October 3, 2013

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Breakfast Hosted by Mary Kay



Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Co-Host: Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain
Co-Host: Jamie Schott, Director, Corporate Digital Marketing, Mary Kay

Co-Chair: Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Kay
Co-Chair: Ashwin Nathan, Marketing Director and Digital Lead, Frito-Lay


Keynote — Brand Building the Mary Kay Way

Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Kay

As Mary Kay, Inc. celebrates its 50th and most profitable year, we are reminded of the brilliance of one woman, who understood, long before others, the potential of Social Commerce. Mary Kay CMO, Sheryl Adkins-Green, shares how a company built upon the Golden Rule has maintained its highly-enviable brand and market position, by making the empowerment of women its greatest anti-aging secret.


POV — Content Marketing Explosion

Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain


Creating Value and Building Trust with Content Marketing

“As consumers become immune to traditional advertising and ad clutter, and fragmentation limits ad effectiveness, content will become a powerful way to connect to consumers.” — Mary Beth Kemp, former VP and Principal Analyst, Marketing and Strategy, Forrester Research

The Internet has put the world’s information at our fingertips. By publishing thoughtful, insightful and engaging content, leading brands are becoming one of the most trusted sources of information available, educating consumers about just about everything and anything that they may be interested in learning more about. As a result, brands are connecting and engaging with their consumers in more authentic and meaningful ways than ever, positioning themselves as leading authorities and domain experts in the process. Content marketing is quickly becoming one of the most essential pieces of the attribution funnel, and a crucial tactic for every leading brand. Read all about it.

Moderator:Kodi Foster, Head of Brand Initiatives, Outbrain

Kristin Djurdjulov, Division Vice President Marketing & Promotions, Gamestop
Kirk Heinlein, Director – Marketing Communications, Global Markets Advertising, AT&T
Jamie Schott, Director, Corporate Digital Marketing, Mary Kay


Content Marketing Best Practices

Online content marketing is accelerating and becoming a core strategy for Fortune 500 brands. The upside in content is enormous for brands that have a well defined game plan. Here are some important things to consider…What role does content have in the marketing mix? How much investment should you put into content? How do you create a compelling editorial calendar and follow through on your plan? Curation vs. creation; is creation enough or do you also need to create original content? What is the role of legal in the decision/approval process content? What kind of content converts? Learn how leading brands are leveraging content marketing with great success.

Moderator: Shafqat Islam, CEO, NewsCred

Jeannie Cho, Director of Marketing, Doritos, Frito-Lay
Scott Davies, VP Marketing, Zale Corporation
Caroline Masullo, Director of Digital & Social Marketing, Pizza Hut, Inc.


Networking Break Hosted by Mary Kay


Success Story

Jennifer Saenz, Sr. Director of Marketing, Lays, Frito-Lay


Keynote — The Content and Connection IS the Ad

Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist, Keynote Speaker and Brand Evangelist

Relationships are the new currency. Instead of buying static ads to push products and services, the modern business needs to focus on a Return on Relationships and a the power of one on one interactions. The largest return on relationship is with advocates and the media they can create on behalf of a brand.


Lunch Hosted by Mary Kay


Success Story: Creators in Their Own ‘Write’

Manila Austin, Vice President of Research, Communispace Corporation
In 2011, Meredith Corporation wanted to invigorate and transform The “Ladies’ Home Journal” to reach a younger and broader audience. They came up with an innovative idea: allow readers to produce the majority of its articles. Meredith turned to their online community of 300 women who had been providing unique and actionable insights since 2007. They were able to hear directly from current and prospective readers what mattered most to them, while testing and refining concepts. Their ideas provided insights that would lead Meredith to successfully re-launch “Ladies’ Home Journal” in March of 2012. This session presented by Manila Austin, VP of Research at Communispace will describe how Meredith is obtaining continuous inspiration from their customers and collaborating with them to drive new, compelling content and business growth.


Going Viral: How to Create Contagious Content

The secret to getting your content to go viral boils down to one thing: getting it shared by the most amount of people possible. Research has shown that content sharing is a direct result of emotional engagement. Stop, look, and listen to what these brand marketers have to say.

Ashwin Nathan, Marketing Director and Digital Lead, Frito-Lay
Jean Scheidnes, Social Media Managing Editor, Neiman Marcus
John Starkweather, Executive Director, Social & Digital Marketing, AT&T


Awake the Sleeping Giant: Empower Your Brand’s Employees to Become Advocates & Social Sellers!

It’s obvious that employees are a brand’s best ambassadors. But why are so few companies harnessing their most powerful untapped marketing asset? In this “fireside” chat, you’ll hear from Jon Peters about AMD’s ASAP Employee Advocacy Program which is powered by Dynamic Signal. AMD is empowering nearly 10k employees to be brand ambassadors and leveraging their collective social reach to promote AMD’s brand, culture & products. We’ll highlight how important it is to make employee advocacy convenient & easy for employees, safe for the brand, and rewarding for everyone. You’ll also learn about how AMD’s sales organization is using B2B Social Selling to drive results.

Jon Peters, Social Media Manager, AMD
Joe Bunner, Vice President, South, Dynamic Signal


Networking Break Hosted by Mary Kay


Success Story — Mary Kay 50th Anniversary

Kirsten Gappelberg, Manager, Corporate Social Responsibility and PR, Mary Kay

Mary Kay was recently ranked within the top 10 in Brand Loyalty by Forbes. Kirsten Gappelberg will walk us through a truly iconic year for an iconic brand, as we recount how Mary Kay strategically leveraged its unrivaled loyalty in the industry to create incredible content and truly memorable experiences, helping to generate the greatest annual performance in the company’s 50-year history.


Content Disruption! The “Moneyball for Content” Way!

Content Explosion! Source Overload! Channel Overflow! Attention Shrinkage! Distribution Growth! While the demands on Content Quality and Delivery continue to exponentially grow – the legacy model of producing content and throwing it on your website is no longer working! If you’ve spent $10K or $10MM on content and publishing, how do you measure ROI? How do you develop an immediate and long-term MEASURABLE plan for content? Most Content Producers and Marketers are grasping with this, and in this session you’ll learn how Content Disruption through Big Data is changing the way companies like VMware and Dell are shaping the future. VMware is innovating, and leading the way on restructuring it’s Global Content Strategy for partners, we’ll share the “Disruption Content Methodology” and the “Moneyball for Content” way to compete for customers and partner attention.

Steven Tedjamulia, Director, Digital Strategy and Innovation, Dell
Naeem Randhawa, Senior Manager, VMware


Winning with Branded Content

Brands fueled the growth of the television industry over 50 years ago, and today they are one of the leading drivers behind the growth of the digital video business today. Branded content, specifically, is providing Fortune 500 brands with a fantastic new way to engage with their consumers. Producing original content that is both entertaining and reflects well on your brand is an art. Get it right and the ROI can be huge. Tune in to learn how to successfully play in the branded entertainment game.

Moderator: Scott Bennett, Vice President, Business Development, Tongal
Robert Dietrich, Digital Marketing, Williamson-Dickie Manufacturing Company
Desiree Johnson, Director of Marketing Advertising & Brand Development, MetroPCS
Vadan Less, Senior Director of Video and Distribution, Whole Foods


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception