Wednesday, 18 November 2015

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators

Host: Ted Rubin, Social Media Strategist and Acting CMO, Brand Innovators, author of Return on Relationship and How to Look People in the Eye Digitally

Event Co-Chair: Jonathan Earle, Head of Strategy, Planning, Innovation & Experience, (CEO-2) Telefónica UK


Content Marketing 2.0: From Boardroom to Newsroom

There’s no doubt about it. Content marketing has gone mainstream. Over the past few years, content marketing has evolved from a novelty or step-child within the marketing department to a core competency or crucial strategy for Fortune 500 brands. In addition to investing more marketing dollars than ever in content marketing, leading brands are now viewing content marketing as a dedicated “top of funnel” marketing function, supporting all marketing initiatives. Content marketing has become an integral piece of the marketing process, prominently reflected in the org charts of forward thinking brands. Hear firsthand how a strong content marketing strategy can drive a strong brand strategy.

Moderator: Anthony Rhind, Chief Strategy Officer, Adform

Brian Bork, Vice President, Brand Strategy, Capital One
Nick Gorgoglione, Senior Brand Manager, Global Brand Team, Vodafone
Simon Hughes, UK Business Planning Manager, Marketing & Operations, Microsoft



Jeremy Waite, Head of Digital Strategy, EMEA, Salesforce Marketing Cloud


O2 and the Rugby World Cup

Jonathan Earle, Head of Strategy, Planning, Innovation & Experience, Telefónica UK

How O2 (not a sponsor of the Rugby World Cup) used content for the RWC to drive millions of people to support the #WeAreTheRose hashtag and became the most watched advert on Twitter in September.



Alex Cheeseman, Head of International Strategy, NewsCred


Brands as Editors

Let’s face it; there’ s a lot of content out there on the world wide web — maybe too much. Especially, now that every brand is a “publisher.” Breaking through the clutter has become more essential than ever, which is why brands need to think more like editors, creating compelling, interesting, and engaging content and experiences for consumers. Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Learn how leading brands are learning to act and think like editors and what it takes to build a virtual (or actual) newsroom, and consistently publish first-rate editorial.

Moderator: Matt Garcia, Vice President, Carusele

James Balcazar, Social Media Lead EMEA, E. & J. Gallo Winery
Gemma Carver, Chief Marketing Officer, ATG Media
Stephanie Himoff, UK Managing Director, Outbrain
Simon Lloyd, Group Brand and Digital Director, AXA UK
Lars Silberbauer, Global Director, Social Media & Search, LEGO Group


Networking Break


Keynote – What’s Putting Wind in our Sales?

Afonso Rebelo de Sousa, Media Strategy Lead, LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

What steps are LinkedIn taking to address the consumer’s journey and increase brand relevance?


Success Story — The Urban Legend of Social Media Marketing

Gavin Page, Vice President International Sales, Livefyre

As social marketing evolves into a mandatory effort for brands, the social landscape is constantly shifting. Exponential growth has pushed the ‘feed frenzy’ louder than ever while social powerhouses are aggressively moving to monetize their platforms. With never-ending algorithm changes that diminish organic reach by the day, brands are forced into a paid media corner just to engage the community they have spent the past decade building. As marketers are quickly discovering, there are serious flaws in current social marketing strategies: we are experiencing the death of earned media and it’s time for brands to rethink how they build engaged communities. In this session, attendees will learn how to socialize their owned properties, apps and events by creating their own, highly engaging social experiences. Early adopter success stories, technologies, and best practices for these new strategies will be covered in the session.


Success Story – Modern Day Vinyl

David Cooper, Director of Audio Sales, Spotify


Keynote — Building Social Value Brick by Brick

Lars Silberbauer, Global Director, Social Media & Search, LEGO Group




Keynote — The Five Imperatives of Content Marketing

Jan Huckfeldt, Vice President Marketing EMEA, Lenovo

In a world where brand strategies around content marketing are evolving all the time, Jan Huckfeldt will share his insights into Lenovo’s experience to date and the ‘5 Imperatives of Content Marketing’ the company is working to. By taking a simple strategic approach to the content marketing opportunity, Lenovo is capitalising on driving successful campaigns across its business.


Success Story

Brian Walmsley, Head of Innovation and Digital EMEA, McCormick & Company

What role does your brand and content have in consumers’ lives? What’s the return on investment for your content marketing efforts? Which channels should you focus on for your content? The raft of channels and choices available in content marketing continues to multiply and evolve. It is up to marketers to understand how this influences consumers’ attitudes and behaviour, and ultimately the bottom line. In this session, you will learn how McCormick and its portfolio of brands such as Schwartz in the UK is using different channels and data to provide a cohesive and impactful experience. Understand the big questions you need to ask (and answer) for your brand and your content.


Employee Advocacy

Moderator: Chris Seth, Managing Director Europe, Dynamic Signal

Kristian Lorenzon, Head of Social Media, O2 – Telefónica UK
Alex Montuschi, Digital Marketing Manager EMEA, Cisco
Andy Murray, Digital Marketing Lead EMEA, Lenovo


Networking Break


Success Story — Taking TV Adverts Beyond the Ad Break

Guy North, Managing Director, Freeview


People, Partnerships, and Production: Three Routes To Creating Compelling Content

Creating content and creating good content that people want to share and evokes an emotional impact are two very different matters. Three major approaches have emerged through which brand marketers can develop compelling content. Whether it’s through partnerships with existing creative organizations, working with individual people – celebrities and customers alike – or by meeting the challenge head on and producing content in-house, the key is to create something that doesn’t feel like advertising, but is ‘advertainment,’ informative, or otherwise relevant to people’s lives and interests.

Moderator: Andy Chandler, Managing Director, Virool

Gareth Barker, Head of Entertainment Marketing, UKTV
Justin Coghlan, Founder, Movember
Adi Mohan, Knorr Global Senior Brand Manager – Social Media & Brand Love, Unilever


Passing Through the Filter Everyone is Holding Up Against Us – Case Studies on How to Engage People with Branded Content They Want to Share

Emanuel Gavert, Senior Manager, Global Chocolate Category, Mondelēz International


What does Success in Content Marketing Look Like

Whether it is page views or leads you are looking for, success in content marketing is a function of what you are trying to achieve. Having said that, hopefully all of your content marketing efforts lead to new customers or conversions. Like other forms of digital media, brand marketers are constantly looking for metrics to help justify their investment in content marketing. How are brands successfully measuring content marketing results? What is the ROI of content marketing vis-à-vis other media? How can you enhance the ability of your content marketing to deliver more tangible results? Leading brand marketers share their insights.

Moderator: Susan Agliata, Head of Branded Content Solutions, Europe, Middle East & Africa, YouTube, Google

Nina Alexandersen, Head of Marketing and Events, Healthy Living, Walt Disney Company UK
Emanuel Gavert, Senior Manager, Global Chocolate Category, Mondelēz International
Jan Huckfeldt, Vice President Marketing EMEA, Lenovo


It’s a wrap!