of smart and driven people who have a lot of informed opinions. Its well worth the time.”

— Rich Lesperance, Head of Digital Marketing and Emerging Media, Walgreens

“In a sea of conferences fueled by pitches disguised as insight — brand innovators provides a respite where client-side peers can go to learn, refuel and be a part of a community. It’s been a long time coming.”

— Jordan Corredera, VP Digital, Carnival Cruise Lines