June 26, 2019

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer, Brand Innovators
Annie Fei, Director of Content and Community, Brand Innovators

Event Chair: Leah Atkinson, Digital Media Lead, StubHub


Adapting to Consumers Changing Behavior

The latest advances in technology and new media platforms have greatly impacted how we market to consumers. Things like voice, mobile, data, social, etc. are all changing the way we reach our consumers. It has an impact on every aspect of how we market. Not only do we constantly look at our creative in the overall advertising message but we also have to look at our packaging and constantly innovating and coming up with new products and solutions to meet consumer needs. Join our panel as we discuss the myriad of ways that we as marketers can get personal with our customers in today’s digital age.

Moderated by: Bailey Kennedy, Senior Sales Director, Adform

Ashley Faus, Sr. Manager, Integrated Media, Atlassian
Kris Mulkey, VP Marketing, In-Shape Health Clubs
Jen Tank, Head of Creative & Brand Strategy, Brandless


The Power of Experiences

Olivier Ropars, Chief Marketing Officer, StubHub


Fireside Chat

Olivier Ropars, Chief Marketing Officer, StubHub

Moderated by: Jeff Smith, General Manager, LiveRamp


The Age of MadTech: The ‘Edge Effect’ and Digital Ecosystems

There’s a lot of chatter about the intersection of marketing and advertising, and no one understands what that means. Join Jason Oates, Chief Business Officer at LiveIntent to go behind the buzzwords. What is MadTech and what does it have in common with the ecological phenomenon of “The Edge Effect”? What do marketers need to know in order to survive and thrive in a new era where different practices converge, and buzzwords explode?

Jason Oates, Chief Business Officer, LiveIntent


Networking Break


Fireside Chat

John Hart, Loyalty Program Manager, StubHub

Moderated by: Carter Refo, VP of Sales, CrowdTwist


Forging Consumer Connections and the Future of Engagement

The Bay Area is the heart of innovation and fast-paced developments in emerging media and technologies. Each of these media offer novel ways for brands to connect and interact with audiences. Today’s technologies also make a habit of drastically altering the ways in which consumers shop, how brands go-to-market, and which channels consumers choose to engage throughout the purchase journey. Keeping up can be exhausting, even for the most savvy of digital marketers. Companies are left to determine which technologies are real, which are fads, and which ones provide opportunities for marketers to further innovate. This forging consumer connections panel will discuss how marketers think about and leverage the many media channels today, and how they’re preparing for the future of consumer engagement.

Moderated by: Nate Bucholz, Vice President, eCommerce Partnerships, Cardlytics

Leah Atkinson, Digital Media Lead, StubHub
Simon Dupuy, Director, Mobile Marketing, Expedia
Ragan Williams, Head of Growth Marketing, Airbnb


Fireside Chat

Tyler Stoddard, VP Marketing Innovation at Freedom Financial Network

Moderated by: Gail King, Vice President, Sales, Marketing Evolution



Robecta Ma, Vice President of Marketing, Cathay Pacific Airways


Fireside Chat

Robecta Ma, Vice President of Marketing, Cathay Pacific Airways

Moderated by: Gabrielle Powell, Director, West Coast Sales at News Corp


The Next Evolution of Influencer Marketing

Roger Figueiredo, Head of Marketing, #paid




Roundtable: Challenger Brands

Hear from the Bay Area’s top Challenger Brands on how they rely on experience and authenticity to create lasting relationships with their consumers.

Moderated by: Cat Rossi, Senior Director of Brand and Content Marketing, CrowdTwist

Brigitte Brady-Harris, Vice President of Marketing, MIXT
Amit Joshipura, Product Marketing Lead, Fitbit
Jillian Scott, Senior Marketing Manager: Acquisition and Retention, Le Tote
Chris Terschluse, Head of Marketing and Content, Chime
Ian Yung, Head of Marketing and Growth, Simple Habit


Networking Break


Marketing Innovation, Technology & Emerging Media in User Privacy

Sachin Puri, Sr. Director, Global Head of Performance Marketing, StubHub


Fireside Chat

Sachin Puri, Sr. Director, Global Head of Performance Marketing, StubHub

Moderated by: Monique Pintarelli, Vice President, West, Teads


Sports, Entertainment and Content 2019

Great content must resonate with consumers, in order for them to believe it, share it, and reflect positively on your brand. Sports and entertainment are a passion point for consumers of all ages and can be especially appealing to younger audiences. This panel will explore how brands are using sports and entertainment to integrate their brand in new and unique ways to represent brand personality, show how their brand can apply in life situations, and to help consumers understand and relate with brands in places where they are already feeling emotional connections. There are many ways brands are doing this, through Movies, Video, Music, Gaming, Sports, Television and more. Listen as brand marketing leaders discuss how they are using sports and entertainment to connect with consumers.

Moderated by: Josh Marshall, Head of Partnerships, West & SW, Minute Media

Johanna Figueira, Bilingual Digital Marketer, Wells Fargo
Caroline Masterson, Integrated Marketing Strategy Lead, StubHub
Ritu Mathur, Senior Director of Brand Marketing, Clif Bar & Company


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