the summit

Brand Innovators Entertainment Marketing is putting the entertainment industry on review.

Fortune 500 and other leading brands are no stranger to Hollywood. Since the dawn of the motion picture, television and recorded music industries, savvy brand marketers have been hitching themselves to the hottest entertainment properties and stars in the galaxy. So, it should come as no surprise that Madison Avenue is now tapping YouTube stars and other shows on the Internet to align with and target audiences of every demographic. Now, more than ever, however, brands are finding their next generation of consumers online.

Brand Innovators Entertainment Marketing will look at how and why brands are tapping Hollywood, and the hottest entertainment properties in the world today.

We look forward to seeing you in LA!


the buzz

“The Brand Innovators Content Marketing Summit is a great opportunity to discover the future of marketing together with new and former colleagues. I am proud to serve as Co-Chair and look forward to hosting the Summit in the MillerCoors downtown Chicago office and pub.”

— Ryan Reis, Sr. Director, Miller Family of Brands, MillerCoors

“I was impressed with the degree of openness of the conversation. We got a great look ‘behind the curtain’ of how major companies like Coca-Cola, Sears and Gilt think about their media investment and communication strategy. That is something that really sets Brand Innovators apart from other conferences.”

— Elena Levitskaya, Brand Manager, Media Strategy and Digital Marketing, Dannon