the summit

Brand Innovators E-commerce and Omni-Channel Marketing is putting the retailing industry on review.

The Internet, digital media, and innovative mobile devices and technology are re-inventing the retail industry faster than you can say flash sale. Powerful new data and behavioral analytics tools, social media, content marketing and digital video are also personalizing the shopping experience and enabling brands, traditional retailers, and online merchants to target and communicate with their customers more easily. Brand Innovators E-commerce and Omni-Channel Retailing will look at how best-of-breed retailers are leveraging technology to create a unified consumer experience across all channels.

Please join us in San Francisco March 26 for a glimpse into the future of retailing.

the buzz

“It’s a rarity in the current digital environment to attend events that aren’t motivated by selling sponsorships, booth space, or attendance fees. Brand Innovators is the purest form of conference networking I’ve had the pleasure to be involved with, and I am truly fortunate to be considered to help by Co-Chairing Brand Innovators E-Commerce. Expect a thought provoking, non-political forum for the exchange of ideas, strategies, and tactics.”

— Charlie Cole, President and CEO, The Line

“I was honored to be invited to deliver the opening keynote at the first Brand Innovators Summit in San Francisco. I enjoyed sharing Visa’s best practices on social commerce and hearing feedback from fellow brand marketer peers.”

— Kevin Burke, Chief Marketing Officer - Core Products, Visa

“It’s an exciting, transformative time in media and I’m excited to be Co-Chairing the Brand Innovators Integrated Media Buying Summit. In particular, I look forward to discussing interesting topics such as buying media in a digital age and how to best leverage big data with other marketers.”

— Marc Speichert, CMO, L'Oreal USA