Thursday, December 3, 2015

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Event Chairperson: Brian Colbert, Chief Revenue Officer,

Host: Kodi Foster, VP Data Strategy, Viacom


Content Marketing 2.0: From Boardroom to Newsroom

There’s no doubt about it. Content marketing has gone mainstream. Over the past few years, content marketing has evolved from a novelty or step-child within the marketing department to a core competency or crucial strategy for Fortune 500 brands. In addition to investing more marketing dollars than ever in content marketing, leading brands are now viewing content marketing as a dedicated “top of funnel” marketing function, supporting all marketing initiatives. Content marketing has become an integral piece of the marketing process, prominently reflected in the org charts of forward thinking brands. Hear firsthand how a strong content marketing strategy can drive a strong brand strategy.

Moderator: Adam Weinroth, Chief Marketing Officer, OneSpot

Julie Fredrickson,, CEO & Co-Founder, Stowaway Cosmetics
Dave Spinato, Global Director, Digital, HARMAN International
Jason Thalappillil, Director – Digital Engagement Group: Digital Strategy & Content, PepsiCo


Success Story – Connecting through meaningful content: How Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish are breaking through the clutter

Farrah Bezner, Marketing Director, Halls & Candy, Mondelēz International

It’s no mystery that millennials and teens are consuming more content – and on more platforms – than ever before. The challenge for brands is finding a way to break through the clutter in way that really resonates with consumers. Join this keynote session with Farrah Bezner, Marketing Director, HALLS and Candy at Mondelēz International, to learn why content marketing strategy needs to be grounded in a rock-solid understanding of the consumer, and how she’s using tailored content across the Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish brands to boost brand love and drive the candy business.



Eric Hadley, Global CMO, Outbrain


Networking Break


Keynote — The Urban Legend of Social Media Marketing


As social marketing evolves into a mandatory effort for brands, the social landscape is constantly shifting. Exponential growth has pushed the ‘feed frenzy’ louder than ever while social powerhouses are aggressively moving to monetize their platforms. With never-ending algorithm changes that diminish organic reach by the day, brands are forced into a paid media corner just to engage the community they have spent the past decade building. As marketers are quickly discovering, there are serious flaws in current social marketing strategies: we are experiencing the death of earned media and it’s time for brands to rethink how they build engaged communities. In this session, attendees will learn how to socialize their owned properties, apps and events by creating their own, highly engaging social experiences. Early adopter success stories, technologies, and best practices for these new strategies will be covered in the session.

Bruce Abelson, Vice President, Client Solutions, Livefyre
Kenneth Grosso, SVP Global Sales, Livefyre


Brands as Editors

Let’s face it; there’ s a lot of content out there on the world wide web — maybe too much. Especially, now that every brand is a “publisher.” Breaking through the clutter has become more essential than ever, which is why brands need to think more like editors, creating compelling, interesting, and engaging content and experiences for consumers. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Learn how leading brands are learning to act and think like editors and what it takes to build a virtual (or actual) newsroom, and consistently publish first-rate editorial.

Moderator: Brian Colbert, Chief Revenue Officer,

Christine Espinoza, Associate Director, Global & Brand Social Strategy, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Dina Madhani, Vice President, Social Media & Marketing, Viacom
Liz Miersch, Editorial Director & Editor-in-Chief, Q by Equinox, Equinox
Rachel Silver, Director, Social Marketing and Content Strategy, Birchbox
Nancy Warman, Sr. Director Digital & Social Media Marketing, SAP


Keynote —The New Customer Journey: Why Content Defines How Consumers Meet, Engage, + Return To Your Brand

Amber van Moessner, Managing Editor, NewsCred

NewsCred shares five facts about marketing along with major takeaways and case studies for each:

1.Our identity is defined by what we share
2.The content journey is the customer journey
3.Treat people like people not data points
4.Purpose drives purchase
5.Your product is not what you sell


Keynote – Collaborative Storytelling

Ginny McCormick, VP Integrated Marketing and Promotions, Hasbro

Marketers have always understood the power of stories. Yet branded content can easily become a one way communication that talks at today’s overloaded consumers. Here how Hasbro has evolved our content approach to include storytelling, sharing and collaborative content creation. Working with consumers, partners and retailers, Hasbro is collaborating on diverse types content to break through the clutter and connect with consumers of all ages.



