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On November 18th, Senior Brand Marketers from fortune 500 companies across London will gather at Spotify’s HQ for Brand Innovators Content Marketing London, discussing the evolution of the concept and how it can influence consumer engagement and drive sales.


In advance of his keynote and panel discussion, Brand Innovators spoke with Mondelēz International’s Senior Manager of Global Chocolate, Emanuel Gävert, to preview his talk and get his perspective on what it takes to succeed with content today.

Brand Innovators: “Branded Content” is presently one of the biggest topics of discussion in our industry. What are some of the challenges and opportunities inherent in engaging consumers with branded content today?

Emanuel Gävert: The challenge is passing through the filter all people are holding up against brands trying to catch their attention in their everyday lives really. Content in a broader sense is what people see, feel, experience – what content is and how it moves people isn’t new, however, the media landscape is. The broader shift we ought to pursue is that from ‘interrupting’ to ‘earning’ people’s attention. Earning their attention with engaging content is one thing, but making the content work hard for the brand as well is something else. It is probably fair to say that attention is the new currency, but it is shrinking and the mental time people have available is also shrinking and so is the shelf life of the content.

So as a brand owner, we must produce short formats, which fit in the physical and mental context of people’s life in a way that grabs their attention in a branded way – and producing it quickly and cheaply so that you can play the ‘little and often’ game. Mission impossible? Well, it is certainly a new muscle that organizations and brands need to train, but the opportunity to get this right is tremendous, as we know from our internal ROI calculations that when we do, our ROI improves by 24x.

Brand Innovators: Brands have more direct access to consumer preferences and feedback now than ever before. How can marketers leverage this type of information to create content that not only resonates but also drives purchasing behavior?

Emanuel Gävert: This question brings me to the next shift; which is from ‘message led’ to ‘context led’ – i.e. meeting people where they are mentally and physically and engaging them; either to build subtle, positive associations for the brand – if that attention is grabbed outside of a purchase occasion or trigger those associations at the point of purchase – be it traditional retail or ecommerce. All touch points needs to work together for the symphony to be playing beautifully. Now, this is obviously easier said than done, but in principle the continuous feedback from consumers is a really good thing.

Brand Innovators: What do you think is the key to developing emotionally impactful content?

Emanuel Gävert: Story. Brands ought to share relatable human stories that are true to the brand character. They need to be designed for the individual, but delivered to the masses, in a way that feels natural for the brand. They need to genuinely do something for people, be it entertaining, inspiring and educating them in a way that is useful so that they want to do our job for us, i.e. sharing it with the masses.

Brand Innovators: A lot of brands struggle with how to successfully measure content marketing results. What advice do you have for brand marketers beginning to implement a framework for measuring their content campaigns?

Emanuel Gävert: It is really hard but I personally think that content should be evaluated and measured in the same way as other communications. Did it reach my intended audience and did they view/engage with it? Did the brand get credit for it and did it make them feel positive about the brand? Did the content motivate action? Did people share it? Did it compliment the overall mix and did it drive sales?

Hear more from Mr. Gävert at Brand Innovators Content Marketing London, who will be joined by a stellar group of speakers, including:

*Responses have been edited for clarity and length


sekar-maria_105 Maria Sekar is a Program Director at Brand Innovators, where she works with the content team. Prior to joining Brand Innovators, Maria led public relations at TheLadders. She has nearly 10 years of experience managing and supporting national public relations campaigns and has worked with a variety of clients in the tech, marketing and healthcare industries. In her spare time, Maria likes to travel, eat, write and explore New York City. Follow her at @m_sekar

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