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Challenger Brands Take on the Fortune 500

From traditional challenger brands like Dr. Pepper, Taco Bell and Virgin America, to a whole new generation of technology driven startups, including Airbnb, Uber, and GoPro, challenger brands continue to disrupt the status quo, building new and formidable businesses in no time, and — in some cases — creating entirely new markets for their products, in the process. Brand Innovators Challenger Brands will deconstruct what makes challenger brands click with consumers and why technology is a game changer for all companies that want to stay ahead of the pack. Learn what you need to know to leave your competitors in the dust!

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the buzz

“It’s been kind of mind-blowing! I’ve met a lot of really smart people with really big ideas. And it creates the opportunity to connect with folks in a way for relationships to be established going forward.”

— Steve Sommers, VP Global Brand Marketing, Under Armour

“Right now, technology has created a scary, complex and at times overwhelming space for marketers. They know they can no longer rely on their agency; I’d go so far as to say it’s almost irresponsible marketing to assume they will get it. However, you’ve got to break through. What a tremendous opportunity to come together in this spirit of trust and bonding at a Brand Innovators event to learn about new tools to help tell your story. It’s pretty unique in the marketplace.”

— Mike Donnelly, SVP, Group Head Global Digital Marketing, MasterCard

“I have really valued the Brand Innovators experience. There are a lot of other brands represented — colleagues you can learn from, share best practices with just network with to become a better marketer.”

— Cheryl Gresham, Director of Media, Taco Bell Corp.