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Over the course of this multi-part part series, we’ve disproved several media archetypes associated with Millennials. In the process of researching these “arche-hypes”, we came to realize that Millennials are the new cultural revolutionaries. Generation Revolution Millennials’ passion for causes and issues combined with their enormous population and growing voting power is already having transformative …

Our previous post showed that Millennial women AND men are passionate about women’s equal rights and will continue to move the ball forward on equality legislatively and at home. It’s likely that Millennials will also change culture at work. Media Arche-Hype: Something for Nothing The media often claims that Millennials are adverse to hard work, …

Millennials (born between 1980 and 2000) are 77 million strong, 40% larger in population than Gen X. This huge generation is increasingly making its voice heard, as 4 million new Millennials will join the voting population every year between now and 2018.* Over the past decade the media has become increasingly fascinated with Millennials, calling …

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