June 17, 2016

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Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
Event Commodore & Host: Douglas Busk, Global Group Director, Digital Communication & Social Media, The Coca Cola Company


The Future of Media and Consumer Engagement

Digital media and the Internet are rapidly transforming the marketing and media industries, fundamentally and forever changing how brands engage with their consumers. From connected TV to mobile devices to wearables, media and entertainment is everywhere. Consumers today not only expect, but demand content anywhere, anytime, across every screen, device, and media platform that they encounter throughout the day. As a result, brands are working harder than ever to keep up with consumers. How is the digital transformation of the marketing and media media industries impacting brand marketing? How can brand marketers take advantage of this paradigm shift and use technology to build loyalty and long term relationships with their consumers? What’s the next big thing that will disrupt the marketing and media industries? You heard it here first.

Moderator: Philip Miano, Enterprise Sales, Qualia Media

Erin Bonsang, Director of Digital Marketing, Hasbro
Pablo Henderson, Associate Director, Brand Management, Le Meridien Hotels & Resorts, Starwood Hotels & Resorts
Tiffany Lung, Brand Manager, Mondelēz International
Helena Verellen, VP International Marketing & Communications, WWE



Craig Dubitsky, Founder & CEO, Hello Products


Fireside Chat

Michael Farmer, Author of Madison Avenue Manslaughter: An Inside View of Fee-Cutting Clients, Profit-Hungry Owners and Declining Ad Agencies and Chairman & CEO, Farmer & Company

Q&A conducted by Mark Burrell, Co-Founder, Tongal


Networking Break


Success Story — Leveraging Content, Partnerships and Media to Break Through the Holiday Clutter

Dave Spinato, Global Director, Digital, HARMAN International


Supercharging Social Media Interactions with Consumers

Since the advent of social media, the paradigm has shifted from “pushing” messages to consumers, to “pulling” in their feedback, co-creating content and creating real meaningful interaction with audiences. Social media has streamlined market research, provided direct communication pipelines to address customer service, and established reputations through ratings and reviews. As social networks and listening tools continue to evolve, learn how to supercharge your interactions with customers through case studies about how to effectively use this two-way medium in new ways while minimizing risk to brand reputation.

Moderator: Jane Roy, Director, East Coast Sales, Reelio

Douglas Busk, Global Group Director, Digital Communication & Social Media, The Coca Cola Company
Veena Ramesh, Global Digital Lead, Beauty Center of Excellence, Johnson & Johnson
Dave Spinato, Global Director, Digital, HARMAN International
Gregg Weiss, Vice President/Business Leader, Social Media, MasterCard




Keynote — Arby’s: A Case Study in a Brand Turnaround

Eric Smith, Senior Director, Brand Management, Arby’s


The Secret to Connecting your Brand with Millennials and Gen Z

Let’s face it; these connected generations are not on their parents’ social media sites. In fact, many do not use traditional social media at all, opting instead for sites like SnapChat, Instagram, Tumblr and WhatsApp. They are on Reddit and Xbox and stream everything. They are extremely selective about how they get their information and peer-to-peer recommendations are the main vehicle for prompting them into action. They want to save the world, own it or create their own. Case studies and insights will lead this tactical guide to targeting Millennials and Gen Z and provide you with a roadmap for reaching this important demographic through discussions about Authenticity, Transparency, Content, Purpose, Utility, and Relevance.

Regis Maher, Founder & CEO, Do It Outdoors

Ryan Bonifacino, former CMO & SVP Digital, Alex and Ani
John Ross, Director, Digital Engagement, PepsiCo
Eric Smith, Senior Director, Brand Management, Arby’s
Dan Spiegel, VP Brand, FanDuel


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