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I love predictions. A prediction, at best, is like spinning the roulette wheel. It’s a gamble. No one actually knows what’s going to happen. Well, marketing, at its best, operates on a need-to-know basis with the future, so you can’t fault us poor hacks for trying. And since modesty shouldn’t trump full-disclosure, I’ll share that …

If all you have time for is one sentence, here it is… I was 8/10. If you have even more time, thanks. Before we start the analyzing, I want to provide a few pieces of context. A few years ago I started offering predictions in the marketing, advertising and technology space. These predictions would come …

I was on Tinder, for a week. Yes, I’m married. Don’t worry, it was an approved experiment. Let me take a half-step back. Every month I pick 1 new social platform to experiment with. In the past that’s lead to a month with Vine, EyeEm, SnapChat and others. The month I spend with a platform …

There is no shortage of lists outlining how to create great content. But the truth is, great content is both art and science. And while, the checklist approach to quality ensures that content is on “brand” it doesn’t mean it’s high quality. Focus groups and copy testing are designed to help predict performance, but if …

“She’d be great for the role, but I’m concerned that she seems to job hop every few years.” “He’s the perfect candidate. The only red flag for me is he seems to change jobs every couple of years.” “I love her experience, but she doesn’t seem to stay at one place very long.” I’ve heard …

Social media is easy. Really, it is. Send a tweet. Build a Facebook page. Let your website visitors pin your content. It’s very easy. We see companies executing these initiatives every day. But, a collection of social media initiatives, is not social media at scale. Social media at scale? Yes, social media at scale. A …

As we close Q1 of 2014, I can’t believe we still don’t have a truly enterprise social platform, one that connects the dots and allows users to take in the big picture from a single vantage point. We have no shortage of platforms, which function like tools that go into a toolbox. Ask a social …

You are the next app. Yes, you. And you. And you over there in the back. You are all the next app. Ok, technically, not you. But, your data. No, I don’t mean your name, your email address or your birth date. Those are old school pieces of data that will continue to depreciate in …

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by Brandon Gutman
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Brandon is an expert connector and seasoned business development professional. As Principal of Brand Approved, he's led the advisory to become the bridge between brand marketers and best of breed service providers that are reshaping the industry.

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