December 5, 2013

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Breakfast Hosted by IBM Social Business



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Host: Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators
Co-Chair and Co-Host: Tami Cannizzaro, IBM Global Director, Social Business
Co-Chair and Co-Host: Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain


Opening Keynote — Planning for Discovery: 4 Keys to Winning the Content Revolution

Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain

At a time when audiences are fragmented, attention split, and intent difficult to gauge, coming up with a sound plan for pulling audiences into orbit with the right content on the right platforms at the right time is arguably the greatest challenge in content marketing — bigger than the challenge of creating the content. Kodi will reveal why planning for how audiences organically discover content should be the first consideration in your content strategy and the best practices for ensuring a winning content marketing formula.


Creating Value and Building Trust with Content Marketing

As consumers become immune to traditional advertising and ad clutter, and fragmentation limits ad effectiveness, content will become a powerful way to connect to consumers.”
— Mary Beth Kemp, former VP and Principal Analyst, Marketing and Strategy, Forrester Research

The Internet has put the world’s information at our fingertips. By publishing thoughtful, insightful and engaging content, leading brands are becoming one of the most trusted sources of information available, educating consumers about just about everything and anything that they may be interested in learning more about. As a result, brands are connecting and engaging with their consumers in more authentic and meaningful ways than ever, positioning themselves as leading authorities and domain experts in the process. Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most essential pieces of the attribution funnel, and a crucial tactic for every leading brand. Read all about it.

Moderator: Andrew Stevens, VP Strategy and Research, ShareThis
Christine Espinoza, Manager, Social & Mobile at Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide, Inc.
Jorge L. Fontanez, VP Marketing, J.P. Morgan Chase
Elliot Lum, VP Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records
Ed Martin, Director, Mobile Marketing, The Hershey Company


Keynote — How to Build Your Social Body Language

Bryan Kramer, CEO, PureMatter

Much of your social interactions are public, so paying attention to your social body language –or your collective behavior across the Internet – is critical. While there’s no way to control every perception, you can certainly guide it toward a direction that’s right for you… but only if you’re mindful. Bryan will walk you through practical steps to create and maintain your social body language, and how to maximize your time in building a healthy social business.


Success Story — How Exponential Creativity Solves Challenges for Marketers. In a Snap.

James De Julio, Co-Founder, President and Chief Product Officer, Tongal

With all the immediate buzz and confusion surrounding Snapchat, and their rejection of Facebook’s $3 Billion acquisition offer, Tongal – a crowd-fueled web platform that serves big brands with video content, advertising concepts and new ideas – ran a challenge that asked their creative network (through to suggest ways that brands could be using Snapchat. Between Friday November 15th and Monday November 18th, they had sourced 583 ideas for hundreds of different brands.


Networking Break Hosted by IBM Social Business


Keynote — Content Marketing Best Practices

Shafqat Islam, CEO, NewsCred

Online content marketing is accelerating and becoming a core strategy for Fortune 500 brands. The upside in content is enormous for brands that have a well defined game plan. Here are some important things to consider…What role does content have in the marketing mix? How much investment should you put into content? How do you create a compelling editorial calendar and follow through on your plan? Curation vs. creation; is creation enough or do you also need to create original content? What is the role of legal in the decision/approval process content? What kind of content converts? Learn how leading brands are leveraging content marketing for maximum results.


Influencing the Influencers How IBM Moves the Needle

With over 400,000 employees and tens of thousands of customers, IBM is one of the largest enterprises in the world. At the heart of the company’s Smarter Planet and Smarter Business marketing campaigns is great content and a great story. Hear first hand how IBM engages some of the technology industry’s leading influencers to broadcast their messaging across all social media channels.

Moderator: Tami Cannizzaro, Global Director of Marketing, Social Business, IBM
Dino Dogan, Founder, Triberr
Bryan Kramer, CEO, PureMatter
Brian Moran, Brian Moran & Associates
Drew Neisser, CEO, Renegade
Ted Rubin, Strategic Advisor and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators


Awake the Sleeping Giant: Empower Your Brand’s Employees to Become Advocates & Social Sellers!

It’s obvious that employees are a brand’s best ambassadors. But why are so few companies harnessing their most powerful untapped marketing asset? In this “fireside” chat, you’ll hear from Jon Peters about AMD’s ASAP Employee Advocacy Program which is powered by Dynamic Signal. AMD is empowering nearly 10k employees to be brand ambassadors and leveraging their collective social reach to promote AMD’s brand, culture and products. We will highlight how important it is to make sharing content convenient and easy for employees, safe for the brand, and rewarding for everyone. You will also learn about how AMD’s sales organization is using B2B Social Selling to drive lead generation and sales – all from their smartphones!

Jon Peters, Social Media Manager, AMD
Ajay Ramachandran, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, Dynamic Signal


Lunch Hosted by IBM Social Business


Success Story: Dove Real Beauty Sketches

Fernando Machado, Global Brand Development Vice President, Dove Skin, Unilever

Since its release on April 14, Dove Real Beauty sketches has gone on to become one of the most viral branded videos of all time. How was this campaign conceived and why has it resonated so well with women from around the world? Hear first hand from one of the key people on the Dove team about how and why this has become the CPG success story of the year.


Keynote — Mobile Engagement: Meeting the Mobile Content Challenge

Paul Danter, VP Marketing, GENWI

You know your audience, you’ve differentiated your value proposition, you’ve got great content – but are you creating mobile experiences that engage or enrage? By 2015, more Americans will access online content from a mobile device than through desktop computers. In this keynote Paul will share insights and best practices for effective mobile first design.


