Wednesday, July 15 2015

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    Brandon Gutman, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
    Marc Sternberg, Co-Founder, Brand Innovators
    David Teicher, Editor and Chief Content Officer


    The State of B2B and Performance Marketing

    The marketing industry is evolving as incredible pace, and the BtoB sector is no exception. According to a Salesforce survey, the top five areas of investment in 2015 are content marketing, automation, mobile apps, location-based tracking and social media advertising. How do we align our buyer’s journey with a blueprint for testing and measuring KPIs? How do we streamline content assets into shorter, more visual success stories with a higher likelihood to result in qualified leads? This all-encompassing session will present a high level view of the B2B marketing landscape and set the stage for an afternoon of best practices for using content, data and performance marketing to impact thought leadership, demand generation and everything in between.


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    Content for Demand Generation

    B2B brands are now producers and publishers, from video and editorial content to managing the CMS where campaigns are hosted, delivered and tracked for their propensity to activate prospects and turn them into qualified leads. Thought leadership, authenticity and conversation dominate B2B marketing strategy, not simply pushing out product information that is likely to be ignored. What kind of content resonates best with whom and how do we customize customer stories to captivate the right audience across fragmented channels? These B2B content marketing experts will share their approach for how to create content that scales, and how to distribute it across multiple channels and track performance all the way through to sales.


    Networking Break hosted by Success Factors an SAP Company


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    Mobility – Apps and Mobile as a Service

    Responsive web design, native advertising and mobile apps are increasingly becoming standard fare in the B2B marketing mix. With mobile’s geolocation and beacon technologies, there are more opportunities for micro-targeting consumers at the point of sale. Creativity and innovation in mobile is key, from using data to create user personas, to creating content themes that carry the brand message via integrated marketing, the most innovative B2B marketers are fully embracing mobile in 2015. How do we creatively weave together mobile-optimized elements into offline activities and dynamic content to round out the personalized digital experience? Find out from these B2B marketers who are blazing new trails in mobility.






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