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sponsors_page_nativo Nativo demystifies the world of native and provides brand marketers with industry-leading methods to successfully distribute brand content and drive consumer engagement. Join us as we share the latest trends in native advertising, outline actionable tactics for creating great content, and discuss how you can effectively use native metrics to prove the impact of your content marketing efforts.


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AcuityAds is a technology company that enables marketers to connect intelligently with their most meaningful audiences through digital media. A Self-Serve programmatic marketing platform, powered by machine learning, is at the core of our business. This is accompanied by strategic digital advertising solutions that cater to social, mobile and video-specific needs. AcuityAds empowers marketers by offering transparency on costs and brand safety, and real-time reporting and analytics, bringing accountability to programmatic advertising.
AcuityAds is headquartered in Toronto, Canada with sales offices in New York City, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and London, England. For more information, visit AcuityAds.com. AcuityAds.