October 24, 2012

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Hosted by Audience Science



Rajiv Satyal, Host

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators

Co-Chair: Jason John, Sr. Director, Online, Mobile, Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe


Multichannel Retailing

As E-commerce continues to drive innovation in the retail industry, it has become essential for all retailers to re-invent their business models for the digital age, lest they be left behind. Online and in-store integration is crucial, and can be the secret ingredient for success. Meanwhile, the competition for online customers is fierce and established companies must battle with Amazon and other upstart etailers on a daily basis. Who’s winning the retail wars and why? Here are some hard fought lessons from the front.

Bliss Dake, Chief Marketing Officer, Mighty Leaf Tea
Ahin Thomas, President, Vintners’ Alliance


Keynote: Online Retail Innovation



Best Practices — Axiomatic Attribution: A path to finally answering the question, ‘How effective is your advertising?’

Alex Saldanha, CTO, Exponential

There are many questions we ask of the myriad data sources available to us, but they all boil down to one: Is my advertising effective? Last-click and last-view metrics we know to be faulty but a workable solution continues to elude us. Join Exponential CTO, Alex Saldanha, as he demonstrates how Axiomatic Attribution could finally present an answer to how we value all the marketing touch points in a consumer’s journey to a sale. And, even better, how you can pass that information to your vendors in near real-time to help them make better decisions about how to provide value.


Networking Break

Hosted by Exponential


Q&A: Technology Visionary

Scott McNealy, Chairman, Wayin, founder and former CEO of Sun Microsystems


Mobile, Mobile, Mobile

Smart phones and tablets have been a game-changer for the E-commerce industry. Transactions on mobile devices are up dramatically over the past year, and this continues to be an important trend for online retailers. From flash sales to Christmas shopping consumers have been liberated by their mobile devices. Are you embracing this trend? Learn how best-of-breed electronic retailers are cashing in on the mobile-rush.

Lu’chen Foster, Director of Marketing, Glyde Corporation
Ilya Abyzov, General Manager, Uber
Adam Grenier, Director of Mobile Marketing, HotelTonight




Hosted by Wildfire Interactive


Keynote: Social Unleashed: Unlocking the Transformative Power of Social Marketing

Doug Laird, Chief Marketing Officer, Wildfire, a division of Google

Social media is fast becoming a key element of the total marketing mix, cutting across both online and offline activities. There is huge potential for social marketing to amplify brand awareness, engage consumers, and drive business results – but most brands are just scratching the surface of what’s possible. Doug Laird, CMO of Wildfire, a division of Google, reveals five keys to unleashing the power of social media. Core concepts include cross-network engagement, harnessing social data, and leveraging social signals across the web. Laird also discusses what the convergence of social, local, and mobile means for marketing strategy, and how to make paid, owned, and earned media work more effectively together.


Success Story: Armor All

Grace Tai, Associate Marketing Manager, Armored AutoGroup

Armor All’s “Race to the Finish” Sweepstakes helped grow their Facebook fan base by 65,000 new fans in only 60 days. Learn the ins and outs of how to run a successful Facebook contest with a winning ROI.


Social Shopping Surges

Social commerce is transforming the online shopping experience. From Facebook and Pinterest to Polyvor and Sneekpeaq consumers are sharing their passions and fashions, and wish lists and Christimas lists with friends and family. How can you profit from this trend and tap this important channel? Our industry experts will share their insights and experiences about how to influence consumers.

Moderator: Cathy Halligan, Independent Director, Ulta Beauty; former CMO, Walmart.com and SVP, PowerReviews

Kris Duggan, CEO, Badgeville
Jackie Lamping O’Connell, Sr. Director, Social Media Strategy & Development, Apollo Group
Alex Lopez, Global Brand Manager, Logitech


Success Story: The Man, Behind the Man, Behind the Man

Shanan Sabin, Product Manager, YouTube Marketing & Google; former Assistant Brand Manager, Old Spice, Procter & Gamble

Old Spice is arguably one of the most successful brand turn around stories of the past decade — if not, ever! Hear first hand how an innovative team of brand marketers leveraged digital video to breath new life into this ‘old’ brand.


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception