Wednesday, January 25

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Brandon Gutman

Brand Approved


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Brandon Gutman

Brand Approved





Hosted by Sara Lee and McDonald’s



Rajiv Satyal, Host


Opening Remarks

Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators

Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators


The Evolution of Television

Almost 30% of all homes in America have internet “connected” TV, and that number is growing rapidly. DVR penetration is approaching 50%. Television and video game console manufacturers are driving connectivity into the family room at warp speed, and five year old’s are TiVo-ing. Viewers are embracing “Social TV” and clicking on Apps from their remotes. The lines between the television and the computer screen are blurring and consumer adoption of new technologies is changing the viewing experience… Meanwhile, consumer behavior and habits can be measured by marketers in real time, and advertising can be targeted on television with laser beam accuracy and efficiency. What are the implications of these trends for America’s favorite pastime, and how is mass media evolving? How can advertisers benefit from all of these new tools and opportunities for reaching their customers. Stay tuned.


Moderator: Ed Haslam, SVP Marketing, YuMe
Ed Kaczmarek, Director of Innovation, Consumer Experiences, Kraft Foods


Local, Local, Local

Mobile devices are transforming the economics of retailing. Location based brand advertising technology and powerful proximity-based direct response marketing solutions are creating new ways to engage with consumers and drive sales at or near the point-of-purchase. Learn what every brand marketer needs to know about the boom in local advertising and how to boost your ROI by deploying game changing mobile technology. Don’t lose your first-mover advantage.


Jeff Haddon, Mobile Team Lead, OfficeMax
Iskra Dobreva, Marketing Manager, Consumer Segmentation, Verizon Wireless
Steven Young, Director of Acquisition Marketing & Brand Awareness,


Networking Break

Hosted by Wildfire Interactive


Case Study: Dos Equis

Colin Westcott-Pitt, VP Marketing, Dos Equis, Amstel Light, Newcastle Brown Ale at Heineken USA
“The world’s most interesting man” campaign has helped drive annual double digit sales increases for Dos Equis over the past five years. Great creative combined with an integrated media buy across all media, and a first rate social media platform have helped fuel Dos Equis’ success. Here’s the inside story of what makes this brand tick.



BtoB Case Study: Molex

Brian Krause, VP, Marketing and Communications, Molex
Molex is a multi-billion dollar manufacturer of interconnect solutions for many industries including consumer electronics, medical, automotive, telecom and information technology. You are never more than 20 feet from a Molex connector. The company has skillfully integrated social media into its global marketing communications programs addressing generational, cultural and budgetary constraints. This presentation will focus on the Molex social media approach, including challenges and results — with a few key takeaways for B2C companies.


The Explosion of Content Marketing

Successful brands are trusted sources of information for their consumers. The Internet has provided new and compelling ways for brands to pass this knowledge on to larger audiences. Hear first-hand why “content marketing” is becoming a crucial tactic for leading brand marketers.


Moderator: Gilad de Vries, VP, Brands and Agencies, Outbrain
Todd Fischer, Manager of National Sponsorships, State Farm
Darren Eyster, Manager, Interactive Marketing, General Growth Properties
Julie Fleischer, Director, CRM Content Strategy & Integration at Kraft Foods



Hosted by MediaMath



Keynote: Moving from Brand Perception to Brand Reality

Clark Kokich, Chairman, Razorfish

Author of Do or Die: Surviving and thriving in a world where the old ways of marketing aren’t getting it done.


Almost everyone agrees marketing is in the midst of a dramatic transformation, and yet most large companies are struggling to make the changes necessary to thrive in this new environment. There are, however, a few forward-leaning companies who seem to have cracked the code. What are their secrets of success? How are they organized? Where do they focus? What have they changed in order to thrive in a world where all the old rules seem to have been thrown out of the window?


Keynote: (Back to) The Future of Marketing

Mark Bonchek, SVP, Communities and Networks, Sears Holdings Corporation


It’s easy to get lost in the technology these days. Every day brings a new digital/mobile/local/social platform/service/feature/app. How to make sense of it all? In this illuminating talk, Mark Bonchek leads us on a journey back to the origins of social engagement, before Facebook and the Internet, and forward into the future, when all media become social and mobile. Mark will share the principles of social architecture that lie beneath the most successful social strategies, and the “mindshift” required to succeed in a networked world. You will take away a new way of looking at the world, a new way of thinking about your business, and a new context for relating to your customers.


Building your Social Media Ecosystem

The social media phenomenon is providing brands with extraordinary ways for engaging with their consumers in a more intimate way than they could ever imagine that it would ever be possible. The ability to build communities of users is empowering brands, fundamentally and forever changing how brands communicate with the marketplace and providing new opportunities to leverage the social graph to grow your business in multiple directions. Creating a social media ecosystem for your brand is every brand marketers secret weapon. Which brands are doing this best, and what can we learn from their success stories. Like this session.


Moderator: Mike Nabasny, Director of Sales, Midwest, Wildfire Interactive
Mason Nelder
, Director of Social Media & Digital Strategy, Verizon
Brent Bynum, Social Media Marketing, State Farm
Mark Bonchek, SVP, Communities and Networks, Sears Holdings Corporation


Big Data Meets Brand Marketing

The Internet generates massive amounts of information about consumer behavior every minute of the day. Brands that understand how to collect and analyze “big data” can use this market intelligence to their advantage. Marketing is quickly becoming a science, where the ROI on every advertising dollar can be measured in real time. Brands are in the drivers seat; keep your eyes peeled on the dashboard.


Moderator: Mike Peralta, Chief Revenue Officer, MediaMath
Eddie Combs, Chief Marketing Officer, Home Appliances, Sears Holdings Corporation
Jhay Davis, Advertising Analyst, State Farm


Networking Break

Hosted by Outbrain


Winner Take All

Digital entertainment platforms, especially games, are creating new opportunities for brands to drive consumer engagement and loyalty. Stay on top of the latest trends in branded entertainment, including transmedia, gamification, advergaming, and in-game advertising, and learn the secret of scoring big points with your fans.
Moderator: Matt Spiegel, CEO, Tap.Me
Bob Rupczynski Global Director, Interactive Marketing at Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company


Driving Digital Innovation and Social Media into your Corporate Culture

The media and marketing industries are evolving faster than most large companies can adapt to this change. How are leading companies transforming themselves to embrace all of the new opportunities available to them to engage with their consumers? How are clients and agencies working more closely together, to be more responsive to the market? Does your organization have the will and ability to to work in a more nimble way? Organization and operational excellence have never been more crucial, or such a strategic advantage. As these brand marketers will tell you, sitting still is not an option.


Derek Johnson, Experience Specialist, Digital Marketing & CRM, Mercedes-Benz
Ian Gomar, Chief Marketing Officer, Sporting Goods, Fitness & Toys, Sears Holdings Corporation
Andria Long, Former VP Innovation, Sara Lee


Brand Innovators Cocktail Reception