Thursday, July 13, 2017


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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, Social Marketing Strategist, Brand Evangelist and author of Return on Relationship


Opening Remarks

Arra G. Yerganian, Chief Marketing & Branding Officer, Sutter Health


Content Marketing 2.0: From Boardroom to Newsroom

There’s no doubt about it. Content marketing has gone mainstream. Over the past few years, content marketing has evolved from a novelty or step-child within the marketing department to a core competency or crucial strategy for Fortune 500 brands. In addition to investing more marketing dollars than ever in content marketing, leading brands are now viewing content marketing as a dedicated “top of funnel” marketing function, supporting all marketing initiatives. Content marketing has become an integral piece of the marketing process, prominently reflected in the org charts of forward thinking brands. Hear firsthand how a strong content marketing strategy can drive a strong brand strategy.

Moderator: Brandon Bergmark, Head of Sales, West, Outbrain

Rebecca Boston, Global Sr. Director, Social Marketing, Kendo Brands
Karen Budell, Content Marketing, Platforms, Google
Gustavo Leone, Content Development & Distribution – New Media, Mattel
Amy Stroud, Senior Vice President, Content Marketing, Bank of America



Joe Ahn, Director, Social Media & Content Marketing, Sutter Health
Mac Tillman, Vice President of Brand Marketing, Sutter Health


Fireside Chat

Nick Fairbairn, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Le Tote

Q&A conducted by: Jon Cheney, CEO, Seek


POV – Deep Dive on Native: From Content to Conversion

Rosa Morriseau, Senior Account Director, Nativo


Brands as Editors

Let’s face it; there’ s a lot of content out there on the world wide web — maybe too
much. Especially, now that every brand is a “publisher.” Breaking through the clutter has become more essential than ever, which is why brands need to think more like editors, creating compelling, interesting, and engaging content and experiences for consumers. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Learn how leading brands are learning to act and think like editors and what it takes to build a virtual (or actual) newsroom, and consistently publish first-rate editorial.

Moderator: Danielle Apgar, Vice President, Persado

Paul Dery, Creative Director of Marketing, Uber
Stacey De Polo, Social Advocacy Manager, GoDaddy
Chantell Ghosh, Director of Brand Development & Corporate Responsibility, Spirit Airlines
Javier Santos, Sr. Marketing Manager, Western Union


Networking Break


Keynote – Turning Advocates into Influencers: A How-To Guide

All brands have advocates — those superfans who proactively and organically evangelize for a brand. But how can you evolve these advocates into meaningful influencers? Dave Karraker, VP of Marketing and Communications at Campari America — a top spirits company with brands like Campari, SKYY Vodka, and Wild Turkey — will share how any brand with budgets large or small can empower their advocates and transform them into social media influencers that drive consumer action.

Dave Karraker, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Campari America


Fireside Chat

Dave Karraker, Vice President Marketing and Communications, Campari America

Q&A conducted by: Carter Refo, VP Western Region, CrowdTwist



Chantell Ghosh, Director of Brand Development & Corporate Responsibility, Spirit Airlines


Fireside Chat

Keri Voke, Senior Manager, Multichannel, Walmart eCommerce

Q&A conducted by: Jonathan Taylor, Head of Business of Development & Strategy, Linc




Can Content Help Save the Planet?

Moderator: Mary O’Connell, Communications Director, Swirl

Marisa de Belloy, CEO, Cool Effect
Brian Shown, Creative Director, Swirl


Keynote — Natural Selection: The Evolution of Storytelling in Marketing

Cassidy Blackwell, Director of Brand Engagement, Walker & Company Brands


People, Partnerships, and Production: Three Routes To Creating Compelling Content

Creating content and creating good content that people want to share and evokes an emotional impact are two very different matters. Three major approaches have emerged through which brand marketers can develop compelling content. Whether it’s through partnerships with existing creative organizations, working with individual people – celebrities and customers alike – or by meeting the challenge head on and producing content in-house, the key is to create something that doesn’t feel like advertising, but is ‘advertainment,’ informative, or otherwise relevant to people’s lives and interests.

Cassidy Blackwell, Director of Brand Engagement, Walker & Company Brands
Camille Bridges, Assistant Brand Manager, Minis, Ghirardelli Chocolate Company
Kirstin Falk, Managing Director, Brand Innovation & Social, Charles Schwab
Mason Robinson, Director of Content, Chubbies Shorts


Networking Break


Fireside Chat – Amplification: Pouring the Gas on Content with Distribution Tactics and Paid Media

Marketers today know that content is king when it comes to engaging consumers and helping them get to know your brand. But content creation is only the first step. If consumers don’t see the content you create, it can be an investment lost. You want your content marketing efforts to lead to new customers or conversions. The queen to your content king is distribution. Distribution efforts not only amplify your content so consumers will see it but provide a means to measuring ROI. Like other forms of digital media, brand marketers are constantly looking for metrics to help justify their investment in content marketing. What is the ROI of content marketing vis-à-vis other media? How can you enhance the ability of your content marketing to deliver more tangible results? What are the best avenues of distribution and paid media to enhance your content marketing efforts?

Alex Flagg, Digital/eCommerce Marketing Strategy Leader, Small Business Segment, HP

Q&A conducted by: John Haake, SVP Marketing, Nativo



Mason Robinson, Director of Content, Chubbies Shorts


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