December 6, 2012

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Hosted by Unruly Media



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators

Host: Gilad de Vries, SVP Strategy, Outbrain

Co-Chair: Elliot Lum, VP Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records


Keynote — Content Marketing Explosion

Gilad de Vries, SVP Strategy, Outbrain



Katrina Craigwell, Manager, Digital Marketing, General Electric
Gilad de Vries, SVP Strategy, Outbrain


Keynote – Recipe Marketing in the Digital Age

Josh Rosen, Brand Manager, Specialty Brands, Campbell Soup Company

Recipes represent a very powerful avenue of content marketing, allowing brands to drive purchase frequency and brand affinity. By understanding what makes recipe marketing work and work well, brands can understand what makes for a strong content marketing strategy.


Networking Break

Hosted by Tongal


Enhancing Your Content with Music

“Every time a brand uses music — in marketing, sales or in a PR context, regardless of the music, genre, style, artist, or channel through which it is played, the music is influencing a customer’s perception about the brand. It is effectively creating an asset or liability for its overall brand equity.” — Ruth Simmons and Rachel Simmons, Sound Branding Consultants

From Madonna to Lady Gaga, leading brand marketers understand the power that music has on consumer behavior and the influence that artists have over their fans. For decades, savvy brand marketers have used music to build emotional connections with their consumers and align themselves with popular artists. Hear how today’s brand marketers are using music to enhance their content, drive awareness and good will, and differentiate themselves In the digital world.

Moderator: Elliot Lum, VP Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records
Walter Frye, Director, Global Sponsorships, American Express
Debora Koyama, AVP, Marketing, L’Oreal
Ron Faris, Head of Brand Marketing, Virgin Mobile


Success Story – Oreo’s Daily Twist: Delivering Relevant Content in Real-Time

Cindy Chen, Director of Marketing, OREO at Mondelēz International

The New York Times’ Stuart Elliott says Oreo’s “centennial celebration looked ahead as well as back” by taking efforts to present its “heritage brand in updated ways to reassure consumers they can still meet contemporary needs.”Daily Twist’s 100-day worldwide campaign fully integrated traditional and new media, stores, events, promotions and PR. Launched on June 25, Daily Twist brought to life the hottest news happening that day through the eyes of the World’s Favorite Cookie. In her presentation, Cindy will discuss how Oreo set out to deliver a creative and breakthrough campaign with original, engaging content to their online communities.


Content Marketing Best Practices

Online content marketing is accelerating and becoming a core strategy for Fortune 500 brands. The upside in content is enormous for brands that have a well defined game plan. Here are some important things to consider…What role does content have in the marketing mix? How much investment should you put into content? Curation vs. creation; is creation enough or do you also need to create original content? What is the role of legal in the decision/approval process content? What kind of content converts? Learn how leading brands are leveraging content marketing with great success.

Moderator: Andrew Boer, President, MovableMedia
Dan Vinh, VP, Global Marketing, Renaissance Hotels at Marriott International
Mike Ma, Head of Retail Advertising and Prospect Marketing, The Vanguard Group


Lunch – Hosted by Outbrain


How to Use Content to Pull Consumers into Orbit

Mark Bonchek, Chief Catalyst, ORBIT+Co., Former SVP, Communities and Networks, Sears Holdings Corporation

What do Apple, Nike, and Starbucks have in common? They create gravity that pulls customers into orbit around their brand. Many other companies are starting to use content to build orbit strategies, and you can too. In this dynamic workshop, you will learn the principles of orbit strategies, assess the gravitational force of your brand, and identify new ways to use content as social currency to create pull in the market.


Creating Your “Editorial” Calendar: What Content Should a Brand Produce? What are Consumers into?

Successful brands distinguish themselves by staying one step ahead of their consumers. When it comes to content marketing and understanding what consumers want to read about, brands may take several approaches towards planning their “editorial” calendars, and creating and acquiring new content. By tracking what people are reading about, discussing, and sharing online, for example, brands can obtain valuable consumer insights about how different products are trending — and customize their content accordingly. Alternatively, some brands rely on the “big idea” approach for creating great content, or enlisting the help of their communities to surface great content. What strategies and best practices are emerging, and what is best for your content marketing?

Moderator: Hal Muchnick, President, Kontera
Natlie Tolles, Global Marketing Manager, Western Union
Emily Schildt, Director of Consumer Engagement, Chobani
Jennifer Dombkowski, Integrated Marketing Manager, The Hartz Mountain Corporation


Success Story — Making Crowd Sourced Content Work for You

Fortune 500 brands are embracing the creativity, efficiency and cost-effectiveness of crowdsourcing original video content. Hear how crowdsourcing is enabling Unilever to create first-rate content while spreading their budgets further than then ever imagined.

Moderator: Mark Burell, Co-Founder, Tongal
Jamie Lasser, Senior Brand Manager, Spreads, Unilever
Parshant Dhand, Brand Manager, Unilever


Networking Break

Hosted by Kontera


Social Video: Building An “Advocacy Engine”

The rise of video sharing across social media platforms is staggering. In order to engage viewers and have a “one to one” conversation with consumers, marketers need to understand how to pull the emotional triggers that stimulate sharing and unlock the brand advocacy that follows. What makes content truly great? What is the science of sharing? How can brands leverage their significant investment in content creation to drive authentic advocacy among their most socially connected and loyal customers? And what are the metrics for success in this channel? This panel will bring together executives from all sides of the equation for a frank discussion and sharing of key insights from the “front lines.”

Moderator: Art Zeidman, President, US, Unruly Media
Jonathan Sackett, Chief Content Officer, Ogilvy North America
Louis Giagrande, Digital and Social Team Leader, VP, LG Ad America/LG Electronics
Alexa Harnett, Digital Event Marketing Specialist, Mercedes-Benz USA


Branded Entertainment — What Is the Content Worth?

Branded entertainment blends brands seamlessly in the world of entertainment. However, without traditional media metrics, it is hard to measure what the value of this content is worth. Learn how these brands have measured the value of these efforts and what lessons they have learned as they have waded into this space.

Moderator: Brian Nolan, Senior Director, Columbia Records
Jamal Henderson, Sr. Brand Manager, Mountain Dew at PepsiCo
Kevin Claude, Production & Music Supervisor from ESPN
Russ Spielman, Agent, The Legacy Agency
Trevor Noren, Creative Director, Digital Content, Showtime Networks


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception
Hosted by Outbrain at the Sony Club

Featuring Columbia Records recording artist Olly Murs
Introduction by: Jessica Messier, Director of Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records