Creating Your “Editorial” Calendar: What Content Should a Brand Produce?

Successful brands distinguish themselves by staying one step ahead of their consumers. When it comes to content marketing and understanding what consumers want to read about, brands may take several approaches towards planning their “editorial” calendars, and creating and acquiring new content. By tracking what people are reading about, discussing, and sharing online, for example, brands can obtain valuable consumer insights about how different products are trending — and customize their content accordingly. Alternatively, some brands rely on the “big idea” approach for creating great content, or enlisting the help of their communities to surface great content. What strategies and best practices are emerging, and what is best for your content marketing?

Moderator: Andrew Stark, SVP, Content Solutions, PulsePoint

Hilary duPont, Content Manager, Chobani
Andrew Eis, Senior Brand Manager, Lysol Disinfectant Spray & Wipes, Reckitt Benckiser
Katrina Klier Managing Director, Marketing and Communications, Digital, Accenture
Nola Weinstein, VP Consumer Style Brands and Editor-in-Chief, Glam Media


POV — POV — Leveraging Authentic Voices for Brand Storytelling

Keeley Patterson, Director, Brand Strategy and Client Solutions, Glam Media

Glam Media has long believed that people are the best filters for discovering and sharing content. Our 4,000+ creators inspire and delight on topics including Style, Food, Parenting, Wellness, Entertaining and Living. This collective of voices provides a more authentic, credible way to deploy a message, and enables consumers to participate directly with your brand story—like having a dedicated editorial team working for you! This session covers best practices in leveraging bloggers to storytell, spark social interactions, fuel brand-owned channels with original content and deliver personalized messaging at scale.


Keynote — Can Advertising Save the World?

Jeff Rosenblum, Co-President, Questus and writer/producer/director of The Naked Brand

Drawing on his experience researching and producing The Naked Brand documentary, Jeff Rosenblum presents a look at the future of advertising. He will show clips of the film from leading brands that have embraced the transparency revolution, including Under Armour, Unilever, Zappos and Patagonia. He will show how advertising is the connection point between consumers and corporations and that the industry can be the linchpin in a revolution that enables corporations to earn billions while moving the planet forward.


Networking Break Hosted by IBM Social Business


Handicapping the Holiday Season

Consumers will spend billions of dollars this holiday season, making it a make or break season for retailers and e-tail. Based on social media buzz, what are consumers most likely to be buying this year? What do the numbers from Black Friday and Cyber Monday say about off and online consumer behavior this year? How are leading e-commerce companies using content marketing to drive holiday sales? How can you use Big Data, to hedge your bets this year and react to what consumers are doing in real time? Hear what the experts have to say.

Moderator: Yan Rozovsky, Head of Social Strategy,
Caroline Covington, Ecommerce Operations & Implementation Manager, C. Wonder & Monika Chiang, Burch Creative Capital
Louis Giagrande, Digital and Social Team Leader, VP, LG Ad America/LG Electronics
Jason John, VP Online, Mobile & Social Marketing, Gilt Groupe
John Lavoie, Director of Brand & Consumer Marketing Communications, Samsung Electronics America


Keynote — Changing the World with Content Marketing

Paull Young, Director of Digital, charity: water

Frequently nominated as one of the world’s leading digital not-for-profits, charity: water was the first non-profit to have 1 million Twitter followers and has 60% of its fundraising come through digital channels. In just 7 years they have provided clean and safe drinking water to over 3 million people and raised over $100 million. In this session Director of Digital Paull Young will outline the digital strategy that has powered this aggressive growth.


Success Story — The Science of Sharing: Making the Most of Your Video Assets

Devra Prywes, VP Marketing and Insight, Unruly Media

Are you stuck in a viral conundrum? Join Unruly, the leading global social video marketing platform in a discussion of the Science of Sharing.VP Marketing and Insight Devra Prywes will share Unruly’s two years of research spent looking into the DNA of social video hit. This research and data-driven session will share insights into Unruly’s ability to predict earned media and sharing before a video asset has gone live. Learn about the top psychological responses proven to impact sharing (hint – there are 18 of them) and debunk some of the most common content myths surrounding video advertising, including which creative devices (i.e. babies, dogs) are the most effective, if overt branding affects sharing, and whether content or distribution is truly “king” when launching a viral hit. Devra will cover the Science of Sharing, how advertisers can make the most of the social video platform and create content that will win shares — and still accomplish brand goals and objectives. You’ll leave with an actionable roadmap to success in the viral video world.


Keynote — Spiritual Genetics and the American Dream

Chris Gardner, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and Author of the New York Times bestsellers The Pursuit of Happyness, A Memoir and the transformational Start Where You Are: Lessons in Getting from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

Chris Gardner will share some of the steps that he had to take and obstacles he overcame in order to create the life he wanted to live. This presentation will introduce you to the concept of Spiritual Genetics, or the ‘You’ in You that has nothing to do with blood type, DNA or pigmentation. Chris will also identify the importance of the “P’s” in our life — finding your passion, being practical, and having a plan. Learn how your plan needs the elements of what Chris calls “the C-5 Complex” (Clear, Concise, Compelling, Consistent and Commitment). You will leave knowing that if Chris Gardner can do it, so can you.


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception Hosted by IBM Social Business