July 18, 2013

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Brandon Gutman


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Marc Sternberg




Breakfast — Hosted by Outbrain



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-Host: Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain


POV — Content Marketing Explosion

Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain


Creating Value and Building Trust with Content Marketing

“As consumers become immune to traditional advertising and ad clutter, and fragmentation limits ad effectiveness, content will become a powerful way to connect to consumers.” — Mary Beth Kemp, former VP and Principal Analyst, Marketing and Strategy, Forrester Research

The Internet has put the world’s information at our fingertips. By publishing thoughtful, insightful and engaging content, leading brands are becoming one of the most trusted sources of information available, educating consumers about just about everything and anything that they may be interested in learning more about. As a result, brands are connecting and engaging with their consumers in more authentic and meaningful ways than ever, positioning themselves as leading authorities and domain experts in the process. Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most essential pieces of the attribution funnel, and a crucial tactic for every leading brand. Read all about it.

Moderator: Kodi Foster, Sr. Director, Brand Initiatives, Outbrain

Becky Brown, Director of Media, Intel
Harsh Jawharkar, Managing Director, Mobile, Tablet, New Channel Development, Native Advertising and Content Marketing Leader, Charles Schwab
Danny Miller, Senior Manager, PR and Communications, Esurance
Katie Wickham Daire, Director, Consumer Marketing, Trulia


Content Marketing Best Practices

Online content marketing is accelerating and becoming a core strategy for Fortune 500 brands. The upside in content is enormous for brands that have a well defined game plan. Here are some important things to consider…What role does content have in the marketing mix? How much investment should you put into content? How do you create a compelling editorial calendar and follow through on your plan? Curation vs. creation; is creation enough or do you also need to create original content? What is the role of legal in the decision/approval process content? What kind of content converts? Learn how leading brands are leveraging content marketing with great success.

Moderator: Shafqat Islam, CEO, NewsCred

Josh Anish, Director of Content Marketing, SEO and Social Media, Kabbage
Armen Najarian, Team Lead – SmartCloud Solutions Marketing GTM, IBM Software Group
Anika Price, Director, Digital Marketing, Apollo Group


Networking Break — Hosted by NewsCred



Julie Shumaker, Vice President, Ad Sales, Zynga


Who says Content Marketing Doesn’t Pay?

Typically we think of content marketing as a top-of-funnel asset that delivers “soft” benefits, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t expect demonstrable ROI from the category. How does content marketing fit into a well-balanced integrated media buy? What percentage of your marketing budget should you allocate towards content marketing? How do you attribute results to content marketing vis-a-vis paid and earned media? Learn how top marketers are strategizing around content and what KPIs they are using to monitor and track their success.

Moderator: Brandon Bergmark, Sr. Director Brands, Outbrain

Jennifer Burnham, Director, Social Strategy & Content Marketing, Salesforce.com
Annalisa Camarillo, Sr. Manager of Brand Programs, NetApp
Wesley Exon, Manager, SEO and Content Marketing, Ancestry.com
Dmitri Leonov, VP Growth, SaneBox


Promoting Your Content Across Owned, Earned, and Paid Media

We all know that content marketing works. However, nothing markets itself. Leveraging your original content across social media networks, blogs, and other media outlets will ensure that it reaches as wide an audience as possible. But don’t stop there. Adding a healthy dose of paid media can put your content on steroids. What are the secrets of amplifying your content by using all available channels to promote it? Hear the tricks of the trade first hand.

Moderator: Richard Johnson, VP, Sales, US West and Midwest, MediaMath

Tye DeGrange, Head of Customer Acquisition, Harland Clarke
Elizabeth Lin, Sr. Marketing Manager, Consumer Campaigns, Intel
Katelyn Watson, Sr. Director, Acquisition Marketing, Kabbage
Carilu Dietrich, Senior Director, Global Advertising, Oracle


Lunch — Hosted by Zynga


Success Story — Intel Ambassador Program

Sabrina Stoffregen, Director of Intel Ambassador Program and Marketing Manager, Intel


Success Story — American Cancer Society

Bronwyn Hogan, Strategic Director, Corporate Communications, American Cancer Society
Ajay Ramachandran, Chief Marketing Officer, Dynamic Signal


POV — The New Normal: Brand Engagement in the Age of the Social Consumer

Maya Grinberg, Social Media Marketing Manager, Chief Evangelist, Wildfire, a Division of Google

The digital revolution introduced a new class of consumers who place increasing emphasis on technology as a part of their daily routines, and who are more connected than ever before. Unlike generations of the past, “Generation C” is not a demographic; it’s a mindset. Gen C-ers embrace a digital lifestyle: they’re tech-savvy multi-taskers who are largely immune to traditional marketing tactics. They don’t care if your brand is better, faster, cheaper or stronger; they want you to show how you care about them and understand why they use your brand. Join us for an in-depth discussion on connected consumers and how to use social media to engage them.


Keynote — The Future of Branding is Shared Experiences

Brian Solis, Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group, best-selling author

Brian Solis believes that the future of branding isn’t created, it’s co-created. In his presentation, Brian will share the Four Moments of Truth and how shared experiences influence customer decision-making and relationships before, during, and after transactions.


Networking Break — Hosted by Expion


Going Viral: How to Create Contagious Content

The secret to getting your content to go viral boils down to one thing: getting it shared by the most amount of people possible. Research has shown that content sharing is a direct result of emotional engagement. Stop, look, and listen to what these brand marketers have to say.

Moderator: Liz Morgan, Global Director of Sales for Enterprise, Social Media Business Suite, Expion

Tracy Benson, Principle and CMO, TentCamp (Former Chief Marketing Officer, Monster Products and Head of Digital & Product Marketing, Best Buy)
Alex Lopez, Global Brand Manager, Logitech
Lisa Pendse, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Ubisoft


Content Disruption! The “Moneyball for Content” Way!

Content Explosion! Source Overload! Channel Overflow! Attention Shrinkage! Distribution Growth! While the demands on Content Quality and Delivery continue to exponentially grow – the legacy model of producing content and throwing it on your website is no longer working! If you’ve spent $10K or $10MM on content and publishing, how do you measure ROI? How do you develop an immediate and long-term MEASURABLE plan for content? Most Content Producers and Marketers are grasping with this, and in this session you’ll learn how Content Disruption through Big Data is changing the way companies like VMware and Dell are shaping the future. VMware is innovating, and leading the way on restructuring it’s Global Content Strategy for partners, we’ll share the “Disruption Content Methodology” and the “Moneyball for Content” way to compete for customers and partner attention.

Steven Tedjamulia, Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Dell
Naeem Randhawa, Senior Manager, VMware


Winning with Branded Content

Brands fueled the growth of the television industry over 50 years ago, and today they are one of the leading drivers behind the growth of the digital video business today. Branded content, specifically, is providing Fortune 500 brands with a fantastic new way to engage with their consumers. Producing original content that is both entertaining and reflects well on your brand is an art. Get it right and the ROI can be huge. Tune in to learn how to successfully play in the branded entertainment game.

Moderator: Kyle Benn, VP of Sales, Western Region, SpotXchange

Daya Berger, Senior Director, Client Services, Participant Media
Elliot Lum, Vice President, Strategic Marketing, Columbia Records


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception — Hosted by Zynga