April 3, 2014

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Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-Chair: Charlie Cole, CEO, The Line


Omni-Channel Retailing Strategies

Can having a “bricks and mortar” storefront actually be an advantage for retailers? After years of being trumped by online retailers, some of America’s best known retail brands are finally learning how to take advantage of their physical resources, integrating all retail and marketing channels — online, email, mobile, apps, television, coupons, catalogues and in-store — for a consistent consumer-oriented shopping experience. Omni-channel retailers let consumers experience the brand, not a channel within a brand, across all media and shopping platforms. Hear first-hand, why omni-channel marketing is the most powerful trend in retail today.

Moderator: Liane Dietrich, COO, Rakuten Marketing
Emily Brimmer, Retail Marketing Manager, C. Wonder
Sam Gagliardi, Marketing Director, Digital Shopper Solutions, Reckitt Benckiser
Anurag Kadyan, Director, eCommerce Marketing, Tourneau
Rob Walker, Manager, Digital Shopper Marketing, The Campbell Soup Company


Keynote — Lessons from an E-Commerce Start-Up

Charlie Cole, CEO, The Line
From an E-commerce perspective, building a luxury lifestyle brand from scratch is an interesting learning opportunity – especially when compared to managing eight- to nine-figure E-commerce businesses with decades-long heritages. Charlie Cole has run the gauntlet in the digital space, having done everything from getting indie IPOs up-and-running online to scaling agency-sized entities to multi-million dollar web businesses. His latest venture, TheLine.com, launched late 2013 in partnership with creative director Vanessa Trania to provide consumers the quintessential items of everyday life, in the home, fashion and beauty space. Charlie will talk through how getting back-to-basics can create a fresh perspective, regardless of your business size.


The State of eCommerce and How the Tablet Consumer is Shaping It

We’ll examine the major business models for eCommerce from Apple to Zappos, review what has made them so successful, and then look at emerging business models from The Fancy, Fab and others. Finally, we’ll delve into the deep metrics about how Tablet is quickly and irrevocably changing the eCommerce landscape.

Charlie Cole, CEO, The Line
Rosalie Sutherland, Director of Mobile Marketing, AnastasiaDate


Networking Break


Personalization, Targeting and Effective 1:1 Marketing

Since the dawn of the Internet, marketers have dreamed of reaching and targeting their advertising in ways that mass media could never deliver. Today, sophisticated ad-targeting algorithms are enabling advertisers to reach their audiences with more efficient and relevant messages than ever, while using powerful new measurement tools and techniques, including frequency capping, impression attribution tracking, and dynamic creative optimization, to drive ROI up. Here’s why you need to embrace this new science.

Moderator: Dax Hamman, Chief Product Officer, Chango
Jason John, VP Online, Mobile, Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe


Keynote — Strategies for Driving Omnichannel Commerce in a Mobile-Centric World

Scott Hendrickson, Head of Advertising Solutions, PayPal

Some 67% of purchases start in one channel and end in another, according to comScore. So how should brands engage consumers in today’s complex omni-channel marketplace where consumers increasingly involve mobile activity in their shopping journey? Scott Hendrickson of PayPal will discuss the evolution of the consumer shopping journey and showcase cutting edge technologies and strategies that can be applied to drive consumer engagement and commerce. PayPal enabled over $120B in commerce in 2013, delivering $20B via mobile.




Keynote — The Secret Ingredient for Creating a Breakthrough Brand

Jeff Rosenblum, Co-President, Questus and director of the documentary The Naked Brand

Can the advertising industry help save the world? Jeff Rosenblum concedes it’s a ludicrous question. But after spending two years speaking with some of the world’s top executives, scientists, and authors while making a documentary called The Naked Brand, he found that the right formula for branding can lead to positive changes for people and our planet. To be clear, consumers don’t expect every brand to hug trees and save the manatees. This is a presentation about authentic relationships and brands empowering people. When brands stand for something, create unprecedented ideas, and engage in daring investments, they expand the definition of advertising. The industry is no longer limited an interruptive 30-second TV ad or a 300-pixel banner ad. The creative canvas has expanded. That’s where things get exciting, because the most effective new ideas move the planet forward.


Social Commerce: The New Word of Mouth

Social networks, content sharing platforms, and online communities are enabling consumers to Review, Recommend, and Refer their favorite products, sites, and stores to friends and family, faster than you can fill a shopping cart. Understanding how to leverage social networks like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Polyvor, and Twitter, among others, to build an online dialogue and stimulate conversations among your most avid fans is crucial for the longterm development of your brand. Find out how to make these conversations spread like wildfire can ignite your brand’s growth overnight.

Moderator: Dan Slagen, SVP of Marketing, Nanigans
Brian Catalano, Senior Brand Manager, Global eCommerce, Pepperidge Farm
Elaine Lawson, VP/Business Leader, U.S. Digital Marketing, MasterCard
Steve Weinrib, Director of eCommerce, ABC Carpet & Home


Attribution and Advertising Effectiveness: Justifying your Marketing Spend across all Channels

“Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half.” — John Wanamaker

Attribution, in the world of traditional media, as legendary marketer John Wanamaker so aptly stated, is at best a guessing game. In the new era of digital marketing attribution and optimization, however, brand marketers learning how to now use Big Data and sophisticated algorithms to identify consumers across all media channels, touch points, and data sources — including, digital advertising, apps, websites, search, branded content, social media, and email — and allocate their media and marketing dollars accordingly.

Moderator: Evan Schwartz, CEO and founder, ActionX
Catherine Schenquerman, Manager, Customer Experience Marketing, JetBlue Airways
Eric Smith, Director, Marketing Effectiveness and Online Retail Analytics, Philips Consumer Lifestyle, North America
Joseph Yakuel, Director of Digital Marketing, The Vitamin Shoppe


Networking Break


Keynote — Building a Commerce Platform for the Connected Consumer

Scott Lux, Vice President, E-Commerce and Multi-Channel, Diesel

It’s not your grandfather’s Internet. Today’s device-savvy, multi-platform consumer is connecting in a wide variety of ways, and forward-thinking brands are taking advantage of all of them. But it’s not that simple. Designing an omni-channel ecosystem is more than flipping an “on” switch; it’s all about integrating systems so they compliment and bolster each other and the company’s core objectives. This presentation will highlight Diesel USA’s journey in moving to a new commerce platform, with Scott providing insight as to the transformation the company has undergone, sharing data and feedback from key partners and consumers.


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