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Prognosticators, from eMarketer and Forrester to Business Insider, agree that we are on the cusp of an explosion in demand for Programmatic Advertising, that mix of systems, rules, and algorithms used to automate and optimize the purchase and delivery of data-driven, targeted, and relevant ads to consumers. This explosion has created a host of questions …

Kim, the heroine of everyone’s favorite marketing saga, which we’ve been sharing in installments for the past year, is back. While Kim is a fictional character, she’s based on the very real marketers we meet every day, and like those marketers, she’s always facing exciting, if sometimes stressful, new challenges. Kim, as you might recall, …

By now you’ve probably heard of GoPro. The wearable video camera brand has been in the news a lot lately after its hugely successful IPO. As many of the recent articles about the company have pointed out, if GoPro is ultimately a multi-billion dollar company, it’s not simply because its cameras are popular but because …

She’s back. You remember Kim? She’s a fictional marketer based closely on the real-life marketers we work with every day. In previous installments we’ve chronicled Kim’s quest for a better DMP and her attempt to move real-time marketing into actual real time. Well, recently Kim faced her greatest dilemma yet: whether to stick with her …

A lot of fuss is made about the complexity of digital advertising, thanks in large part to the alphabet soup that is the tech ecosystem supporting the whole business. But even advertisers who can see past all of that are confronted with another layer of intricacy: Multi-general advertising. For the first time in history, we …

A few months back we decided to try something new. Instead of our usual industry analysis, we thought it would be fun to tell a story that captures what it’s like to be a digital marketer today. The hero of our story was Kim, a fictional character based on the real-life marketers we talk to …

Sometimes – maybe most of the time – the best way to explain something is to tell a story. So, we thought we’d try something a little different and share a story that highlights why it’s so important to innovate in the right way; that is, in a way that never sacrifices operational excellence. Stories, …

It wasn’t so long ago that real-time bidding (RTB) changed the way we think about display advertising. The ability to go from blindly running banners across a website to targeting individuals in real-time turned display advertising from an art into a science – or at least something approximating a science. And so it was probably …

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