Dina Madhani, VP, Social Media & Marketing, Viacom




Driving salience through content – A Pop-Tarts case study

Karl Miller, Director Digital Strategy, The Kellogg Company

This session will detail how Pop-Tarts earns the right to drive salience with teens and young adults with activations like Crazy Good Summer. It will cover the evolution of Pop-Tarts channel strategy and social content. Finishing with a thorough review of 2015’s program.


Keynote – Conscientious Branding

Seraj Bharwani, Chief Strategy & Analytics Officer, Visible Measures

Brand advertisers should produce content that consumers prefer to watch. Branded content done right can entertain, inspire, and educate the target audience and spring them into actions resulting in profitable outcomes for the brand. The skeptics among us will be quick to point out that such content is expensive to produce, difficult to distribute at scale, harder to measure, and presumably more challenging to prove the ROI than the traditional 30-second TV commercial more focused on immediate product benefits. The goal of this presentation is to share case studies from leading North American brands that have successfully syndicated compelling content with consumer-initiated advertising to win share of attention and market share in their respective categories.


Keynote – David vs Goliath

Kevin Riveroll, Vice President, Marketing, Ciao Bella Gelato

Kevin will discuss how he’s worked limited resources for both major CPG companies with large budgets and very small startups. He’ll share some of the tactics he’s executed in the startup space and what the objectives were against them, along with how social media/content has changed the landscape for smaller brands.


People, Partnerships, and Production: Three Routes To Creating Compelling Content

Creating content and creating good content that people actually want are two very different matters, and seasoned brand marketers know that the secret to success is in finding the right strategy dictated by broader objectives, market opportunity, and most importantly, customer needs. Indeed, depending on those variables, three major approaches have emerged through which brand marketers can identify and develop compelling content. Whether it’s through partnerships with existing creative organizations, working with individual people – celebrities and customers alike – or by taking on the challenge head on and producing content in-house, the key is to create something that doesn’t feel like advertising, but is informative, entertaining, or otherwise relevant to people’s lives and interests.

Moderator: Darin Leach, Director, Strategic Accounts, Liquid

Matt Colleran, US Marketing Director – Girls Toys: Littlest Pet Shop Franchise Brand, Furby, Easy Bake Oven, Hasbro
Walter Frye, Vice President, Entertainment Marketing & Sponsorships, American Express
Joshua Nafman, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing & Digital, KIND
Leora Schachter,Vice President, Marketing, Luvo


Networking Break


How We Built an Employee Content-Sharing Program That Drives a Bajillion Impressions

Dave Honig, VP Corporate Partnerships, Dynamic Signal

People on social media trust content and insights from other people more than they do brands. So how can your brand connect with your audience in a more personal way? Your employees. Employees are often the most passionate advocates of your company. Learn how to galvanize them to reach a vast audience, while helping spread positive word-of-mouth about your company and offerings. You’ll learn how and why successful companies have created employee ambassador programs, and how Dave and his team created a program at Salesforce with more than 6,000 employee members.


What Does Success in Content Marketing Look Like?

Whether it is pageviews or leads you are looking for, success in content marketing is a function of what you are trying to achieve. Having said that, hopefully all of your content marketing efforts lead to new customers or conversions. Like other forms of digital media, brand marketers are constantly looking for metrics to help justify their investment in content marketing. How are brands successfully measuring content marketing results? What is the ROI of content marketing vis-à-vis other media? How can you enhance the ability of your content marketing to deliver more tangible results? Leading brand marketers share their insights.

Moderator: Kyle Monson, Partner, Codeword

Katrina Craigwell, Director, Global Content & Programming, GE
Penni Geller, Sr. Director, Digital Content Marketing, CA Technologies
Karl Miller, Director Digital Strategy, The Kellogg Company
Shivika Sinha, Digital Marketing Manager, INTERMIX


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