December 12, 2018

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer

Event Co-Chair: Jennifer Frommer, SVP, Creative Content & Brand Partnerships, Columbia Records

Event Co-Chair: Ryan Ruden, SVP Experiential Marketing, Columbia Records


Content Marketing 2.0: From Boardroom to Newsroom

There’s no doubt about it. Content marketing has gone mainstream. Over the past few years, content marketing has evolved from a novelty or step-child within the marketing department to a core competency or crucial strategy for Fortune 500 brands. In addition to investing more marketing dollars than ever in content marketing, leading brands are now viewing content marketing as a dedicated “top of funnel” marketing function, supporting all marketing initiatives. Content marketing has become an integral piece of the marketing process, prominently reflected in the org charts of forward thinking brands. Hear firsthand how a strong content marketing strategy can drive a strong brand strategy.

Moderated by: Jay Chicoy, SVP Americas, Wochit

Elyse Burack, Head of Integrated Marketing & Brand, Boxed
Margaret Magnarelli, VP of Marketing,
Lauren McCullough, Senior Director of Marketing, The Muse
Milton Pappas, Former Chief Marketing Officer, Hudson’s Bay Company


From Content to Conversion: Measuring Your Return on Content (ROC)

Content Marketing has exploded and is now a key piece of every brand marketers media mix, but does it actually work? Producing and distributing compelling content is challenging, time consuming and expensive and the C-Suite is now demanding that content marketing teams understand performance, attribution/conversion metrics and are able to calculate their Return on Content. Join ContentQ’s GM for a discussion on measuring content to conversion, unifying content and revenue teams and using data (instead of guesswork) to justify content marketing budgets

Ed Delfs, GM, ContentQ


Fireside Chat

Debbie Grishman, VP, Global Content, American Express

Moderated by: Scott Hendrickson, SVP Sales, News Corp | News IQ


Testing, Testing 1, 2, 3: Not all lift tests are created equal

As digital marketers, we’re constantly seeking new ways to demonstrate the impact of our efforts. As such, testing, optimization, and measurement have now become integral components of our day-to-day work to help us tie our contribution to key business metrics.

Join AdRoll’s Product Manager and Incrementality Specialist, Kendra Wilkins, as she showcases how to assess the accuracy and reliability of different types of lift testing. You’ll leave inspired with actionable tips on how to best prepare, and measure, your digital advertising efforts for 2019 and beyond.

Kendra Wilkins, Product Manager and Incrementality Specialist, AdRoll


Neworking Break



Ken Kearns, Marketing Director, PepsiCo


Fireside Chat

Ken Kearns, Marketing Director, PepsiCo

Moderated by: Andrea Reichenbach , Senior Director of Marketing Strategy, LiveRamp


Unlocking the Value of Brand New Music

Nathan Hanks, Co-Founder and CEO, Music Audience Exchange




Fireside Chat: Marketing Through Music

Pattie Falch, Marketing Director, Partnerships & Consumer Experiences, Heineken
Naeemah Leonard, Senior Brand Manager – Remy XO, Cultural Strategy & Events, Rémy Cointreau

Moderated By: Jennifer Frommer, SVP, Creative Content & Brand Partnerships, Columbia Records



David Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Times


Fireside Chat

David Rubin, Chief Marketing Officer, New York Times

Moderated by: Harry Kargman, Founder & CEO, Kargo


Fireside Chat

Paolo Sintobin, Sr. Manager, Digital Media & Strategy, American Express

Moderated by: Tom Hartman, VP Sales, East, Innovid


Building Content Through Social Media & Influencer Marketing

Creating content and creating good content that people want to share and evokes an emotional impact are two very different matters. Three major approaches have emerged through which brand marketers can develop compelling content. Whether it’s through partnerships with existing creative organizations, working with individual people – celebrities and customers alike – or by meeting the challenge head on and producing content in-house, the key is to create something that doesn’t feel like advertising, but is ‘advertainment,’ informative, or otherwise relevant to people’s lives and interests.

Moderated by: David Spiegel, Head of Sales, New York Media

Emily Bibb, Digital Director, S’Well Bottle
Andrew Eis, Head of Marketing, Hiball, AB-InBev
Sarah Kirchner, VP Digital Marketing, Kenneth Cole Productions
Qianna Smith-Bruneteau, Social Media & Strategy Advisor, United States Tennis Association (USTA)



Casey Saran, CEO, Spaceback


Networking Break


Success Story – Pernod Ricard & Water For People

Jody Carman, Director, Marketing & Communications, Water For People
Jeremie Moritz, Brand and Digital Director, Absolut Elyx, Pernod Ricard
Caitlin Warkentin, Director of Partnerships, Water for People


The Future of Content & Brand Storytelling

Stephen Hunton, Vice President, Social Discipline Leader, IBM
Dan Mazei, Senior Director, Head of Global Newsroom, Reebok

Moderated by: Theo Berenson, Director, Sales and Marketing, Parsec Media


Where Music Meets eSports

Shahendra Ohneswere, SVP, Content Development, Columbia Records
Ryan Ruden, SVP Experiential Marketing, Columbia Records


Keynote – The Hilton Effect

Lou Dubois, Content Director, Hilton


Brands As Editors RoundTable

Let’s face it; there’s a lot of content out there on the world wide web — maybe too much. Especially, now that every brand is a “publisher.” Breaking through the clutter has become more essential than ever, which is why brands need to think more like editors, creating compelling, interesting, and engaging content and experiences for consumers. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Learn how leading brands are learning to act and think like editors and what it takes to build a virtual (or actual) newsroom, and consistently publish first-rate editorial.

Lou Dubois, Content Director, Hilton
Jess Goon, Senior Director, Digital Marketing, KIND Snacks
Brandan Jones, Content Marketing, Editor In Chief, AT&T
Emily Krassen, Digital & Social Communications, Pfizer
Abby Morgan, Co-Founder, Cuup

Moderated by: Jay Chicoy, SVP Americas, Wochit


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